Why do people here imply that being white = being superior...

Why do people here imply that being white = being superior? How can a skin color makes you better than the rest of other people?

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You are right.
Some off east asians are also alright

Because white people made the world better for everyone you shit monkey.

This is a blue board you beastly nigger

I agree, that should be Europeans.

so as the rest. the world as it is right couldnt have existed without the other skin colors

If whitey aren't superior why are shitskins literally killing themselves trying to get to white countries

checkmate atheists

The world as it is right now would be much better without shit skins in it


you could say the same in WW2 but the opposite direction

it's not that they're superior, it's because they're prettier

whites wouldnt be where there are right now if it wasnt for shitskins, just look at catholicism or even the Dark Ages. Most of the greek philosophy was actually preserved by the arabs and not really by the whites back in the day

'cuz i'ts a dunk meme, duuh

it is a meme until people believe it is the truth

Just post more native porn you turbocuck

It's about acting white, my dear simian

Such a load of bullshit and preconceived ideas.

As a general rule those living closest to the equator were more primitive due to lack of seasons, and those further north had more seasons thus more efficient use of resources and yadada WE WUZ KANGZ N SHIEET

Whites improve the world, darkies just squeeze out more babies in third world shitholes

so people of other races have nothing worthy?

its not about skin colour, its what comes with being white. The fact that whites are by far most diverse looking helps aswell

Which makes them superior...

Recent history was mostly shaped by white men.

I'm sure someone else will take over eventually, like latinos or chinks.

yes beauty = being a superior human being

Teutons and Anglos made the world the vassal of Jewish elites as it is now.
If it wasn't for their murderous and self-destructive nature, we wouldn't be in the state of moral (and now economic) degeneracy we are right now.

Italians literaly invented modern capitalism, you fagoccini

>just look at catholicism
The organization that preserved loads of Roman literature? The organization whose monks provided the foundation for most of modern day astronomy, biology and genetics? You're right, where would we be without the shitskins to save us from those dreadful Catholics

so the fact that recent history was shaped by white men makes white men superior?

umm, yeah?

Did the rain yesterday make the ground wet today?

>preserved loads of roman literature
just for themselves, most application and actually inovation came from other places but Europe. Literally Southern Europe was the pioneer in the colonization due to contact with other cultures and not really due to isolation and preservation of the "white masterrace"

so every white is superior by default to others just by having a white skin color?

No, but White people > other people


so the fact that middle ages history was shaped by arabs and the chinese makes them superior?

Does every sperm reach the egg?

in europe nowadays no sperm reaches the egg



Cause white people know it makes no financial sense to have kids.


If by shape you mean rape and destroy then yes.

yes that is why we should masturbate to animes to show our superiority

It's just absolute nonsense. It's like dropping a bomb on the planet that explodes for 80 years.

oh wow I am sure that whites have never done any of those things

all the women you fuck inspire you to do great things

to feel at ease is a blessing


rape all whites

because we're superior, you monkey shitskin

calm down, ubirajara

i d0nt speak monkey language you lixo shitskin uga uga

look guys

chicano puto

now just add in background

You're right, it is whites and asians who are superior. Thanks for the correction huebro.

Yes. Look at Brazil, a worthless nation of mutts.

good post
bad post

Nope. We invented modern banks. Modern capitalism (and the easily bug-abused financial market) was invented by the Teutons known as the Dutchmen

che "mamma mia" jkajakjakaj

hahaa yes, now look at Britain from the top colonizer to being the top colony of an ex-colony

5colombianos .-

More like, how come non-whites are so inferior? Ever ask yourself that?

>Loses an empire
>Still the 5th largest economy and has high living standards
>Huge country
>Huge amount of natural resources
>Still a shithole

nooo seas maloo jaksjkasaksj

>he cant have mutts in his country because it is deemed wrong and people are such faggots that deem themselves 'superior' the point of being a virgin because 'muh white race'

>high living standards
>every time you go out in public and see a person of another race *shivers in fear*

stupid question

>His nation can't stop fucking
>Full of favelas and gangs
>Ruled by corrupt pseudo-Communists because everyone in his country is a fucking retard so you can't get rid of them
Yes, lets learn from your shithole and not have mutts around.

I'm friends with people of other races, I have a lot of Chinese and Filipino friends.

They're wrong. Being an American is what automatically makes you superior to everyone

>Diluting the one of the world's most valuable and specialized gene pools with tribal trash because you can't keep your cock in your panta

And THIS is why whites are better than you. You're incapable of delaying gratification in exchange for short lived, cerebral pleasure. That's why your institutions are shit. That's why your GDP per capita is shit. That's why your crime is so high.

Some gene pools are better than others. Yours is shit.

yes cause you know the fact that you enjoy life = to being a shithole hahaah. That is why being autistic = progress and civilization hahaha

yes all of our bad factors are due to genetics Hitler was right!

>picking on children

>Progress is bad
Brazilian logic

yes that is exactly what I implied!

it happens

the world would be a much better place if all cumskins dissapeared tb-h

That's pretty funny coming from the hellhole called Brazil.

erase what little is left of them then

right now

yes the fact that there arent whites here is the fact that makes it such a shithole!

Enjoy your favela slum then.

Yeah no shit, one country is industrialized, the other isn't.

It doesn't matter the amount of natural resources you have, that doesn't make a country first world.

Bad thread

Yes, that is it. The places with no white people in Brazil are the worst ones.

White = Civilisation.

>It doesn't matter the amount of natural resources you have, that doesn't make a country first world
Of course not, because Brazil is filled with inferior mutts. If Brazil was filled with white people, it would be a developed country.

because britain attacks and invades other countries for resources
stupid cunt.


>Willfully misinterpreting what I'm saying and pretending I'm a neonazi

Persia, South Asia and East Asia also have much better genetics than you.

Like the mighty nation of Moldova.

Yes enjoy being so autistic and so repressed to the point of losing every bit of happiness due to trying to look superior to other races and nations. Cause you know it is impossible to achieve progress while having the freedom to enjoy life cause only niggers and shitskins do that

Moldova was ruled by Communism for 70 years, it does not count.

Civilisation has a cost.


Yes all bad factors of the world are due to genetics! That is why we should exclude those that are inferior to create heaven on earth!


There is no "white". I mean, in yurope there are many "races", and they are all blended; there is no "pure" this or "pure" that, in life and evolution biodiversity is needed, and consanguinity is degeneracy. Humans have no reproductive isolation, and that is one of the reasons we are so evolved.

The norsk is the most evolved nowadays, due to their constant freedom and genetic diversity through the years, not because they are an inbreed, isolated group - like subsaharan africans. And the truth is, that most Cred Forums posters are not inteligent and made research on the subject.

And also
>tfw no norwegian gf

You give off a very strong impression of stupidity and bitterness
You're going to respond to this post

>Doesn't count when I don't want to

ITT: Whites on damage control

>keeps down other countries for centuries through brutal colonization
>keeps them down some more by exploiting their work force to make sure that they'll never see anything beyond second world progress, at best
>invades the Middle East for cheap oil
>gets rid of dictators just to put in a pro-Western one

W-why can't shitskins make progress?

Well can you give me an example of a shit white country which has not been ruled by Communism? The common factor for shit white countries is Communism. Whereas the common factor for Brazil and others like it being shitholes is the people in them.

yes the fact that you think I am bitter totally supports the idea that all the problems of the world are due to genetics!


Don't reply to him, it's an autistic internet white supremacist

He's fighting for the white race by winning arguments on Cred Forums, while Europe is gettling DP'd by blacks and arabs.

Correlation isn't causation. I bet London wasn't the greatest place to live when the Industrial revolution kicked off. Rampant crime, a bunch of poor people living on shitty houses and having shitloads of kids(hell, even your bloody when had nine). Sounds familiar?

its clearly your goal in life

Yeah don't actually bother making a coherent argument. I'm not Hispanic by the way

>Civilization has a cost
yes, I can really see civilization paying off every time a terror attack happens in Europe or when everytime I check your birth rates/suicide rates. British people sure have joy in living in a civilized world

It's obviously not the only factor lmao I never said it was. I said it was a reason you have a myriad of problems we don't. The problems arose from a lack of intelligence and your failure to solve them is due to a lack of intelligence.

Europeans and Asians have far higher average IQ, higher university admittance rate, less homicide rate, thief rates, rape rates, less likely to be unemployed, less likely to be homeless, less violent, less promiscuous and more educated, moral, polite, etc. There are many studies that show that our bodies function differently, for example, sulfur is a part of black people's natural hormone odors when that's not the same with whites, who in counterpart produce on average more oxytocin. Whites and Asians are usually more linked to homo neantherdalensis while negroes are to homo erectus in terms of DNA, with a surprising difference of 4% average between races while that goes down to usually less than 0.1% within ethnic groups. Whites and Asians have created viruslly everything that exists today, including African and American railways, roads, governments, etc, while in many places of Africa without contact with the west people still live in mudhuts same as thousands of years ago. Think about this, there are many races of dogs, and they are all dogs ultimately but some can be stronger, smsrter, superior to others, and they're sill dogs. The notion that blacks are like whites is like that of straw dogs being like German shepherds.

Being white isn't everything

Not white but intelligent based lads
White but utter subhuman scum

Development is related to economic freedom and genetic diversity, not state and inbreeds. Ching chongs got a good economy because they were Japan bitches with economical freedom

That's a boy

>tfw to smart to talk with bongs about genetics in a tibetanesianly drawing cave

London's crime rate at the height of the industrial revolution is lower than Brazil's right now.

There is nothing to argue against, Europe was destroyed multiple times every century and still rebuilt. Shitskins have no excuse. Look at East Asia, Korea went from third world colony of Japan to first world in only 50 years. Brazil and places like it have had independence much longer and done nothing with it.

White British birthrates are 1.9 which is actually above Brazil's 1.81.

We are even outbreeding you, how can shitskin Brazilians even compete?

>to smart

>Uses to instead of too
>Thinks he is smart

yes and lack of intelligence is 100% due to genetics, it is impossible to overcome this problem, humans are slaves to their genes

Did you know? You can be banned for racism outside of Cred Forums asshole.

Yugoslavia was communist but they sure aren't problematic due to communism.

>humans are slaves to their genes

That's the truth, though. Free will doesn't exist

Tito is actually the reason for the Yugoslav wars, he set up a system built on divisions in order to strengthen himself, and brought in immigrants into different areas mixing up the populations. So when the Yugoslav state imploded once he was dead the country descended into ethnic strife. Yugoslavia is a good lesson to use against multiculturalism. I think France will probably be the next Yugoslavia in this way.

Korea and Japan were given a shit ton of aid money courtesy of America. Japan actually had an American general in charge for almost ten years. They were given a head start that other post decolonization places didn't get. Piss poor example la

>tfw two intelligent too even communicate with these monkeys

I respect your opinion but ask you to behave towards me with as much politeness should you indeed desire to expand further on the question of the OP instead of just baiting for (You)s. Apparently you did not refute any points I made and I did not even introduce the argument on the size of skulls or the so called geographic-genetic drift

There's nothing wrong with being non-white

>the stormfags are also new here
Really makes you think, doesn't it?

>Brazil has received no capital from the West


>I-I was only pretending to be retarded

Korea wasn't actually given anything outside of military aid and some humanitarian aid during the Korean War, which is why I used it. Their development came from the economic and educational programs their military dictatorship pursued and it was possible because Koreans are not of an inferior race, like Brazilians.

Brazil also receives massive aid from the West and has done for a century.

>I was only pretending to be retarded

yes no one can overcome themselves, people that are stupid cannot learn and become smarter, that is why the only for evolution and to get rid of every human problem is to actually select those that are superior breed them and create a new superior race and exclude the rest

There were foreign investments, but no significant amount of aid

teenagers like extremes, its well documented. Teenagers also last until 22-25 now due to lack of beatings and metrosexual upbringings. The number of """"males"""" simply by anatomy here is astounding.

>Foreign investment is not aid
Foreign investment is actually the best form of aid, because it leads to economic development which modernises the entire country. Brazil's problem is you are a bunch of brown socialist retards who can't run an economy properly.

>Le slippery slope fallacy

Cool man

It's fun to meme but Brazil had one of the fastest growing economies in the world at some point in this century. Of course there's going to be poor places. You don't think that Apartheid South Africa had no Bantustans?

Apartheid South Africa was only ever 10% white, it was never going to be developed because Africans are subhuman.

The genetic difference between you and a congo nignog is of about 0,1%, you retard. And most of what you stated is false and full of falacies

When did we get a relatively good amount of money via foreign aid after the Cold War kicked off and before we became a (US supported) military dictatorship in 64?

Because it's receiving enormous streams of investments and it has a population of over 100,000,000. The fiscal, monetary and trade policies they have pursued have all been terrible and they've landed themselves into a self-made recession.

I love how in all these kuruminha threads there is always some raging white supremacists trying with all their might convince they are superior to the rest. It is literally the perfect bait

t. newfriends
Where was this thread linked to?

Nowhere, I clicked on it from the catalog.

It's like people who are related to stars that try go get some of the glory after the star dies.

silly fucking monkey

t. Turk

well the arabs contributed a lot to the mathematics

.t a fellow nobody


Arabs stole most of it from India.

>The genetic difference between you and a congo nignog is of about 0,1%
It seems you are providing statistics, but not presenting the source of those numbers.
>And most of what you stated is false and full of falacies
Corroborate your statement.


t. south brazilian white supremacist
FUck off Stormfag.

By that logic the indians stole it from the egyptians who in turn stole it from the mesopotamians

You are calling me an autist when I only have Asperger's, even in ad hominem you fail.
I'm not even white friend. Minha mãe é uma hapa e o meu pai é mulato...

t. Arab diaspora


This nigger knows it.

Why do you keep calling me an autist when I said I am an aspie? I would prefer if you shared an argument instead of an offense.

>keeps down other countries for centuries through brutal colonization
DA WITE MAN BE KEEPING US DOWN MAINZ, even though they are not superior to us, they managed to enslave us for some reason WTF

>keeps them down some more by exploiting their work force to make sure that they'll never see anything beyond second world progress, at best
the countries that have had their labourforces "exploited" are better off these days than those that havent

>invades the Middle East for cheap oil
because the west is happy about these days low oil prices, right? Wrong.

>gets rid of dictators just to put in a pro-Western one
Guilty. This shit benefits nobody, look at all the refugees we get now


If whites and blacks are different today, and if whites managed to opress blacks for so long, doesn't that count as a proof of the superiority of white socities?
If we were always equal like you were suggesting, all peoples and nations would have more or less the same degree of power and prosperity. Nobody would ever have managed to conquer the other.

south germania you mean

Who in turn stole it from the Romans, who stole it from genetically superior Germanics. Unfortunately, the kikes control the media and the worldwide education system, so the many proofs Germans had of them creating and developing maths all by theirselves are now long gone. It's the same with shit like chocolate - it's Germanic, but the jewish made the sheep believe it's from some mesoamerican shithole. Now answer me: if chocolate and maths were both made by browns, then why do Caucasians dominate maths and chocolate production while browns don't even know about them?
Many good things "made by brown "people"" are actually made by naturally superior whites, the kikes just turned the game around by artificially changing the sources.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

See? I can type a lot of shit and still isn't an argument. What you're doing is called logical fallacy.

>W-why can't shitskins make progress?
Shitskins didn't make progress even before all of that. In fact because of western people shitholes like, say, Russia have high-tech goods.

>nigger on damage control because he can't handle his obvious inferiority

so many people basing their individual worth on the past instead of doing something for the future. Socrates would be disappointed. What have you guys done to better the world other than taking another's achievement.

Reminding inferiors of their place

what makes one inferior?


>attacks one side of the argument
>someone defending the side attacked makes a reply
>attacks the other side now, as if the side originally defended is now being attacked
Is this a epic new superior form of trolling?

lmao niggers have done even less than us, at least we don't abuse the system to live off from welfare and run around freely after raping dozens of white women. And we do have a purpose, unlike niggers: waking up the sheeple.

Well done, you deserve this one.

Not even worth a (You), you're not making any arguments other than "hurr durr niggers are human too why isn't everyone treated equally xDD (except when it comes to punishment, only le white debil should be prosecuted xD)"

why is this thread full of buttmad brazilian niggers

so who is a nigger and not one? Are those that come and succeed in society niggers two. Does one rotten apple spoil the proverbial bunch?
Okay. I am a biology major. Please enlighten me a bit on this? We know your genes can determine who you are, your intelligence and such. I can agree that yes, some races may have higher intelligence than others. But now, lets say someone of your race, your superior genes in your family even, gets a disease like cancer, or the next lineage get mental retardation, does that mean your genes are shit? So, if it does, that means one person affects the whole bunch and means then that your genes are shit right?

I aint gonna Google shit for you nigga

Brazil is filled with niggers, if they all went back to haiti and africa and dealt the brown natives properly we'd be first world in no time with the remaining 5 to 10m pure whites and japanese.

lmao nigger can't even type, stop embarassing yourself and go back to taking care of your 12 siblings tyrone.

Se você é brasileiro você deveria voltar ao seu país de ancestralidade.
Se for raça mista emigre para os EUA.

It's a meme forced by Cred Forums.

t. Juan Pablo de Jesús García, the wall hopper

Okay, you got me sir. Instead of even having a discussion, you want to pick on a grammatical error. Oh by the way, nice comma splice with two independent clauses.
And which nigger are you talking about in the sentence? You need to designate your nouns. Also, you spelled embarrassing wrong too, amigo.
Lmao, the nigger cannot even type. Stop embarrassing yourself and go back to taking care of your 12 siblings, hue.

But I'm in the south, Joao!

if whites are superior, then how they're commiting cultural suicide and stopped breeding?

And third worlders will never commit cultural suicide because you don't have culture

Excellent post

Not an argument. kys.
Based Icelandbro dropping the redpill in front of the niggers, kek

>better showcase my ignorance

11 literature nobel prizes in tacospeak.

how many in iceland?

Wrong pic

Just use the bile that the basement dwellers hurl at you for motivation for improvement make contributions to the world I plan to

I am luso(mostly, there is also french and perharps a little moorish) but want to go to norway :3. People should be free to chose with who they reproduce... I want a tall chubby intelligent woman, just as i am, but she will have a different genetic charge since she will be norwegian. We are what we are, not what our genes says we are; one can guess things by race, but not tell 100% sure

>literally more than a billion people
>proud of 11 kike prizes in memerature
>while Iceland also has one kike prize in this meme with just 300k people
This is the kind of people against Trump's wall.

T weaboo

>B-b-but i-it was da joos!


It depends on the gauge you use to determine superiority. Economics, science, military might, they can all represent collective achievements and prowess, you will find that people classified as "white", whatever the cause, dominate all these fields.

I can easily prove my culture is bigger and better than any shit iceland can produce.


>n-not gaysss it's not controlled by da joos at all m-me swear!!!!

>jews are whites

Britain's number is the most impressive imo

>one thousand years to achieve all of that
>boasts on a country roughly 1/10th of that age

You're very naive if you think the Jews have been that significant historically. Note that the 'Jews' were scattered in all directions from Israel, there are still Jewish communities in Ethiopia, Morocco, Syria and Turkey, Poland. But ' miraculously' , the only group of Jews that have been significant scientifically and economically are the Ashkenazim Jews. These are the Jews that inhabited Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and France and mixed with the people there. All these other Jews have done nothing of note.

>complains that jews control the world
>complains jews have bigger IQ, like two standart deviation from whites
>huh duh whites are master race when they controlled western countries

You mean Derrida and Spinoza acomplished nothing of note?

Where did I complain about these things?

If it's all about getting some Germanic blood, then explain why the Ashkenazi were much more successful per capita than your so beloved Germanics.

How about reproductive fitness? We are talking the one crucial component in determining a population's success. If "whites" across the globe are failing to reproduce how are they superior?

you know very well what I mean faggot.

majority of ashkenazis lived in eastern europe

you are right , latin american literature is top tier also , what do you expect about rednecks from USA?

That is because of many historical reasons of which there are too many to list here. A condensed version is this: Christian laws historically prevented Christians from putting interest on loans, meanwhile Jews were typically free to Jew. Jews were historically put into administrative positions, which in the past was looked down to compared to artisans. Gradually their influence and wealth increased so much that they were able to influence world politics like the Rothschilds in the Napoleonic wars.

You can't use the nobel prize as a fair measure when comparing Scandinavians to other cultures, just look at the number of literally whos from their region that received one. Take the English and French speaking worlds as reference, who the fuck has read something by most of their literature winners? It's a bias thing. Countries like Sweden and Norway cannot objectively be sad to have contributed more to Western and European culture than Brasil or Mexico despite a good half a milleniun headstart on being Christianized/Westernized.

>B-But per capita
They imported most f their country from continetal Europe, what have they truly acomplished independently?


Isn't your country basically built on jewing others?

I'm just going to give my two cents.

Yes, it's true that white races have accomplished far more in history. However just because you belong to the more achieving race it doesn't mean you're automatically superior as an individual.

Almost all the faggots pushing this meme in earnest are NEETs that have never contributed anything useful and are just looking desperately for anything that will prove they're not just sad wastes of space and resources. They'll often complain about blacks or latinos leeching off the white race yet here they are, leeching off the government for sweet, sweet autsim bux

>B-But muh genes
Stop by a faces/bodies of Cred Forums and you'll see many of these faggots are disgusting manlets.

It's just pathetic people trying too hard to feel like they're worth anything.

Among other things.

So it's morally corrupt for Jews but you people are alright because you WERE Christian?