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the rich


Seems a very good country, even if a little bland.

I thought you guys made toblerones but turns out it was the Swiss :(

Any country except Sweden

They're superior to my country



White people who got bored from their perfect lives and now are cucking themselves to death as punishment for being born white.

Great country

They go farther than this, they not only import hordes of savages, they force the real Swedes to adopt the savage culture of the invaders.

Swedes are alright.
But like the rest of Europe, they should stop voting for shitty political parties letting shitskins in.

Finland's retarded father

United States
My family came from there so I think it's pretty cool.

Sweden is fine. Little crazy tho.



Holy fuck that was satisfying to watch


Should change it to the baltic sea or Nordics


Beautiful People

without memes, is Sweden that bad as Cred Forums depicts it?

If yes, can it still be saved?

Sweden is the fucking cancer of this board. It's probably just that one nigger though

>without memes, is Sweden that bad as Cred Forums depicts it?
As i understood it our rape statistics are grossly overblow due to measuring methods, Unlike other countries both successful and attempted rapes are counted in our statistics, so probably.

>is it saveable
All pur rightwingers are getting more anti immigration , so hopefully

Somebody should edit those nordic countries to syrian/somalian/congo/ethiopia flags.



If they made the resource go to waste... Well.. suit themselves.

But you didn't change the Swe...