Mfw anglo globalization will wipe out pathetic european """"""cultures""""" in your life time

>mfw anglo globalization will wipe out pathetic european """"""cultures""""" in your life time

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I do believe China will devour them first

China is in decline

You can't have a functional industrial economy when the median age of your country is 50

You mean American globalization

The world isn't forced to learn ching chong chang they're forced to learn english.

>6.7% annual economic growth
>in decline
American education at work

This 2bh. We're already destroying British English and forcing our shitty generic consumerism culture on to the rest of the world

>ghost cities are being built to boost GDP figures
>local officials report fabricated growth figures to the central bureaus so that can keep their jobs
>over half the country lives on a median income equivalent to that of Kenya
>they only just ended the One Child Policy to try to fix the demographic fuckery that it caused
Keep telling yourself that this will be the Asian century Zhang Lo Mein, it's not going to change anything

>China is in decline

>China is in decline
gr8 b8 m8

Once the Brexit has happened English wont even be an official European language anymore.
That might have some influence in the long term if we ever decide on a common second language.


English will still be the common European language. I dont think to learn fucking german.

>implying spanish wouldn't be better than g*rman

German is the most spoken language in Europe (Germany, Austria, Swiss) and easy for Germanics.

But Germany isnt pushing its language. France is. France is doing everything to turn everything French. The judges and administration.

Personally I hope for a more politically neutral, truly European and easy to learn language like Italian.

I mean, I dont want to talk the same language as Africans (French), South Americans (Spanish), or Americans (English).

Fuck Italian and fuck the EU. Let's get back to latin.


We are not Europeans at all. It would be a mistake to choose the Spanish as the European language.

Dont lie yourself. Germany rules the EU, therefore German will be the language

Ich habe kein Problem damit uezs.

Puedo jugar al mismo juego.

China is starting to fall already

That's German. So no, you cannot do the same.

But I can play your game soon though.

Daily reminder that none of you will ever be able to escape Anglo domination. We truly are God's chosen people.

Good luck with our 28 tenses and our millions of irregulars verbs.

I am. We dont really use the English much in Spain. I could perfectly survive without speaking english.

For now.

It is not gonna happen. Spanish people really suck in languages.

Why are chinese so obsessed with western rankings? "GDP", "Shangai ranik", etc

Spanish is easy tier.

Certainly easier than French and German.

>Mongolia will never take over the east

That is what everyone says in the beginning. It is not as easy as Euros think.


All European languages are related to latin.

I say we all start using irish.

if dubz, latin confirmed

Most of our people cannot produce an English sentence.

du bist eine schwul
oh nice middle school memories, when whe used to do deutsch
>We are not Europeans at all
user don't fall for the meme

Italiano miglior linguaggio
Italiano lingua suprema
Italiano parlata superiore

t. Shart

>implying Americans won't be speaking espaƱol

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Yeah down from 10% 2 years ago. And that'd IFS you even believe the communist party's numbers. The WTO doesn't.

How much family

>Yeah down from 10% 2 years ago. And that'd IFS you even believe the communist party's numbers. The WTO doesn't.

Growth in 2012 was 7.8% senpai.

Also, WTO? World Trade Organization???

The IMF, World Bank, The Economist, Citigroup, and BoA all think it is growing 6-7%.

Furthermore, investors seem to think so as well. Chinese stocks are up 35% since their bottom. FDI is up 7%.

no dubz but blaze it faggot

but it is real, we are snowflakes.

let's hope u guys unJUST yourselves