What percentage of men in your country wears a make up?

What percentage of men in your country wears a make up?

>about 5%

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op image reminded me of this



Men don't wear make up.

This s a tutorial

Only the gayest of the gay wear makeup here

0% - faggots are not men

120% including lesbians


first off let me start by not bashing him

Why would man EVEN NEED a makeup


what for ? to be pretty? I don't get it

WTF I Love Poland Now!!!!!

Hitler was right.

The fugg, I've never seen man wearing make up in my city..

Omg fag country

Damn, Poland is Swedenizing itself.

I wish I could wear make up, not even heavy make up just shit to cover up my acne.

Just wash yourself.

It is genetic, cystic acne. I am a hygiene freak, I probably wash myself too much.
I have tried every cream,pill and potion on the market.
I got some acne scars too

Try benzoyl peroxide and salycic acid every day.
Eat less fats, drink more water and sleep more.

Other than that idk m8

Finnish makeup is called drinking so much that you projectile vomit in the air and it then lands on your face and dries up as a layer on your skin.

causes of acne:
- genes
- hormones
- smoking
- hygiene in very rare cases (for example if you literally never shower)

not causes of acne:
- hygiene (almost always)
- diet
- psychology
- physical activity
- whatever else your grandma told you

>about 5%