Update Salary in Europe

Could you tell me if this map shows the truth about the average salary in your country?

I can confirm that in Italy the average salary isn't 1725€ but it's 1100€

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Official stats put it at 468 E.


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Looks like Turkey is catching up with Cyprus.


>Could you tell me if this map shows the truth about the average salary in your country?

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Ours looks legit to me.


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ours is not that low you retards

Good to see that at least someone found a true number in this map

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Do people in Monaco even have jobs?

Average salary in Poland is EUR 971 now


give or take since our currency fluctuates
avarage yes, min wage is less than 300

But I wanna know if it's really like that.
I mean if you can earn that kind of money in Poland with a regular job + some experience

before or after tax? Looks like before to me.


After Tax


Average =/= Median =/= Modal

CEOs and top earners are the reason why the figures look inflated to you. It's the same with Spain.


look here



Well I am a CS bachelor graduate with no experience and got offers of 42-51k (+bonus stuff)

After tax I get more or less the average apparently. Pretty good for my first job.

Most Germans have something like 1.600 - 2.200 euro after taxes.

This figure (2.225 euro) probably accounts for too little taxes. Our pre-tax wages are actually higher, with 3.000 euro being an realistic average.

For Russia:
Average salary is 32K rubles (jan 2016) which is 438 euros (409 is on the map, so this appears to be pretty accurate).

>mfw it could be 816 with old exchange rate
Thanks god I live in Moscow.

A quick Google search gives me contradictory data:



>pre taxes
>some number you will never actually see in your hands.
It's like when some italian makes fun of mine 1500$ with his 4000 and it turns out after taxes and rent he has less than 1000.

quite correct,
I started my career at 1600€
My senior earns around 3000€

that is the price we pay for being an old society. 40% of the taxes go to the elderly. oh, and refugees, of course. but in italy, mostly elderly people.

>I started my career at 1600€
after taxes, i hope?

because for pre-taxes, that is dismal ... i thought france is roughly at the same level germoney is.


How does one live comfortably with such a low amount?

>oh, and refugees
300 billion to 1.5 trillion* estimated

*thats one reunification

these figures also consider tax burden. the gross earning per year isnt measly 24k euro, of course.

I make more than that and my job is shit

how much do you earn mate?