One Japanese girl was missing and found dead (above)

One Japanese girl was missing and found dead (above)
One Japanese girl is missing now.
They are both in Vancouver in Canada.
Why is Canada such shithole now?
Give us back our grill now!!



They didn't have guns to protect them, this is why

Yes I am Zainichi Japanese

First looks like she worked as "high class" escort -> killed by customer.

Second has wine bottle in her hand -> low class alcoholic trash -> kidnapped and raped while passed out drunk. Will be found dead in ditch in a few days.

The Japanese truly are the perfect Pepe people. They don't have to try to talk in strange, garbled English because that's how they usually talk anyways.

>strange, garbled English
>"I am Zainichi Japanese"

>she worked as "high class" escort
She was a doc.

> They don't have to try to talk in strange
She worked as a case worker for a long time and saved money to learn English in Canada.

******German sense of physiognomy.*******
Pay some fucking respect.


response to a zainichi

> you wasted one minute of your life.


Doctor of whoreology, yes.

>learn English in Canada
If she paid enough attention in school she wouldn't be dead now.

Fuck you, yiu show respect, you are literally below your japan-senpai, respect them!

No way, if a 45 yrs old "girl" with that face works as a whore, it's fucking treacherous. Police would get anger and arrest an owner.

they both look pretty ugly nihon

arent u glad they took ugly girl off ur hand?

>If she paid enough attention in school she wouldn't be dead now.

Being Japanese girl is a bland in itself.
Only if she introduced herself a chink, she wouldn't get involved in tragedy.

Never forget that Asa Akira is considered beautiful and a sex-bomb in the west.

FYI, Korean whores arrested in America this weak are like this.

her murderer was probably a rich chink from shanghai that owned a condo in vancouver.

calling it now

No one gives a shit
No one can see the difference

Düsseldorf has the second largest Japanese population of any city in the world after Tokyo.
Wie fühlst du dich?

It was the Chinese.

A girl above ended up with no evidences and concluded in committing sudoku herself by local police.

Taste differs from person to person but perhaps many japanese people say American taste of Asian is so awful.
Or rather their Asian "beauty" who represents east asian looks like SE Asian.

Bottom one is cute

No one cares about your taste and american way of self defense, asshole.

Pretty sure London has a bigger community as well a plenty of places in the US.
We do however have the biggest Japanese community in mainland Europe.

They're not that noticeable in Düsseldorf, very low key people. There is a street with mostly Japanese restaurants and stores but that's about it. Every year is Japan-Tag in early May and they have some cultural activities and sadly cater very much to the weebs with Cosplay contests and such, went there once and it was pretty shit. They always invite music acts which are like this traditional and modern mix and they're always fucking awful.
Not quite the "COOL JAPAN" you would hope for.
That being said, feels good to have Japs around. They make a good RAMEN. (all their restaurants are grossly overpriced though)

Don't worry it's probably a muslim shivering in rage because she wasn't wearing a burqa

You are going to mall to buy ssome burger tomorrow and get bombed.

*pulls out gun*

Say that again senpai?

Agreed, Japs are objectively great immigrants. Best in Asia, I'd say.

Nah mate
Rooftop Koreans are best Asian seppos.

Sadly, most Koreans are not as based as rooftop Koreans: they live in Korean slums and all have shitty jobs running massage parlors or dry cleaners.

Ah right
I stand corrected


Don't worry, lad.
South Korea is a good country

T. Choi KimPark