1. Why lion national animal of European countries if no lion in Europe?

1. Why lion national animal of European countries if no lion in Europe?

2. What is "ideal" national animal? I think horse or lion, but horse already many uses and lion not everywhere.

3. Post the national animal.

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there are no lions in europe

i think because of the common Indo-European ethnic group, the horse should be used. a white stallion.

There were lions in Europe , but like other predators they were wiped out, by about the mid 11th century they were gone altogether.

In my opinion Azusa nyan should become national animal of Japan because moe is essence of Japan.

Why dragon animal of china if no dragon exist

I think that bushy eyebrow girl is better than azusa

tsumugi i think or whatever

in about the balkans confirmed only, and that was quite a while ago.

horse-symbolizing indo-europeans shaped Europe into what it is today.

dragons exist.


eagle 4 lyfe



flying dragon no komodo dragon pls

Horses were domesticated in Central Asia you dummy

This is the only appropriate national animal.

And the Caucasus. Not denying the horse, but the lion left it's mark on the psyche.

Because China does not exist

Eagles are the most tryhard national symbol ever. Ben Franklin was right, you should have adopted the Turkey.

We use the lion anyway because why the fuck not? We're not going to use some pansy ass bird

You cant, because Azusa is national animal of my heart

>no tiger in japan
>tora tora tora was a code for successful attack in pearl harbor bombing

yes, what a nice girl!


no dragons in brazil because it's too hot, too much sun makes dragons unwell and there are no comfy caves to rest.

There were still lions in Europe during the time of the Ancient Greeks, around 600 BC.
Apart from that, a large amount of lions was relocated from the north of Africa by the Romans, but unfortunately those didn't survive very long in the arenas.


Why do Japs like Azusa so much? She's really annoying. Ritsu is obviously best girl.

you spelt TSUMUGI wrong, yankee-chan

Because of this

White as our land. Fuck Sweden.

You're somewhat right, then every Thanksgiving we could eat the national animal and therefore part of America itself, a sort of transubstantiation.

Why European like swan so much?
I dont like swan because they drop many feather that of lake and it becomes too dirty however is over that feathers in a park.

Swans are fierce: youtube.com/watch?v=zvC5G5R2Lvw

Strong, white and elegant. Plus, the transformation it goes through, calls upon reflection. Just look at the fairytale 'Den grimme ├Žlling', by H.C.Andersen.

Yes, it would be like a yearly national holy communion.

This or bear

There used to be lions in yurop but they were wiped out.

Sadly European lions are all gone.

Well, the bear used to be our most sacred animal but then we converted to christianity.

kill it with fire...

Yes Ritsu is best girl

And afterwards you become the very essence of america: bloated and sleepy

Muh Roman empire

The best national animal is a prime specimen of humanity.

This shit kills a fucking bull with one bite!

Seriously, it also kills buffalos easily.

ONE BITE in the skull and its gone!

O shit, waddup!

Holy shit, the flying animation.