1. your cuck

1. your cuck
2. do you think it's unethical to falsify a university degree to get a job?

2. no, it's what I did and I felt a rush of adrenaline and like a king of the world.

I want more such things, any recommendation on what I can do?

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>what I can do?
What can't you do?


I wanna rush of adrenaline right now

I cant just take a hammer and go out killing people

or can i :^)

>I need to feel a rush of adrenaline and like the king of the world
Become a MMA fighter?
Shoplift something really expensive?
Travel to sweden's liseberg and ride the Free fall tower?
Become a cocaine drug lord and sell it to gangs in Uzbekistan?

Steal a mare from your brother. The rush is intense

sadly we use cars nowadays

if I was mongolian I would ravage villages ofcourse or maybe not.

I'm pretty sure that's highly illegal in civilized countries.

Well then steal a goat or two

catch me if you can dude did it and got away

no fuck off man, you're not even genghis khan's direct descendant.

oooh smooth criminal :D

Forgery isn't too bad unless they're qualifications for a qualified job. What are they going to do, squeeze cash out of a fucking Nogay?

>can do job very well
>just dont have degree

world around me is my world and it dies with me

nothing is true, everything is permitted :^)


Fuck you

haha fuck off nigger mongol retard

why all mongols hate kazakhstan, we dont even give a fuck about you

Calm down, you are both sons of the steppe

Get a degree in anything except liberal arts and you're good.

>2. do you think it's unethical to falsify a university degree to get a job?
Don't they check? They certainly checked mine was real.

It's Kazakhstan

Start applying to other jobs with increasingly ridiculous qualifications

you guys have internet?