Lol Poland

lol Poland
lol Spain
lol Portugal

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Forgot Moldova, did we?

Nobody cares about a third world country.

but we are third world countries

what is the problem?

Then why are we replying to Turkey?


This is your country on Austerity

Dunno ask yourself.

Yo, why are we replying to Turkey?

If there's anything we're good at, it's shagging.
How many lads/lasses in your 6th year were or having a child?

>being unironically Catholic

I cringed t b h

Boy I sure do wonder why




>ching chong

>UK, France and Sweden amongst the highest


If you think the french,swedish and belgium fertility rates come from native population,you're fucking stupid


the sand dwellers

Oh look, nations with no Muslims are red, what could this mean?

oh... of course.

But the sudacas... Oh yeah, you"re the same shit but with inca emperor face.


Sardinia's fault