1. you are a cunt

>1. you are a cunt
>2. what is the key to bantering your country to the point of autistic fits of rage?

1. holland
2. a. those cherrypicked race mixing photos
b. "dutch is ugly"

i mean we all know dutch people are ugly trolls.
otherwise you guys would be considered hot like norwegian or swedish
wtf why even get mad at facts

> shitpost
> clapping

hello english teacher. I don't know how you are going to teach english with these reading skills. I was talking about the fact that our language is considered to be ugly by mean foreigners


I like your language. It's too bad the dutch are so ugly though.

>fake happy/nice
>meriga only cunt that ever did anything wrong/root of all ebil
>let me tell you about your
>all merigans doo dis
Why are Dutch people especially rude to Americans?

In elementary school we get taught to form our own baseless opinion about everything.
A lot of teachers don't even teach, but coach students to study themselves.

So every Dutch person has all the wisdom in the world, or so he thinks.

Actually, that really explains a lot. Thanks for the answer.

Jesus fuck. I visualized that, and it was like something out of a Terry Gilliam nightmare.

Tell a Dane that hygge is not uniquely danish, and that Danes just misuse a word for cozy/comfortable in every unthinkable situation. Then you see a babbling fool trying to piece his self-understanding together again. Go on to tell him that danish culture is not a thing, that its just a unattractive mix between proper Scandinavian and North German culture. This kills the Dane.

mention the US losing to a few thousand jungle monkeys in Vietnam, will work every time

>Tell a Dane that hygge is not uniquely danish,

we have the exact same concept "gezeligheid", not even memeing.

you guys are just are basically a mix of scandinavian and dutch culture :^)

I have seen this in action multiple times. Almost all Americans really think that you guys didn't loose the Vietnam war? Its ridiculous.

You can't. We only sperg out as a joke for the bantz, and usually just crave the attention, desu.

t. Alberto Barbosa

>America is nothing but evil
>being disingenuous about why we lost Vietnam
>that fucking space race pic that leaves out everything post Skylab
America hate threads just make me sad to be desu

irl or Cred Forums?

on Cred Forums - normally not possible unless the isranon is a massive hasbara peddling fuckwit

irl - what you see every day on Cred Forums about jews and israel, would probably make men shake with anger and women reduced to tears of indignation.

>you guys are just are basically a mix of scandinavian and dutch culture :^)

That what i wrote Piet, you don't have to ape my post.

We didn't lose the battles, we lost because we didn't go back after the North broke the treaty

But you still lost

just trying to trigger you rasmus! :^) hahaha

>Muh won all the battles, just didn't feel like winning the war

Like clockwork.

>literally what I just said

>explain why Americans deny that we lost to the Vietnamese
>Hurr durr Americans can't accept reality
Why are you such a cunt

I don't know, I think we are pretty immune to banter, maybe if you say our beer is shit or call us "czechoslovakia"

Great job

say anything bad about Romania

You guys often need to read it more that once to get it.

Didn't even need to go back, just needed to keep supplies flowing to the south like we said we would.

>fake happy/nice

yep, this one does it.

or when yuroautists compare the EU the USA as a whole and than say it's fair because we have 50 states.

Honestly, I've never met an uncool Romanian. Are all of you just born bro-tier?
See ya dick


Your Beer is fucking disgusting.


1. France
2. Surrender monkeys ; italian/spanish/USA/strayan wine > french wine ; french food is overrated

Well if you guys didn't have to cry and bicker every time the Vietnam war is mentioned I wouldn't have to be a cunt.
What does control of some shitty hill 40 years ago matter when Vietnam is still a communist country in the present?
You guys lost the war, and most of you think you won it. It was a strategic and cultural failure of the USA.

delet this

Which is weird, because (some) English really ARE fake nice. They'll bump into you on purpose and apologise right after like cunts, but we associate it with you.

Maybe it's your accent, but you guys really do sound fake happy/nice. Maybe it's the whole tipping/better service thing. Maybe it's the fact that you're talkative in public all the time, and here it only happens when they want something from you, like a salesman or something.

I don't know, but I have to consciously shut my mind when talking to an American that's being nice to me, because I immediately get cynical and sceptical about it.

Portuguese food/wine is better than all those, including French, though.

>most of you think you won it
>let me tell you about your country
No one argues that we won the war, we argue that the people saying that we lost the engagements are full of shit because you are

Saying "muh k/d" doesn't change that

>say that we are Eastern Europe (even tho we are)
apart from that I don't know, there isn't much to banter about abĂș

face it bro you lost a war to a bunch of manlet rice farmers

Mention how Trump is gonna build the wall

Nice try you colossal faggot

But the engagements does not matte at all. Only for you hurt pride.

I hope your butt heals up well user.

That's bullshit, and you know it.

Hint: If it's a waiter/waitress it's fake nice to get a bigger tip.

If it's a stranger they're just being hospitable. We're usually pretty friendly to everyone in this country.

Belgium beer is where it's at

If an American is talking to you on the street for no reason, they're usually being genuine

>I immediately get cynical and sceptical about it.
That's a shame.
A lot of it comes from being a frontier culture. There's a big emphasis on individualism and self reliance, but also on being civil/friendly/cordial, cooperating, and being willing to help one's neighbor. The struggle between these two parts of our culture is a big part of our politics.

I'm not saying that you aren't nice, I'm just saying that it's hard to shake the feeling that you're being fake from some reason I can't pinpoint. There's something about you that makes us subconsciously doubt it from the get go. I have to consciously remind myself and shut it off.

I couldn't disagree more vehemently.

That's because Americans are general plebs

That one autistic yank that has a bunch of anti-Australian pastas saved and just spams them, he posts every once in a while and always get a couple people going

It's fucking embarrassing 2bh

the fact that coors light is even a thing proves your point

Maybe it's all the American movies you watch.

Who? Is he a Real Aussie Hours guy?


1 - flag
2. a.thoese cherrypicked photos
b. "Brazil" isn't white.

I doubt it. I don't see American movies as foreign and specifically American anymore.

I've just assimilated that movie-people have guns, just like movie-cars explode by being shot at.

It's pretty pathetic

Ok, then. Regardless, I like lots of beers, but I've never had a Belgian beer that wasn't either watery garbage or virtually undrinkable. Rodenbach alone was enough to sour me (that's a pun) on Belgian beers.

Name 5 beers that you like, please

Not him but this

what is la chouffe

>point out better American beers
>muh microbreweries
This. Any time Americans show examples of quality products, they just get
>muh micro[...]
It triggers the fuck outta me.

I have never even said the word microbreweries
I am a genuine beer lover
And I am also genuinely curious about 5 beers that you like


Long Trail Ale
Otter Creek

Best beer is always local beer (unless you live in St Louis, MO or Golden, CO). Enjoying a Long Trail Harvest Barn Ale right now.

Never heard of any of those
Do they ship to other countries?
I'd like to try

Czechvar is Czech, Paulaner is Bavarian, and the rest are from New England. They might ship internationally if you find the right distributor.

Note on current beer: just read the label, and saw that they put a bit of maple syrup in it. I don't normally care for bullshit additives, and this is no exception. The malt would have been enough.