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time to use tap water

american cartoons

desperate dan could beat bananaman in a fight


British heroes


what do yanks call tap water?

faucet water?

Did little Janny go night-night?

take your top off mate

Reposting without my spelling mistakes


pineal gland calcifying fluid

*turns the light off and slams the door shut as I leave the bathroom while you're still shitting*




Think they just call it liquid lead


those edges on /brit/ monthly are making my head hurt

What anime should I watch lads?

used to do this to my parents all the time when I was a kid hahahahahaha absolutely mental

That's a good one

good image lad.

what could you possibly have spelt wrong?

*runs off with your clothes while you're getting changed and throws them into the girl's change room*

Giz a peak inside lad, don't got no 90p on me

Neck yourself

girls und panzer

breaking up with the tulpa gf

Dominion Tank Police

Any new memes?

coming down from adderall

*pulls down your trunks in front of the girls at the pool*

It's "turnt" not "turned"

fuck off nonce

one of our PE teachers used to come and watch you get changed if you didn't get changed in time

girl actually said Netflix And Chill to me


Do you want me to change them for you?

This is not a library

>Neck yourself

feeling pretty turned lads

jungle is massive

Just got some nice numbers with my post after the new got posted

i once accidentally walked into the girls shower room and saw some nakedness

was a bit embarrassed

nah its fine my head hurts anyway

(hungover looooool)

*twists up my towel and whips your bare thighs with it*


>the word "Woman" comes from the Old French word "Wêmégner" (baking) which comes from Latin "Vulmaernia" (to cook)

did you take her up on the offer?

Spelt is the pom way you dumb bogan

can't Flimflam the Zimzam
can't Corner the Dorner
can't Dodge the Rodge
can't Mossad the Assad
can't Barrage the Farage
can't Stump the Trump

the amount of women who wanted my willy in all those years and never got it is simply astonishing

>living in the west country
>all right Rewan jus' goin to the coombe on me combine 'arvester to pick up a pasty as it's the only thing that gets the taste of our piss-flavoured cider out

well done you x

nice lad, hope ya rail her

beano was better 2bh

PSA: this isn't true

87.65 iirc

>can't Flimflam the Zimzam
>can't Corner the Dorner
>can't Dodge the Rodge
>can't Mossad the Assad
>can't Barrage the Farage
>can't Stump the Trump

*gets this runt expelled so he stope his unfunny actionposting*


thanks :)


fuck off

Lads was I right or not?

Is it spelt or spelled?

Hello, lads.

What's the janny been like lately? I've been away.

>can't Flimflam the Zimzam
>can't Corner the Dorner
>can't Dodge the Rodge
>can't Mossad the Assad
>can't Barrage the Farage
>can't Stump the Trump

the gf

smoking a nigger blunt

windy tales

That's actually higher than mine lmao (by 2)


fucking snitch dickhead
*me and the lads roll you after school*

just ate enough chicken curry to sink a ship

haven't eaten all day

that was absolutely decadent lads


Both me and my brother have moved out now

Parents are just stuck with my younger sister now

Probably a bit of a weird feel for them desu

What happened to the editions? Are they not a thing anymore?

free cakes for all most days, plus some gold stars handed out to the best posters,

How do I open my 3rd eye ?


either is fine

get off tesco mobile ya oik

*informs law enforcement*

what? you want to bum me?

haha user don't be silly

because fuck you thats why

seriously, why do woman do this?

was low for my school too

*posts a gif*

i do not know

got a big willy lads

but you're not allowed to look at it though

Excellent yankpost

*calls the police and gets you put in juvenile D with the abos*

Feels good being a MORAL citizen

>picture of peter HItchens

*bellflicks and peanuts you*

read plato

*copies your multiple choice answers*


having a nice little listen

can't Banny the Janny

haha wouldn't it be funny if i just shat my pants right here ??

>one punch man is getting a second series
who /hype/ here?


>why do woman do this

What's this type of dancing called?


Really don't like it for some reason

>This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of British culture
Are we just gonna let this guy force this and change the face of /brit/ forever, lads?

>actor emma watson in call for equality
hahaha lads
leftists am I right
poos and wanks and such





it's citisen.

Lmao nerd

*squirts water from my water bottle on your crotch*
ahahaha everyone look dickhead's pissed himself waaaaaaaaaaay

who would win in a fight between bananaman and Super Ted?

cringey yank edm dancing

Might microdose some acid for work tomorrow haha




how did you get this?

nigger stepping


>not reading the webcomic
I hope Blast and Garou take turns raping your arse

who McGregor?

exceptional post

>Guy next to you farts and doesn't say "Safety"

i was asleep this morning and dreamt of a small coffin floating towards a gate
wasn't so much a gate than a rectangular entrance of massive proportion standing out of a massive wall

i looked at the size of the coffin gliding slowly in the air towards the light on the other side
and i knew a child had died

i woke hope and there on my wall i saw a small girl crying her heart out and couldn't move
and then i tried to escape this sadness and could move again she wasn't there anymore

that was that


runt mating ritual

belt up runt


plato is the only non nerd author

Southerners call it "Spigot water", 2bh.

He'll be off to sleep soon and /brit/ will be back to normal

Man the UK really is awful. Worst place I visited in Europe by far. Maybe its because I went to London and Edinburgh, but even the tourist cities in other countries were far better than those two.

>not reading
ahahahaha everyone look at this non reading plebscum

fucking hate normies 2bh

can someone post the picture of the group of girls sitting at the table and staring at the camera? There was a brit who used to create threads using that picture. Thanks

should be Cornwall instead of the Republic of Ireland

Is there a bigger runtpill?

"Spelled" is the American way u dip

how do you figure

piss off you smelly little urchin

actually very quite rude and I'm considering writing a letter to the Yank embassy

Quite like them ending in t desu, it's what is taught here as well
the "ed" just sounds retarded

remarkable amount of JFs ITT...

you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here

>being able to read

Literal definition of a runt.

why do you keep saying nigger? racism isn't funny man, cut it out.

Cornwall isn't a country

>Man the UK really is awful. Worst place I visited in Europe by far. Maybe its because I went to London and Edinburgh, but even the tourist cities in other countries were far better than those two.

*comes out of the bathroom with my hands soaking wet*
*rubs them on your face while asking "don't you hate it when someone pisses and doesn't wash their hands?"*


Edinburgh is a fantastic city though

t. live in London.

>left wing and sensible
>i'm a student

truly a hobby for runts

*gets on my knees and begs you not to tell*

not true

stole my gf's nose and she slapped me really hard

one of the girls had pink hair and a qt face if that helps

Another case of the Americans keeping the older forms, IIRC.

t. 60% white cuck


The definition of a ruminant

Me and my dad dancing


how old is your gf

actually crease when I filter a tripfag and their post stubs pop up

your words fall on deaf ears my friend


>mixing spirits

Faggot or woman detected

it should be

Cannot stand accommodation costs

You're booking your holiday and £20 gets you halfway across the world when suddenly you're hit by £700 to stay somewhere for a week


>monitor the company email at weekends

>endless amounts of arrogant students sending me unsolicited emails with their shite CVs attached

>i delete every single one and don't reply

he changed his tripcode yesterday

filtered him again immediately

Ah, that first sip of the day

>it should be

Cornwall is the powerhouse of england my man

fuck off with your duck images

Reading is the embodiment of runthood

Not reading is the biggest redflag for a spastic calcified normie

Gimmick idea: Replace every "-ed" suffix with "-t"

We can't let the yanks win

neither is Ireland

gf put her hands on me eyes when we were riding on my bike and I said next time she did that I would crash into a car going the opposite way with a grim serious tone haha what am I like

*comes out bathroom with hands soaking wet*
*flicks the water at the back of your neck and says "achoo"*

haha sorry mate coming down with the flu

hmm looks like my gimmick has run its course
*Melbourne shuffles out of the thread*

I actually like Corbyn. I wish he lives a very long life and remains the leader of the Labour party for the duration.

would stick my nose up anya olsen's arsehole

By far my favourite fedora image 2bh, get a chuckle every time

same, it's great when they're not in power.

Banter is the only good tripfag on this website to be honest

Panthers are winning lads

That sounds retardt and weird to my American ears, but Godspet my lad.

>do programming
>accidentally write "do whilst" rather than "do while"

ah yes

good hansard entries too, for posterity


she's a cat

who /JF living in the UK/ here?

>tfw English girlfriend

skyping with the gf while shitposting lads
what am I like hahaha

Remember when strawboss was a thing

Any new memes?

fuck off yank


>I don't read

essential viewing

my sister does that

>be southerner
>pronounce "ball" like "bohl"

Ahh yes

>go into jacks
>light outside

>come out

ahh yes m'laddos the male bowel movement

Pole here, I'm a Research Fellow at a Russell Group uni.

My gf is French.

Genuinely what does JF mean?

Is it the danish bung eye?

tell her the lads say hello hahaha

a new tripcode? haha dear oh dear my friend have you learned nothing?


I pronounce it /ba:l/ 2bh.



mirin aesthetics brah


She says alri hahaha

jerry fetcher

Johnny Foreigner, or what you are
fuck off

tell me about janny, why is he deleting every /tr/ thread?

mate died of a heroin overdose. he messaged me to hangout and I didnt respond, looks like he dosed instead.

Jealous fiance.

how do they move like the floor is sand

ah yes, snap, very impressive

shut up cunt

we do call it tap water


> request something here
> not a single response
Fuck you too you little runts

can we have a screenshot of the skype call to prove it

you are not banter



jujitsu fencer

if you hung out with him he'd still be alive now

el CongolombiANO

did you know he used H?

off he goes, more fodder for my list

chalk another one up

I'm banter.

fuck off pablo

disculpe papi es que no tengo el imagen que buscas





your general is the least friendly on int so literally FUCK OFF you horrible spiccy crossbreed CUNT

t. pirata

what did you request?

Ask her if she managed to clean the cum out of her right eye

ayyy muchachos
chinga tu madre
hilo de puta


wtf? what a cuhrazy accent! xD

cat keeps bringing moths in through my windows and massacring them on my bed

Cheers for clearing that up mate, into the filter list you go! Haha

I don't even treat posting here as communication with human beings anymore. It's just a (You) mining operation.

Shut the fuck up

my you're a chipper looking one



It's YOU

Fucking hell.

haha this definitely hasn't been posted dozens of times before

looks like she smacked her face into a beehive




what a rotter

look at this dude


One day Australia will become a republic, most likely during or after William's reign, but it will happen at some point and I just know 100% the flag we choose to replace the one we've got will be a massive fucking meme worse than the fern the kiwis almost had

Not looking forward to it lads

Feck off laddy




yes hello friend
it is I

kel it was real all along

no way always assumed it was trolling

is this Prefer not to say?

Yeah I know, I feel bad but he is or I guess was a fuckwit for doing H

Yeah but thought he was done

keep bringing moths in through this runt's window and massacring them on his bed

Quieres es?

Tell them to stop, or incapacitate them with nip.

>tfw Thatcher is coming to shut down the board along with the cow thread on /gif/

also the bees stung her with testosterone


Im repulsed

*cracks open an ice cold Heineken*
*takes a sip*

what were you thinking putting this on /brit/ mate.. fucksake

blummin eck

same haha

and let me say, I have become exceedingly good at it

prefer not to say

>le funny scottish man

fuck off

Get a fucking look at yourself

Christ, and here you were making fun of HER

Sort yourself out

absolute madman

prefer not to say

sort out your fucking taskbar

Yes, it is pretty hostile. I rarely post there

A picture of a group of girls sitting at a table, one of them had pink hair. They were looking at the person who took the picture with a cute face. The threads were usually: "user, is it true that you hate....." or something along those lines

Actually, technically a pound of Gold (i.e., a troy pound) is lighter than a pound of Feathers (i.e., an avoirdupois pound). The kilos are identical, though.


>scottish "people"
not a fan




very impressive

Just thrown a wasp's nest at some Danish slag for a bit of a laugh.

This is an 8 in Herefordshire.


as ugly as this girl is the two of you seem to be in love and that's sweet
dating a very attractive girl and she's doing my fucking head in

>this is who i share /brit/ with

HE has a gf
YOU have nothing

are you the one posting all the rare frogs

excellent post

literally this why on earth are you posting this so freely on /brit/ fucking hell lad

at least the gf I don't have is human

ummmm check again sweetie :) x x

starting at the gym on Tuesday lads


I'm gonna need some wee burd to come cuddle fuck out me the mora, gonna be rougher than a plumbers estimate

If you're going to get an internet gf at least make sure she's remotely attractive

would quite literally rather die alone than have that thing

shutting the gym down on Monday lads

im fuckin zyzz brah





at least my ex igf was peng


Yes that's me

uhh okay hun

>long distance internet gf


It's not exactly this one, but it works for me. Thanks man :)


some of you are alright

don't go to the gym on tuesday

What's going on? Is that Zac?

Really would enjoy a monster cock in my arse as of this moment.

i'm crying

zac you little legend

my man
that forehead


would NOT post the gf here and NOT because she is unattractive (she's NOT, she is v. pretty)

thanks bruce

tiny little bit gay

anyone got this particular pic?

prove it

not in this day and age with this janny

its are kid Zack

waheeyy that's me

imagine if they breed

That's Zac
No k

this goes a bit beyond bee-stung lips

actually we're considering children
will name one after you xx

It is true and you know it.