ITT : We rate our language difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10

ITT : We rate our language difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10

>I'll start
>Since it's Arabic, i would probably rate it 7/10

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Hebrew: New-ish and with rules that we haven't deviated from much yet (unlike old languages like English which are fucking anarchy)


5/10 for germanic people, 8-9/10 for everyone else.

>inb4 everyone says their language is the hardest


no cases, just 2(.5) genders, very free word order, phonemic spelling, simple grammar rules.

5/10, 10/10 if you're French, 1/10 if you're Scandi


Even you bunch of fucking mongs can manage it


6/10 because of the variations between regions/countries

8/10 if it's chilean


6/10 for europeans and other foreigners
4/10 for other asians who have similar grammatical structure

for people who already know an agglutinative language, 4/10. for those who don't, 6-7/10. but really, once you understand agglutination, it is just memorising words and phrases.
lel, are you serious? 8-9 would be mandarin/arabic. german is 7, and if it wasn't for artikel memorising it would be 6.



we have no articles but the writing system is complicated I guess

4/10 if hispanic. 5/10 if any other romance speaker. 6/10 for english speakers. 6.5/10 for everyone else.

are you me?

Well at least that's what I heard from people.

What would a 10/10 language be? Chinese?

I think a 9/10 would be fair.

>What would a 10/10 language be? Chinese?
yes and arabic imo

how are the difficulties of chinese, korean and japanese when compared?


Don't all muzzies know Arabic to read the koran?

I'd say Modern Standard/Classical Arabic would be at least an 8 or a 9 out of 19.

Egyptian dialect would be 7.

it's ez bcuz i can spek it xD

lmao no

that's why they go to the fucking mosque so the chief terrorist can read it for them and (((interpret the text)))

what's the easiest language ever? norwegian?

Now spell
oh and
>religion of peace

Whats about finnish/hungarian/inuktitut?

I'd say those are More difficult than mandarin which is very analytical

Nah they don't, the more dedicated one sometimes know their favourite passage by heart (in arabic), but most of them don't speak classical arabic.

did I just put 19

I meant 10 lol
Practicing Muslims know how to read the letters but most aren't fluent

It's like me reading Spanish.
I can read the words but that doesn't mean the pronunciation or meaning will be precise, ya dig?


No cases
No genders
Non retarded spelling

Sorry, I don't speak Dutch.



chinese is the hardest one
japanese is a bit easier because you need to memorize less characters
korean is the easiest one because it's wholly based on syllables
i'd give finnish 9/10
i don't know about others but i heard there are so many turkish loanwords in hungarian

Sorry I dont speak spanish, Juan.


Basically Polish on cyrillic.

Why do Dutch people exist.
Just go.

10/10. Literally impossible to learn as a foreigner. Every word has 14 different forms which have no logical construction so you just have to remember them all.

A million rules about conjoining words and using commas, also weird ass sentence structure and overall strange pronounciation



Mi no Mehico por favor.

I know a muzzie girl who reads the koran in french and doesn't speak a single word of Arabic.
Are you memeing? I'm French and never had trouble learning your language, literally every word longer than six letters is the same in English/French, all adverbs are the same except for the ending (-ly in English, -ment in French)

As for my language I'd say it's a 6/10, lots of silent letters, irregular verb endings, add maybe another point of difficulty for the French Canadian version.

English is easy as fuck to learn if you speak any other latin or germanic language, it's like a 2/10 for difficulty. If you speak Arabic or an East Asian language it's probably more like a 7/10

It's like a fuckier version of Finnish. I would never ever learn your language but your people is clever and your flag is sweet.

don't all Christians know Hebrew to read the bible?

>using duolingo
>italian is retardedly easy
>german happens to be harder than russian

Dont All greeks know german to read their debts?

Italian, Spanish, French and Portugese are all latin languages so they are easy as fuck if to learn if you already know one of them. English may be germanic but it shares a lot with latin languages where as German is a lot tougher for latin speakers to learn even if they already know english.

You mean Latin?

Finnish is so much easier. Whilst Finnish stayed archaic, Germans, Swedes and Russians decided to fuck our language up and make it even harder. Estonian and Finnish are still very much alike though


Learn history, Juan.

10/10 brzęczyszczykiewicz would fap again

Your language is so easy to us, dude...

lmao waterjews btfo

Spanish: 2 for other romance speakers, 3 or 4 for the rest

5/10 grammar can be a bit wonk but pretty easy
2/10 if you are french
3/10 if germanic

Do I rate it on actual difficulty as both the world's most arbitrary and rule-ridden language or do I take points off for everybody on the planet being in an involuntary English language immersion course?

turn your proxy off


similar to german and english so if you know one or both it's ez.

english is actually really hard to learn because there's so many exceptions and special cases for how things are spelled/pronounced.

>grammar can be a bit wonk

Your lack of any grammatical features makes it easy, it is the retarded spelling that we have to deal with which makes it just a little bit tricky

American education everyone

sorry i meant spelling
>inb4 haha burger




But frenchies can't into English.

But they sure can into German pussy.

Highly doubt that.


English is clearly the hardest language to learn because I rarely EVER see a foreigner type it fluently and even less who speak it even remotely fluently.
So many of you say you are fluent when you cannot even type it correctly (and I am not even including minor grammar mistakes). I would cringe hearing you speak in person.

Also, the British are simply awful at spelling, I don't know why, it is THEIR language and they cannot even spell correctly.

Come on now, the vast majority on Cred Forums seems to be quite fluent really. The Scandis at least.

he's baiting, autistic fuck

thanks, greatest ally

Yet he isn't wrong.

Do you even speak another language? English is probably the easiest out there and difficulty has nothing to do with pronunciation, which, I'll admit it's kinda tricky for me. But that can be easily overcome if I take some time to actually practice my speech.

>Also, the British are simply awful at spelling
this is the only true part of this post

8/10, 10/10 for anglos

this guy moved here almost 30 years ago, yet the moment he starts speaking you can instantly recognize that he isn't a native finnish speaker

Normal casual babby german: 6/10
Thick austrian fuck you dialect: 12/10

like a 7 or 8. Probably the hardest western Romance language.
Nearly impossible to do it 100% unless a native speaker. I've seen Brazilians that have lived here for 30 years that still have the wrong twang.

Lots of weird special/irregular cases and pronunciation. Just talking about Euro Portuguese, though.

Finnish sounds like a mixture between Italian, Russian, and Japanese.




No. The Arabic in the Qoran is old classical Arabic, imagine really old English to give a example to compare it.

Modern Arabic is very different from that, not to mention that Arabic varies greatly from region to region. An Iraqi wouldn't understand a Marrocan for example and so on.

To say all of those languages is the same Arabic is very wrong, they are not even dialects but all together different languages in many cases.

But they all call it Arabic because there is a standardized version that they can use. And because it's a ''holy'' language and everyone tries to pretend they speak the language the prophet spoke. It would be like saying French and Italian are just different dialects of Latin.

This is where radical Imans come into play. Most muslims haven't even read the Qoran, they just go to the mosque an Imans read it to them. And these can pick what they want to talk about and don't let the listener make up his own mind.

it's just because he can't speak finnish so he's speaking pretty fast and mispronouncing more than half the words he's saying

pls be troll...pls be troll...

Italian is the oldest and more complex romance language after latin. No joke



You forgot the "allah kebab" part

Miten vitussa toi ei puhu sujuvaa suomea 30 vuoden jälkeen?

Äidinkieleni on ruotsi mutta useimmat suomalaiset eivät huomaisi tätä ellen siitä ilmoita erikseen.

Speak a human language pls

Maybe so, but ours is just weird at conjugating verbs. We have 3 conjuntive tenses, whereas every other romance language just has one, for example.

Couple that with weird particularities of some words and you get a hard language to speak

Maybe I didn't deal with Italian far enough, but French seemed harder, for example.

Si mi pizza ragazza

If arabic is 7/10 I rate my 5/10

It doesn't help that everywhere you go people speak English when they realize you're not a native speaker.

en oo koskaan nähny englantilaisen puhuvan täydellisen sujuvaa suomea, johtuu varmaan siitä et joitakin äänteitä aivan mahdotonta yrittää saada aikaseks jos äidinkielenä on englanti jossa niitä äänteitä ei esiinny missään muodossa

ja kekellä nyt muutenkin tyylinä puhua aivan helvetin nopeesti oli kieli mikä tahansa

What the fuck is this language

No juu mut tosiaan itsekin puhunut ruotsia kotona, koulussa ja jopa armeijassa, ja silti puhun, ainakin omasta mielestäni, kiitettävää suomea.

Speaking italian is quite easy. The grammar is hell, only 50% of italians write using a correct grammar. When a foreigner starts to write something is a waterloo.

We have tons of grammar rules, if your grammar is complex it's because you are our "son".

4 cases 3 genders
Many irregularities
Very archaic vocabulary.
The sound written as "ll" which is a click sound at your inner teeth (comes twice in Eyjafjallajökull)


Vodka, russia, mongols

ite oon itärajalta kotosin niin ei pahemmin muita ulkomaalaisia kuin venäläisiä oo tullu tavattua, ja niillä kyllä sen huonon suomen huomaa kans aika välittömästi

suomi osaa olla aika vittumainen kieli jos sitä pitää alkaa aikuisiässä opettelemaan

it would be 9/10 for the tunisian dialect
it would be 12/10 for the sened language (tunisian language died in 1968)

Right, but you guys have suffered unification, which tends to simplify things by picking between the common aspects of different dialects.

Ours has grown isolated.

Basically all Romance grammar is virtually similar, so the further away you are, and the smaller population you are, the harsher you've butchered it. Which is why I'm arguing that Portuguese (and romanian) would be harder than Italian.

I've also seen statistics saying that Portuguese is generally considered to be the second hardest main European language besides Finnish, so I'm not going from patriotism alone. Although that could also be influenced by the pronunciation aspect, which doesn't affect the grammar much.

Ainakin minä yritin.

anglos cant pronounce for shit even after decades here(10/10)
but for the rest is easy(4/10)

Niin on, mutta tää on aika mielenkiintoinen puheenaihe. Mikä siinä on etteivät ulkomaalaiset osaa lausua täysin foneettista kieltä?

>click sound
Can you vocaroo that shit?

Grammar is about the same as spanish, probably the hardest romance language for pronunciation. I'd say 5/10.

puhekieli varmaan se kaikkein vaikein osuus, jos hitaasti ja harkitusti saa kirjakieltä alkaa puhumaan niin kai se luontuis parin vuoden harjottelun jälkeen ihan sujuvasti

ite en oo pahemmin ruotsia koskaan joutunut koulun ulkopuolella puhumaan mut luulisin et aika nopeesti pääsis sille tasolle ettei keskivertokaveri edes tajua puhujan olevan mongoloidi

Italian is the florence language, Italian is not a simplified version of alot of languages. Only sardinian language is "pure" (more than Portuguese). Italians use the same words of Dante Alighieri (1200) not a dumb version.

As i said, speaking Italian could be easily, but our grammar is another world.

I'm on phone so I can't make a vocaroo recording but the guy in this video demonstrates it at 0:50

5/10 to speak understandable
7,5-8/10 to manage all the tenses and particular cases of the language

Wow, fuck.

>We have 3 conjuntive tenses
You guys call conjuntive what we say it's the subjunctive iirc.
French has 4 tenses in subjunctive and so does spanish. We actually have less cases desu.

Itse kyllä ruotsinkielisenä voin sanoa että huomaan yleensä heti että puhuja on äidinkieletään suomalainen, koska se lausuminen on paljon "terävämpää" verrattuna ruotsiin, esimerkkina vaikka kirjaimen B lausuminen "peenä".

Ja sitten riikinruotsi on toinen asia, nehän huomaa heti ettet ole ruotsalainen, myös minun kohdalla. Mutta heillähän on kokonaan eri tapa lausua sanoja verrattuna meihin suomenruotsalaisiin, mutta on meidänkin ruotsi kieliopillisesti oikeantapaista.

maybe a 6

1/10, if you already speak English.

I don't think that there's such a thing as an easy language (except made up shit), because at the end most people are similarly intelligent

Not true.

Arabic - 11/10 - I gave up after 1,5 year, very irregural, generally speaking all alternative languages are hard as fuck
Hebrew - 9/10 - I gave up after 0,5 year to start Arabic
German - 7-8/10 - I gave up after 12 years due to lack of interest, the hardest part, IMHO, are noun genders that are impossible to guess (unlike in Slavic languages or Romance languages excluding French)
Spanish should be the second global language IMHO
Turkish - from what I saw in my handbook it's extremely hard, Turkish may be very regular, but things like vocal harmony are difficult to master.
Brazilian Portuguese - harder than Spanish, but for some reason I choose it as "my" Romance language
Hungarian - level impossible - structurally similar to Turkish, but even harder due to things like long/short vowel distinction
Ukrainian is easy for other Slavs, but for non-Slavs it is probably very hard
Korean - probably the most "learner-friendly" language in East Asia, but still very hard, IMHO (things like politeness or mastering all these particles)
Indonesian - fantastic language, IMHO, I want to learn it, regular pronunciation, no tenses etc. Fuck Esperanto, Indonesian (Malay) should be introduced as the first global language, or at least something based on it.

what about russian, norwegian?

>harder than russian
is this a joke?

There could be a language that things like

I am
You am
He am

should be possible

If Arabic or Chinese is a 10/10, then Amerindian languages must be an insane amount/10.


But you were conquered by the spanish empire a few centuries ago

ite eläny sellasessa ennakkoluulossa että kaikki alle 30v suomenruotsalaiset on kaksikielisiä ihan lapsuudesta asti

"portugal lost in eastern europe" tier

i'm having more difficulty in the german course than in the russian one lel

really interesting
at least german pronunciation is not retarded
russian sounds drunk

Bahasa Malaysia is probably the easiest language to learn. No gendered nouns, no tenses, no conjugation, no plural forms of words. It should replace Esperanto.

Writing japanese is harder than korean because of kanji.

speaking/listening to korean is harder because the grammar is more complicated.

5/10 for Romance speakers
9/10 for everyone else
And when I say learn the language, I mean speak it 100% gramaticaly perfect no fucking bullshiting around with half conjugated verbs and improper verb times

I cannot say anything about Norwegian, I speak decent Russian, but it may be very hard for non-Slavic learners:
-generally speaking all Slavic languages are very irregular
-Russian (as other Slavic languages, excluding Bulgarian/Macedonian) has Latin-like cases, it's very difficult to master
-Russian has flexible accent that changes the way you pronounce some vowel, e.g. "Я́блoкo" (apple) becomes something like "yablaka", not "yabloko":яблоко.ogg
-verb aspects are difficult for foreigners "vypit'" vs. "pit'", I don't even know how to translate this distinction in English:

japanese grammar is almost the same with korean

Probably a 6 or 7.

There's a meme about portuguese being actually very hard but it's not really that much harder when you compare it to french or spanish.

>some vowel
some vowels, desculpe

>No gendered nouns, no tenses, no conjugation, no plural forms of words.
Sounds like a mess in the eyes of a romance speaker

I'd like to know italian but i'm to lazy and its not so useful (no offence)

Arabic 10/10 not like stupid sweden speak

5-6/10 for euros/anglos since they're all a bit familiar with latin, it shouldn't be that hard

6/10 overall. Grammatically there is enough rules to confuse some people, specially the ones who speak non Romance languages. I mean, Americans already struggle at telling the differences between "you're" and "your", "there" and "their", "though" and "thought", etc. so I imagine it can be a little hard for them.


Ok so how the fuck do you actually get the motivation to learn another language?

How many languages do you guys speak?

And what language should I learn? I was thinking of Swedish, but i don't know.

I only speak two languages.

Kek, I wrote the same thing here:
It's not a mess, you can express any relation between objects using two ways - grammatical or lexical, Indonesian/Malay uses lexical means, something like "Yesterday I drink tea" - you don't have to change your verb because "yesterday" is "yesterday", easy.

Also - they have some interesting grammatical categories, like for example the distinction between "me/ber" verbs (i.e. the use distinct ways to mark transitive and intransitive verbs) so Indonesian is still not that easy to master, but it would be a very good choice, definitely much better than Esperanto.

0/10 because everybody fucking speaks it and there are a fuckton of resources in every language to learn it.

2, I had english classes for a long time and english media is everywhere, it was very low effort (not because I'm smart, just because of the circumstances), I don't know how it happened, I just know that one day I was able to understand english. That seems to be the case for lots of people here, so they don't have language learning experience, despite bragging about being bilingual.

Just immerse yourself in the media and life of the language you want to learn, learning by the books is probably the worst way you can learn a language and the hardest.
Like most people I learned English by watching movies, playing video games etc, you just gotta do that but with the language you want to learn.

Nice job man

6/10. There are no really difficult concepts that you have to understand in order to learn German, it's just a lot of bullshit you have to remember. Our case system is not difficult because it's very complex (Slavic languages are on a completely different level for example), the problem is that it's a linguist's version of Frankenstein's monster and it's a mere patchwork of its former self.

>Ok so how the fuck do you actually get the motivation to learn another language?
Because I need to, it comes naturally when you speak a meme language. Most of it is work related too
>How many languages do you guys speak?
Pt, English and French
>And what language should I learn?
Impossible to say, you already speak english. I would recommend something that helps you, be either work related or the language of a country you want to visit and really immerse in the culture.
>I only speak two languages.
You're already better than most

Spoken French: 6/10
French we learn at school: 8,5/10
Spoken German: 5/10
Esperanto: 0/10


2/10 very simple language, pronunciation is always the same, literally like 9 ways to conjugate, no male or female things (like French ect),

Foreigner here been in the Philippines for almost 2 years total over the last 3 years, didn't know any Tagalog before that, get asked if I'm half filipino when I talk to people, only hard thing about it is that since no one wants to learn it you need to pronounce stuff perfectly right or they won't understand, I mean compared to English were every shit country in the world tries to learn so it didn't matter what you sound like.

Aika pitkälti kyllä, mutta äidinkieleni on kuitenkin ruotsi, niin kuin myös monen muun suomenruotsalaisen.

Approximately how long do you think it would take for an English speaker to be fluent enough in German that you are able to use it in every day life with no problem?

Sardinian: 8-9/10. It's a romance language, so technically it shouldn't be too hard for someone speaking another one of those, but:

>almost no material to study from, unless you can already read a romance language (ex. there are video lessons made directly in Sardinian, full immersion or fuck you)

>no spoken standard (kind of like Norwegian, maybe worse, there are variations for the same words in towns distant 20 km from each other)

>the writing standard is new, and people are still bitching a lot about it, so you would have to learn the other historical standards to read documents, novels or poetry, or even the local variants spoken by the authors.

It's quite the mess.

Depends on your native language. For most Europeans Esperanto is the language considered most widely to be easy.

>4 cases 3 genders
>Many irregularities
>Very archaic vocabulary.

basically German

so 5/10 for English speakers

Pronunciation: 8.5/10

we study Arabic at high school (If you choose to) and many people say it's not harder than English kek