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rizalls.lib.admu.edu.ph:8080/ebooks2/Primitivo Mijares.pdf

gonna share this discovery that i found yesterday

is something the matter with that? :^)

Delete your account.

wake up wagecucks

Hello flipbong

good nite

This is now a Sabina thread

We are only getting started to celebrate me moving to my new place

I can't believe I have to walk up a hill again and there is no bus available this time ;_;

did u put titi in his boipuki?


My body is aching all over, gonna skip work

Oi, Mr Kim wants you to stay late today.


nice and rare

too chink for me

are you new on asean threads senpai?

Wat happened to the thread made after midnight ?


Does anyone else here have family that really really want you to get gf/married?

I've found that in the times I had opportunities to go on dates with girls I remember that this is exact thing my family wants
and I just end up not taking it anywhere because I want to spite my family

Am I fucked up, /asean/?


are you me?
my family tried made a match for me with a college girl a year ago
im running away from home since then

Well at least you're not fucked up as me rejecting 4 qt girls wanting to become my gf willingly.

Turning away some pussy just to go against your family's wishes seems kind of fucked up to me desu

but i have a wish turning into a wizard when i hit 30s

Im gambling for a younger pussy since I really dont want someone from my age group

I wish something exciting would just fucking happen already

Why should your family give a shit about your personal life?

Your personal life is yours alone, not theirs to decide.

Death of Hillary tomorrow

>Can't leech of the gubiment
>No one will hire because of age

how old are you senpai?

Magandang tanghali mga tsong

>in 3 hrs uni. lecture
>haven't slept the whole night
>advanved topology course

Don't know what to do ;_;

use a recorder and sleep in class

going to be a wizard this year

congrats user

so which female wizard would you?

Hillary dying is actually bad for Trump because then they can replace her with someone more credible

YunYun is mai waifu~

I'll make you my waifu, babe

You mean girlpucci

Selamat pagi, just woke up and had a shower. Currently eating my khorne flakes, I have a lecture at 9am. So many classes at 9am ;__;

i am NEET until the 29th :3

Now I laugh at you and hope my classses will all start at 11

you will always be NEET

I'll get a job and a girlfriend

Or I'll just mock you for your cuckery forever

magandang hapon

Indonfags, redpill me about awkarin.

First time seeing this irl


>dat photo
>see flags
Sounds about right.

>be zikapoor
>choose clinton (blue)
>still can't see their own country in the sea of red

ayy lmao

Time to enrich them to vote Trump with my superior Malaysian chink genetics

im not gay

little girls can't be gay

Gay means you like man, you're a girl right?
So you must be gay.

Of course you aren't

We are yuri here

Where the /asean/ boifrens

Are you a cute girl :3

Im a handsome boi

O-Oh ;__;

My bf works atm, me just become NEET cuz he gives me money lmao.

did he also kept you under bed

How is Flipchan boipucci?

Lazy shit. What do you give him on his bday then


lol no of course.
Were you asking this based on experience?

Present from his money lmao

Soft and tight?

Hey you, yes you. You're in comma atm. You should wake up already. This is just a dream. A dream that is created by yours, your own imagination.
Now in an outside, dragon will wake up again after getting attacked by you. You need to wake up right now.
Me? I'm another you. I'm you, you're me. We are one unity.
Now wake up please. I don't have much time, please wake up.

My dreams happen in English this shit



>Rajah & Tann, the biggest law firm in SEA is coming to the Philippines next year
>they are set to partner with C&G as top law firm in the Philippines
>top Philippine law firm btfo becoming a minor partner

>some countries have one vote
>unequal votes between countries
>reliable survey

Flipbong truly loves bringing cuck news

>You're in comma atm
>You're in comma
>in comma

Is a flip more cucked if his gf is stolen by a white man or a black man?

Pnoy truly is a NEET president
>finishes Presidency
>says he hasn't and won't come out much often
>says he "reads" 800 pages a day (he means hentai)
>spends most of his time watching films from the 1930's (retro porn)
>he says he doesn't work atm (not that he has too)
>he says he's still >tfw no gf


Duterte to death penalty critics: ‘What if there’s no God?’

*tips fedora*
Why don't you legalize weed, since you're so progressive

He is cucked either way but Flipbong is the ultimate cuck of them all

>supports hillary
>loves getting cucked by girls like brunei
>loves getting gangbanged by niggers
>loves british slags
>loves it when his imouto got a chav boyfriend
>ignore chances to get cute girls
>use centrism as an excuse to avoid his true leftiness to be exposed
>love songs and MV that end up in cuck
>he never gets angry or protests whenever I say he is a cuck

i really dont understand all these progressive bullshit since I had an internet break between 2010-13

As far as I've seen so far, is progressive synonymous to decadence?

I agree with this. What are you gonna do Bakahime? :^)

>>supports hillary
>>loves getting cucked by girls like brunei
gonna need some explanation on this
>>loves getting gangbanged by niggers
>>loves british slags
some of them are cute desu
>>loves it when his imouto got a chav boyfriend
that's just funny lmao
>>ignore chances to get cute girls
ok pretty cucked
>>use centrism as an excuse to avoid his true leftiness to be exposed
>>love songs and MV that end up in cuck
what songs/mv is this?
>>he never gets angry or protests whenever I say he is a cuck
cuck behaviour to-bh

A chav is a slang term for men who acts like niggers.

That is beyond embarrassing to see my imouto get with one

I remembered one song Flipbong posted where there is a waiter or some guy working in a cafe who wanted to get a girl. Then, a rich man came in and took her. He did nothing.

Flipbong had a Bruneian friend whom he hangs out with. He has so many opportunity to confess and become a couple but he let her wait for so long she got another boyfriend instead, ironically a nigger

>sakurahime samefagging
Someone's thisty for some (You)

Too much individualism, not willing to conform so stuff like gender fluid movement came out

shifting the point and blame again tho lol

Really Flipbong, are you gonna lie to us all?

What happened to Hungary flip?

New IP?

>A chav is a slang term for men who acts like niggers.
I stayed in England for a few months, I know what a chav is. Even before I went there actually
It was funny to see it in person

I hate them, especially those 13 year olds that can sometimes come in front of you and spout shit and act tough

That never happened to me
Maybe you should stop being the size of a 13 year old british kid :^)

I am 180cm tall ;_;

>Pushed by 13 yr old
So much for that superior genetics.

I pushed him aside and just carried on my way >~

>flipbong is bullied by whitey
WTF I love UK now.

Yes that actually happened to Flipbong.

He was bullied by a group of chavs who threw beer bottles at him when we went out together once.

Yes, I met and now know Flipbong IRL. He is very cucky

Same here.
It's been pretty hard for me, though.

WTF I love UK even more.

I'm 175
Nobody ever talked shit to me or tried to start shit with me
GG. Are you the Malaysianbong?

He's bakabong to be exact

Yes. That's me

Either way that incident with that chav boi only happened once at midnight.

The episode with Flipbong is a separate incident. They didn't even bothered noticing me for some reason.

Borneo pride world wide

How rude

>looked 2 chinks
>one of them was like a cuck
>the other one was less like a cuck
>"let's choose the cuckest one"


I am not a cuck. Stop that

Borneo is belong to Brunei Sultanate

A united Borneo, free from the control of foreign powers, when?

Post proof.

when are we getting good internet?

No girls left me for another guy for starters

And I am not left wing

Soon my friend. Soon.

The fruit is almost ripe for the picking

Yeah we're gonna pick that fruit.
We're going to pick that shit so hard

how many mbps do you have

Malaysia crumbles when the next GE comes as the rakyat gets restless and Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei form new state.

ITT: traitors and ungratefuls

In progress.


If Brunei is heading this Sharia will have to be a no-no though

We are not traitors. We have to pull a brexit on the sinking ship of Malaysia and make Borneo great again

malaysia anjing gan

liliput dan kelinci ajaib

See this
what do

kebanyakan nonton sinetron lu


>bullied by a group of chavs who threw beer bottles at him
Details pls. Story time.

you have no loyalty to malaysia?
everything you have is because of malaysia..

Johor will also secede admist the chaos of the next election.

What we have is shit. It is time for more

Suggest good Indon movies
Just finished watching Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck and 5cm. Already downloaded Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 1, 2 and Perahu Kertas 1, 2.

Flipbong invited me to stay overnight at his place in Portsmouth. I agreed and we met up. He said that he wanted to go to the pub he and Brunei frequent for pork for dinner and so we went.

On the way there, there was a group of chavs heading our way and Flipbong bumped onto one of them. He was actually carrying a plastic bag with a bottle of vodka which fell to the ground.

The chavs, enraged started pushing Flipbong and he started running as the chavs threw beer bottles at him. I quickly hailed a cab passing by and pushed Flipbong into the backseat before closing the door shut and asking the driver to drive us away from those chavs

I jokingly told Flipbong that he have to pay for what I had done for him. Guess what he offered?


>Guess what he offered?
His anal virginity?

>anal virginity
let's be real here

I've never been to Johor

I've never been to Sabah and Sarawak

Not really, he wanted to suck my cock.

He kept insisting so bad that I just left for Brighton and not spend the night with him

Poor girl its seeing how the president himself are planting the evidence using convicted druglords and the public eat it up like shit

This sounds so embarrassingly stupid again

heart, you like irwansyah right?
laskar pelangi, jomblo, ayat-ayat cinta, filosofi kopi, eiffel im in love, mendadak dangdut

I'm sorry to hear that

Good goyum time to trade ;^)

I watched My Heart and Ayat Ayat Cinta in secondary school. They were quite popular here. Thanks.

>mendadak dangdut
*unzips kontol*

Doge bank falling down

And Flipbong owes me a favor for saving his boipucci from chavs

Wanna climb Kinabalu together? I have this urge to climb mountains after watching Indonesian film 5cm.



It's still high

I'll buy around 3k level

When we separate. Seriously this when I'd rather let's have the TPP and let Google establish themsleves here with their fiber

Hypocritical of him to ask given he supports killing suspect and those who are in need of help
Religious shits on
facebook are defending him on this, kek the irony

I already climbed it once before but sure m8


How long did it take you? 2 days?

One and a half actually, but that's because we barely stopped for rest.

>be in college
>fuccboi fashion everywhere
>undercut, joggers, roshe, vape
Holy fucking hell when will it end. It's bad enough that smokers rench out the place but these asshats smoke like a tambutso
>inb4 im a smoker

not that kind of movie actually
the soundtrack of the movie was a huuuge succes back then
this movie also invented a meme word "jablay" which basically means slut

Fuck off redditcuck tpp shill

>I have this urge to climb mountains after watching Indonesian film 5cm.

Let's go climb Mahameru together!







>tfw mainstream libshit internet media outlet in my country just wrote the Duerte is a mass murderer
Keep up the good fight, flipbros.

snort amphetamine
end up fapping for hours straight instead of attending lecture

Thanks for understunding Hungry

Do you guys hate Austria?

When your country will be having civil war?

never we love each other

Would you come down here and kindly share amphetamine to me user?

We all Luv luv here

Paladins was pretty fun

Is that you recto killer?

well, giving the current situation, why don't we meet in the middle somewhere?

I suggest Omsk

Lol that's truthful either way

Once I got suckered into sitting down and talking to a local barangay official who invited himself as a guest to my in-laws christmas party. Seeing me (a foreigner) his eyes lit up as he downed another beer of the countless he'd consumed and proceeded to ramble on about all different sorts of trivial topics, none of which concerned me. Out of respect to my in-laws i gave that man 1 hour of time where i just sat there and listened and nodded my head from time to time. It was the least productive hour of my life, I'd argue sleeping would have been more productive. Anyways, as I ramble on, my only point is, when Duterte opens his mouth all I can think about is that small time barangay official. I dont think "President" when Duterte speaks.

that's the problem
just made it up to 2nd year, quitted that shit, and focused on someting more useful instead.


>I dont think "President" when Duterte speaks.

I would think "that fucker who took away the last bit of fun I had in this shitty life, please God smite him down with your based lightning rods"

>t. underage druggie taken in for questioning

westerners are fucking hypocrites
back in the days of colonialism and imperialism, they killed thousands of people for their own interests,almost no complains back then. but when the time came that they don't need to directly exploit their colonial slaves anymore they pretend to be good and advocates of "humanity", nagging and shit on their former colonies that they treated like shit and inherited their ways of violence.

lmao Vocational Courses? That ain't worth shit

gimme some god-tier blogspot pornsites guys, my dick is fucking mad right now....

Blogspot? uwot.
i have some pornsites tho
if u want something specific : thebiglistofporn


people were ignorant on human rights back then.this is the modern times yow human rights are more highlighted


So, can you get high off cough syrup in the Flips?
or diphenhydramine anti-allergic tablets?

What about magic mushrooms? They must grow wild there all over, several species even.

it was sort of a family business

tesda is nice, you get paid to learn. but i didn't take up tesda. college degrees aren't worth shit either they teach you a lot of useless unrelated shit for the purpose of charging you more cash for the units, you just pay for a paper that makes you eligible for office wagecucking.

no such thing as "ignorance", human rights is a thing since back then but it does not apply to their native colonial subjects (puti only). today, they just ride on with the human rights bandwagon, because it is the trend and makes them look cool and ''civilized''.

no problem, countries put in the doghouse by globalists should stick together
not anymore, more like we envy them because they are richer (we had communism)
though they acted quite like a cunt when the refugee crisis started, but that's politics
human rights politics and democracy export are just the new forms of imperialism

No mushroom only kratom.

eat tempoyak and get drunk from it

There must be Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus cyanescens growing all over your islands.

Kratom is rather bitter, and opiods are nasty.

What can you say, /asean/?

>trike patrol
potang ina, salamat user

It still doesnt make dutdut right tho

We ourselves do call him out and should call him out more

why can't you just not be a disgusting druggie?

anything that is anime + peenoise = cringey as fuck

Well he's easily earning hundred of thousands per week

yea, no doubt it will be a cringe/clichefest

>aimed at the philippines
Is it going to turn into a stupid love story between the flavor of the year couple within 3 episodes?

I like how the detainee shirt color is yellow

I sure hope the 8 million shirts are ready.

guess where?

De5 really hungry for the Duterte D


>They were quite popular here
Holy shit guys, why do you like our crappy movies that much. We don't even like it in general.

Your Upin Ipin is great though.

Indon movies are kino

The point here is to make foreigners fuck off with Philippine internal affairs. Let us fix our own things by ourselves, if we continue to let them intervene, things will only get worse, rather than to go better, as what we have seen on other shitholes.

remember: foreign nations only serve their own interests.

Your crappy movies are way better than ours

Its also our interest to have human rights and due process

Any recommended asean movies in English or eng subbed?

Last recommeded one No Escape was pretty good.

The other involving cops doing a raid was boring a fuck. I fell asleep in the middle of the show

Unless you're asserting that what the President is doing is NOT a violation of human rights, whoever country going unpunished for their own affairs has no bearing on the rightness or wrongness of what is going on within our own borders.

oops meant to quote

Why is everyone automatically guilty
Narrow minded much?

Could you just imagine if we had Roxas as president? All those hope for better change goes down the drain in an instant. Thank god that at least the government is stepping up its game unlike the previous regimes

rizalls.lib.admu.edu.ph:8080/ebooks2/Primitivo Mijares.pdf

I recommend reading this

See Thai has best movies Suckseed, Pee Mak, & Jan Dara for fap.

ours, not theirs, thats why they need to stop making exuses in order to hide their scams and get their filthy hands off us.

His oplan lambat sibat will be enforce and we will have a less embarasing image in the international community
Commies will not have postions in our gov

Our best movie is a chink movie called Sepet.

Which one is better?

Even if so their concern is not invalid and its similar to ours aswell

When you guys said we don't have any culture it's actually true



suckseed sounds very lewd tho

sad no torrent

my heart..lel i wanted kill the director back then after watching that movie for NTR'ing that tomboy girl
Ainun and Habibie
listen to the soundtrack

They need to do a mother and daughter version of the series already instead of fucking remakes after remakes.

Angel locsin for me

Locsin because first crush

>When you guys said we don't have any culture it's actually true
Like I said, Upin Ipin is great. I like it.

Never watch any Malaysian movie though.

hel yeah. we all had the childhood fantasy of angel locsin

Eh, but the Philippines isn't all basketball? I wonder how this would turn out to be. I'm not really interested in basketball, but I just want them to portray the Philippine culture, anime-style. Pls don't be a cartoonish crap.

Super inggo anime when?

>suckseed sounds very lewd tho
It's not erotic at all. It just pure comedy.

>Live action of my fav H-manga
Please make this come true, based Flips.

What? I thought Rivera is the most beloved actress in PH?

>Watch Indog movies

A good Filipine anime is gonna be fantasy with loads of warring kingdoms and Magic.

Basketball + flipcultur sounds like a recipe for disastur

No I mean Indonesian are more talented in art in general. Of course sinetron is shit but I like your movies. Not the mainstream one like Ayat Ayat CInta or My Heart but others. There's almost a universal theme of how we should be proud of being Indonesian (Tanah Surga Katanya), or friends from different ethnicities learn about each other (5 Menara).

He's Malay


Gross tho

I wonder who is our muh ambition and muh benevolence

What would be their name of special moves or silly sports anime phase?

>super inggo was10 years ago

and so was locsin during her prime

>Basketball + flipcultur sounds like a recipe for disastur
This desu. Filipino anime is meant to be cool. I wanna see ACTION, like with guns, swords, or Flip martial art.

Super inggo is not bad. Though it might fall into the category of average if it's done that way, the exact same way. I'm thinking of making it better by giving the characters more personality, accent, trademarks, inclinations, etc.

>redditcuckquino shills


Maybe Flipbong knows but he is too busy hating on Durturte to tell you like the leftie he is

Polpot kantot

>tfw this is what Makisig Morales looks like now

Yes, or a manga of Durturte as a superhero like deadpool shooting druggies in the streets

Daily leisure picture in the so-called south-east of asia. Me on the right.

It's bland tho, just shoot and kill, where's the story? People are looking for logic, story and something that they can relate to. There has to be an aim / goal and how it would differ or affect the storyline and lead to a decisive ending. It's also good to include emotions and grammar (the way he speaks), not that everyone feels like they're speaking the same thing like reading a paragraph off a script.

Its a dutertetard Facebook meme apeshit mayhem IMO

There wasn't any goal in deadpool. It is a brainless movie.

Either way Durturte as a superhero shooting druggies invoke Filipino pride and desire to free themselves of their drug problem

Durturte's persona reflects what Filipino's ought to do in the face of grave threat and danger

If you look at how Duterte speaks, it's full of personality, he has his own way of speaking. And that's what makes him unique and different from everyone, he doesn't have to have a trademark like saying "Kuha mo?!" or some shit like that. It just has to be simple, and careful with the imitations and his use of grammar, even if it's incorrect, it's correct because it was said in context. Even if he uses let's say Visayan grammar over tagalog on a line, it would still be correct if he was to be portryaed in an anime. It's really hard to try and imitate a person but it's easier to create one since people won't depend on it so much, maybe not call him Duterte but call him something else.


It's all facebook's fault now huh


Dudut is his name

Killing druggies is the game

Which is pretty awesome if you put that into a story. Most animes you see, the MC would sissy out and avoid. But he would go in and antagonize or face it like a mad motherfucker, which increases the value of entertainment by a lot. People would like to see what happens when "Shit goes down". And that's Duterte's speciality with his personality.

fuck these aussie and bong don't know shit about brilliant anime plot ideas

Yes. Which is why there needs to be a Durturte anime or movie right now. He calls all who oppose him "son of a whore"

The apeshit memes comes from Facebook particularly bisayaball
Even that viral anime lol

stop discussing politics with anime you fucking dipshit

Tell me yours (I won't judge), it would be awesome to hear your ideas and opinions.

How to make a good Durturte anime?

Harem shit?
Fuck no

Durturte the bland MC?
Fuck no

Durturte mahou shoj0?
Fuck no

Only a dirty mouth antihero will do

>Pic related is Duterte
>Stop crimes before it happens
>Meyor parating nauna

>to do

Kek we act stupid

Does he call niggers "son of a whore" and loves his kitty?


No, we act and talk like a senile isoliationist old man

he calls everybody that
the word becomes meaningless pretty much

yes he loves it pretty much

>that ambassador is gay son of a bitch
>receives donations
>obama you son of a fucking whore
>receives patrol boats
>fuck you EU
>receives european infrastructure investment funds

>I love you china and malaysia
>get nuked

>i love you malaysia
>get chinked

>get chinked

i cri evrytiem


Link news about that EU investment fund

I hate our local apehoop teams



>t. Son of a whore

upboat and retweeted :^)

Come on and slam and welcome to Japan

Balcks are better at basketball its better if we play against the best if we can deal with them we can deal with anyone

Tfw I'll see Johj in 2020 at Cred Forums threads

I hope this Jojh is a cute flip girl

oops meant to quote but its probably the same person

he still looks like a faggot


No we get weapons

Is it time?

And yet he slays more puxxi than you


Yes. Time for you to get naked and post a dick pic


unpopular opinion: the war on drugs has failed and drugs should be legalised, regulated and taxed

jokes on you I've been to both of those places

Leftie Flipbong

Drugs cannot be legalized or people will die

Are you scared it is too small?

>we will see more Filipino dubbed anime
kill me now, it's worse than English dub

also, 0/10 if there's no swearing. Instead of grunts it should be swearing

they are everywhere


It's because i don't want to post dick pics.

>implying that's me

kys, war on drugs doesn't work, vigilantism doesn't work, don't legalise drugs for degenerates. Look at the source social issues instead and use government to form basic gibsmedat as a form of kontol on the populace

It works

it will be fixed someday babe

Post pantsu

Are you samefagging now? What the fug

>5 years old
>has a bf
Holy shit, why are Malaysians sluts


Yes. Slut

Y-You're the slut!

I am not






How about now?

You are cute so I'll fug you even if you are a boy


Post the Muslim woman in the playboy

Well, fuck me then.

it might work for marijuana

Flipbong you posted loads and loads of anime

You are also a slut.

I did too but I am a slut for girls

You are a slut for niggers. Remember how I had to save you from those chavs?

First grow your hair long, shave and put on some cat ears

>t. liberal party's swiss account manager.

But i want to stay being a boy!

T-That means I have to be the trap ;_;


I like it when you're a trap.

O-Ok please be gentle

I want to cuddle with cute Asian boy.

Cuddle with me

test bump

Cuddle time

LoL Marcos has the monopoly on swiss accounts usage
Now even dutdut

a-are you a cute girl


f-fuck off

I WANT to take the role and TEACH people how to VOICE properly.

new bread