/nice/ - nice general

be kind to other countries

no bully

soft cunt


Called me?


anime is nice
bump for safe space.

Hi guys

Is this nice thread?


ARGENTINA IS NOT WHITE-listed in the list of countries that you can not love with all your heart :3

I feel like a nice slut

I let everyone ITT cum in me :3

Pls be in london.

leave >:(


Can you vocaroo you saying wanker

I am scared my landlord can hear 0///0


It's ok

You can still plow me



i love you all int

this is nice board

This thread is comf


cute pic


I need some love.

fucking feeling like angsty teenager again

what is making me mad

i love you

do you want to share?
we can listen and maybe help

everyone here is so cold and angry

T-Thank you, iceland! I want to go to the Sneffels some day.

This is nice girl

You are the comfiest country in the planet :3.

I like your family, anglosphere is the shit :3.

I have good memories of New Mexico, your empty states are the comfiest and the most peaceful ones :3.

I only hate you when our countries play soccer, but deep inside I like you :3.

You guys aren't as bad as murricans portrays you :3.

Algiers looks cool :3.

I love how you guys nailed the soviets for a brief time, and I'm a big fan of death metal :3.

Your white women are... beautiful :3.

I think you guys are good lookin' asians :3.

I admire your people and your history :3.


go to sleep, it's late

you're all very nice mates

wena nido

i want to hug everyone

you are cute


I love you all

i love argentina

suck this brown dick dumb weeb weirdos


asalamu, aleykum
death to all kafir

C-can I have some (You)s?