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Come meet qts from around the world, practice your bants, hang out with the lads, ignore the leaf, make memes, trade lewds, and discuss redpilled qts


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Does favoriting profiles notify them or is just for you ?


They get an automated message from interpals notifying them that you have favorited their profile.

R8 my profile

ainda pior caralho, vê-se pela mensagem que és chad

i have a fake girl profile. i get notices all the time

>finally found a canadian girl to satisfy my yellow fever when the real ones are asleep
>I like piercings and tattoos

Why are asian americans so degenerate?

Wow, afinal há mais que dois barbosas?

Isto anda mau.. postem perfis. .. . .. .


I signed up again but I forgot the reason I deleted my account was because I was sick of all of the entitled girls who think that because they get a lot of horny messages that they are celebrities


fugg, I thought it could help sort out all the profiles I have bookmarked

postei o meu perfil ha anos, ainda o brazuca e o australiano shitpostavam aqui

Are there hijab girls on interpals

same, já ando nisto há mais de 2 anos

we /luso/ now

yes, but they are ugly

Pois.. há anos. Há que o postar outra vez, sff.. . ..

You should do a search sometime before asking stupid Q's



That yuo?

How do I get my qt to sleep with me without coming off as creepy?

luso é merda... fico burro quando vou lá lurkar

es o user do norte? com a qt russa?

post your godamn profile you abu 'ara3

>about to reverse-cuck the pole

make a fake girl profile - talk to her there. and slowly hint sex with her on your fake girl profile and get her horny with it WITHOUT acting too much like a guy.

on your guy profile, do the same thing but WITHOUT being too crass and dirty. then suggest meeting up.

Sou do Norte, mas não sei se me estás a confundir com outro.. tenho uma qt russa, mas é capaz de haver outro tipo que também tenha.

Se é que ajuda: sou de Braga.

Request the fucc.

Provide the succ.

A simple transaction.

se a tua foto do skype é um bebe com uma cara estranha já viste o meu perfil

Estás a pensar no tipo errado, então.

guys im not otto...

That's a very elaborate plan, user. Luckily I already have plans to meet up with my qt. I just can't tell if they would be interested in such activities.

Boat/notboat, w-why do I have to do the succ?

time to filter the portuguese flag :^)


>travel abroad to meet your qt
>qt does not provide the succ



>meu fio

manos fui banido sem saber, tou tistinho. posta o teu perfil e eu visito colega

that would be me


se és o bruno já visitei o teu perfil aqui há dias

DELET your account
I am O T T O

>blue eyes


O tipo a que respondeste não é o Bruno (sou eu), mas já sei quem és.

Agora.. quem é o terceiro tipo ? ?? ?

He banned for acting retarded pretending to be Otto, prolly will send an invite link soon though kek

nao sou o bruno

tou cá há um ano colega, quem ÉS tu? :>

fucking alberto

>a sandnigger has whiter eyes than you

Alberto always prevails.


not acting retarded, it was just a joke, plus you know I wasn't this other guy name otto. he must be a fucking idiot for you to do something like that kek

Sou o Bruno.. ...




prazer bruno, curtes reticências tou a ver :>

She's raging at me now. . .

waht do? ? ?

dont worry ill message her for you

what's up with that haircut? are you balding?

you got me :>



Great job lads

we did it!


I know you're reading this right now and I know you're loving the attention. Stop pretending

wow thats a nice german eye right there


Karolina i will be your white knight

t. Ahmed


Her english is pretty good 2bh senpai.

don't know, it's another alberto

anyway where's the leaf?

Don't summon that monstrosity.

fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
I already have a knight

Hope you'll burn in hell, bitchez

wtf lads she blocked my fake french profile, who spilled the beans?

you are cute :P these autistic freaks dont know how to talk to a pretty girl like you

I'm not that dumb, asshole... Some 'girl' randomly asks about guys texting me... I'm not blonde yk

who is your knight

Welcome to Cred Forums.

I am

im not an asshole, chillout it's just bants


Respect me you cucks

>tfw it's another normies find out about the thread episode

Want me to kick their ugly asses for you baby :)

She's hardly a normie 2bh.

Not on my board

at least she's not the blacked mountain poo in loo

you mad somalis raping your women?

what is she so upset about?

gee idk Bozydar

>you mad somalis raping your women?

i would understand getting buttmad over nudes but this?

Tell me about egyptian and arabic/north african qts mohammed, how can I cure my sand fever?

you look much better than i thought

maybe because she has a dozen autistics messaging her at the same time

>you look much better than i thought

She's not upset she's loving every second.
If she were upset she just would have blocked everyone and gone on with her day.
Women love attention. She even posted here to keep it going

>tfw your qt will never shitpost in /cp/
why live

40 year old virgin talks about knowing women.. KEK

if only she was 3 years older and not chiked

>Implying its not Aivaras

Who is this rapist with a fedora ?

How did she find out about /cp/?

Say that 2 my face newb

Yes. Some are whores, some are conservative (which won't be on ip obviously)

No I dont want to smell your nasty breath

whoop whoop

Someone gave her a link to the thread

For what purpose?
>wanting attention whores here AGAIN
don't do this lads

it was some fucking alberto


why is it that only asian people send me messages? i know some of you have yellow fever but I mean I'd like some European girls now and then as well :^(


I saw your olympic team and it blew my fucking mind how pretty some of those girls were, I know that's not the average anywhere but are your average girls on the better looking side? Also, is there any difference in attitudes between christian copts and muslims?

Praise be unto Him.

are you this dutch chink?


Damn you are ugly

this desu

vin whats the invite link

hurt feelings

Yes. No they are average I think. In alexandria averge is much higher bUT look a bit different/more white. Lots of people made fun of them on Facebook iirc.
I don't think so. We are all the same

Go suck your own dick, no one else will

Who are you btw?

I cant create invite links but I can ask the chat admin


just ask henk for it and post it here

>filter women
>tranny in results

t. Otto


get it before she sees the pole's profile

damn she's pretty fine

ahhhh shiet

B-bozydar please. .. Quit poaching every qt on this fkn site.

no worries alberto, koreaboos aren't in my menu
>tfw wagie
>tfw can't sleep again

Good job m8
Take all of their women

How do I tweak Qtcreeper to remove the ''All countries'' shit and search by continent only?

you think you know how to fly, but you burn motherfucker you deserve to die
talking about getting cuties but it's funny to me, you're a living online beta why are you fucking with me?

but lituanai i know how fly )))

vrooooooom swoooooooosh


hi portugal
how is your sunday funday??

why the fuck are you talking to me?
You're not a friend of mine, you're not a kin to mine, what makes you think that I won't run up on you with the 9?

>with the 9
lituanie is no negro, please post like true white m,ens

I am not letting you die, /cp/

I am.

good "lad"

wow haha why is trip always "acting up"???

I haven't checked my interpals account in years, and what I see are old pictures of me when I was still young and alive

post old convos that you see have saved on your inbox

guys... I need help

A girl who I knew from high school, that my best friend used to date just texted me. She wants sex.. help me say no. I don't feel right about it

bantz with algerian 'french' girl

wots your profile

>all these africans and middle easterners schooling me with improper French because they claim to be native speakers even though they can barely speak the language they claim to know
No, nobody fuckin' says "bonsoire" you dumb shit. No, "perofessonale" is not a fucking word.

Wew lads, check out this girl

o-ok found you you have a lot of posts on your pictures.

How many messages do you get total? How many are from actual european or american girls?

>tfw ugly girl so none of you autists will post my profile here

I have probably scripted you

Don't die on me /cp/

Gib me a visit:



haha traditional irish war cry what think of it??

Haven't been here in a while.

Are there still culture pals skype groups?

yes u want in?>???

ok so u add qaswerqwer on skyep and say shaggy sent you then say add to groups pls

Is your qt Irish?

yes he irish haha )))


u want irish nudes ?

no am girl haha )) ((not really leaf!!!))

>irish nudes
sounds pretty nasty and like incoming whale

Do you want nudes? I have everything from Amerindian to Asian

>mfw people who partially cover their face in their pictures

s-she is just shy! really!

Is there a single French girl who fits all of these following basic categories:

>Is not an SJW
>Can speak English at the level of a 4 year old
>Is actually French

Gimme a couple of hours and I'll really make her disappointed in people

What is your PROFILE link IT

>tfw Latina qt calls me Papi while she fingers her butthole

Boy howdy lads

That's fucking disgusting there is no such thing as a "qt Latina" fuck is wrong with you "papi" dumb motherfucker

Tranquillo cabron :^)

I don't speak danish

you're asking for too much, burgerbro.

How can I write a good profile that's not too edgy and not too cringe, but not too boring at the same time?

I'm also a chink
If you have in you're profile that you speak chinese I probably viewed you...

Lads what are some good ideas for a date? I've got one on Friday but I'm not sure what we should do

I almost found one but she's a koreaboo. needs to be added to the list

eat the booty like groceries

Get out of our countries Chinks.

Just going through the "Online Now" list, there's so many ugly blokes on interpals.

So why do hot girls ignore me?
kind of wish I was older than 18 now lads

Just made an excel sheet to keep track of the time zones

>not memorising timezones
It's like your not even trying mate.

quick what's the time in Shymkent, Kazakhstan
without looking

breddy easy m8, just imagine finland is one hour ahead of us central european timers, the amount of finlands it takes for you to reach your target, add the same amount of hours and you got your answer

I asked an american girl how many views she gets per day and she said 160 to 180 per day
this is just not fair

ikr Aivaras.

just post the best and the worst nude you've gotten during all that time.

what's up bruno

time in AUstralia minus 5 hours I believe, so 4pm?

inb4 wrong despite having kazakh qt once

Nothing much 2bh lad..

Were you memeing us as Karolina, or is ""she"" actually legit?

I was not memeing, I hadn't even opened the thread at time

I want to believe


at that time*

you forgot it's not a weeaboo or koreaboo


Someone is cucking you right now
Really makes you think huh?

really causes me to develop ideas of a violent nature toward a certain object

Some of you qts are alright.

Don't log on Interpals this evening.

forgot file reeeee

>chad complains

didn't you have sex this weekend you fucking normie?

I-I'm still one of you
pls believe

Cornish lad here guys. Testing flag. Here's view from the window taken with my shitty phone

i will tell you the same thing i told my ex-qt

bugger off

that must be a very shitty phone desu

>posting picture of the local landscape instead of the local qts
wtf my bud??

ok, what did you guys do?


>he uses interpals to talk to qts the same race as him

Interpals is an interracial breeding ground now

damn, who that?

What a pig you are, you only care about her looks and not her soul! I'm tempted not to help you out you perv, but seeing her Instagram might make you realize that she is a wonderful human being that deserves recognition for her work and personality... She's not a piece of meat for your enjoyment you know!

What's it to you?

How does it feel to be cucked by a masculine korean?

Why the fuck haven't anyone told me that /bozydar11 is a fake account?! I thought he was an actual chad :(

Wtf I hate /cp/ now

>bugger off

why does this make me laugh so much

Lads, I am getting quite scared.
This middle eastern girl said she believes every word of the Quran to be truth and she would choose it over anything.

Block her

She was interested in alcohol earlier on but now this. Quite risky my American friend

Tell her you hope Obama drone strikes her next

Literally the same as ISIS m8.

I think shes stopped responding because I stated being homo is okay

You must

Lmao fag
Post her account

He has really nice skin desu

there can only be one chad

I vote Aivaras for new chad.

I just checked the guy's height and he's only 180cm, he looks taller in his pics like 6'4

This can only be solved in a chad off until all chads but one is dead. The contestors so far:

pls add contenders to the list

when i look at some grils that are listed as being online it looks as if they dont have a profile pic, but when i click on their profile they have 4 pics.
What if ip shows my profile this way?

Who's Clayton?

just check in incognito
Make sure you set the right album cover, otherwise delete all pics and add again.

probably a bug

how do you do that?

He posts here from time to time. A real spergy sweetheart 2bh

the guy looks like the character from Devil May Cry by default he wins
what the fuck is he doing on that site

Can we also make a most cucked chart, for which I nominate myself

as if anyone can beat Quebec

I saw he befriended some qt
Whats the use of befriending a gril there?
I never do it.

You underestimate my autism

the american who went to italy and got friendzoned by his qt beats me by a long shot mate

I'll have to add you Nortism. You cucked someones fiance

Nah m8 you let your qt talk to other men on skype while you were about to propose

This desu... 4000 miles for nothing other than a tour around an Italian town

It's too rural, not seen anyone my own age yet. Heading to Bilbao later tho and if there's any folks been here a while they'll know I love me Basques. That said I have got 2 girls I'm staying with, lass from my uni for 2 days, then heading straight to Madrid to see my Italian qt, and she's staying for 9 days.

Moto G. Not trying to sell it to you, I've got a proper camera (meme four thirds) for actual photos rather than quick snapshits

And Amsterdam, but still didn't get laid.

she didn't go on skype the whole time i was there

No it was before you visited, you said something real cucky about her leaving your skype call for someone else

omg we weren't even talking she was just sleeping on cam while i played vidya. she called me back after.

Bozydar is a figment of our imagination # fake profile

Lmao at how ugly the yanks are.


cuck confirmed

Hourly reminder

Whatever. I had said before I even went that things had changed. Nothing surprised me.

Of course they are. American women are awful

>Started the computer
>Went to the sofa to take a nap
>Just as i closed my eyes i got a messenge on skype
>It was a polish girl i haven't heard from in 10 days
but i wanted to take a nap . . .

She can wait, go nap.

One literally looks like Paul Dano.

fug lad, i haven't been following threads for some time, what happened with you in italy?

People were using his pictures to catfish on IP, so he made an account himself to set the record straight (or you could even say, Correct The Record :^)).

Yeah but she waited until you landed there to tell you she had a boyfriend.

good bants mate we meme now

cheers m8

So did you actually propose to her, or did you decide to not go through with it? I think I missed that thread

>what the fuck is he doing on that site
He has like mega cancer of the anus and ranks highly on the autism spectrum.

You got off to her jacking off to other guys, you are an actual cuck you fucking retard.

At least the American was only a pussy.

>she called me back after.
pic related, you're a fucking cuckold.

at first i didn't want to but my friends talked me into it so i did and she didn't say a categoric no, she just wants to take a step back to think about it.

QT moved on.

That's not exactly true. Back in early July, we were talking and she mentioned to me she had met a local guy who she thought was really nice, but she said she wasn't sure if she was going to date him or not. She never talked about him after that, and i never wanted to ask. So I kept that in the back of my mind. So when we were getting drinks together, and she mentioned him, I was dissappointed but not surpised

fuck off moron you're only butthurt


lmao, tell me it's shopped

>American is a pussy

There wasn't anything I could do man.

It's probably for the best anyway.

things wouldn't have worked in the long term. We are both going different directions in our lives. It just sucks because i really like who she is. But I knew even back when we were in our prime, that eventually it would end. Life is stupid

stay strong bro you will find the right girl

I'm fine. I mean, I still had a good vacation, and I did really enjoy her company. I do feel a bit sad here and there. But i prepared myself for this.

Trust me I'm heartbroken af even though all went well, I miss her. Duty calls I'm goin to work I'll see ya around

Why would I be butthurt about you being a cuckold?

It isn't.



>it's fine she's fucking other guys cuz at the end of the day she's falling asleep staring at me

Anyone got any stories seeing as this thread has turned into a cry session?

>I am currently in the process of Islamic conversion

Don't do it lad, I'd hate to see you dangle on the day of the rope :^)

Been sent nudes two times by mistake.

Now trying to talk to qt but she comes online, answers one question then goes off.

Nah lad could never do it.
>No alcohol
>No pig

get her on social media


There is literally nothing wrong with admiring Turkish feet.

I could greentext the time I banged a chink from IP less than a week after she wrote me for the first time, if people are interested

I asked but she either ignored the question, didnt understand the question or answered it in a way i didnt understand.

Her english is shite.

Did you fly to China or was she visiting Legoland?

She was living in Germany for a semester actually, she spent like 2 days in Copenhagen. She went from my apartment, straight to the bus back to Germany

yea go for it

It's your boy, Panty Stealer
Is this general just full of newfags now? I haven't been here in about 6 months

Honor killing

90% are new

Absolutely disgusting
Who are the 10% that remained?

I'm getting back into IP casually, I'm gonna start fresh with a new profile

Username suggestions?


>chinese girl writes me out of nowhere
>asks me whats good to do in Copenhagen, since she's coming for a few days
>Tell her the generic tourist stuff
>She thanks me, and we talk about more about tourist spots
>Tell her it's a shame she isn't staying for the weekend, as we could have gone partying
>She tells me we could just get a beer anyway

>Fast forward a couple of days
>We plan to meet up in the suburb where I live "to have a beer"
>She comes, we hug, and walk around drinking beer
>We chill in the park, while finishing the 6-pack
>I suggest we go back to my place to """"watch a movie"""" :^)
>Put on Halloween, and hold her in my big strong arms throughout
>Movie ends, and we start making out
>Proceed to BLEACH her, on the couch, in the bed and again in the shower

Then I walked her to the bus, and she called me an asshole for not going with her all the way to central CPH.

Pic related, convinced her to let me get a souvenir

I don't remember honestly. I think a Canadian and one of the French fries.

I was the guy who went to Italy back in december

oldmemer here, who the fuck are you? boris?

I'm not you, buddy ;^)

I don't recognize either of those guys, but thanks anyway.

Clayton, Boris, Larissa/Guenter, Guby, Swedish Anton, Canadian Anton, Vini


No, but he was a friend of mine. If the name "panty stealer" doesn't set off alarm bells, you're not old enough. When did you join this general?

bit more than two years ago I think , going back every few months, it's pretty alright but most of ppl here is 18 now
>Clayton, Boris, Larissa/Guenter, Guby, Swedish Anton, Canadian Anton, Vini
sadly i remember them all

I think Clayton still pops in here occasionally.

Oh, so you're even older than me - I wonder why our paths never crossed.

>He remembers all of them
Good lad
This general isn't what it used to be

oh yeah, chasing ena's nudes was fun af

I was always more of a Rachel kind of guy, but they had both left by the time I got here

how big?
you're so forceful

r u a girl??

Tu gal kartais nesi tas vaikinas kuris dirbo kaip Erasmus turas ir kalbejo ispaniskai? Cia lankydavosi kitas Lietuvis kaskada, bet as nezinau kur jie dingo.

sonofbritain or some shit, aren't you this lad?
>but they had both left by the time I got here
you missed on some quality posting

Bra jobbat, danskjävel

No hahaha, that's not me - I think that guy's name was Nigel

>You missed on some quality posting
I've seen screencaps; Rachel was an attention whore who shilled herself anonymously, and Ena was pretty based but didn't hang around much anymore.

trips of truth. #TeamEna

How can one summon Indianola? we need a new script

please tell

i didn't know it works so well to be forceful. i've discouraged a few from visiting finland because finland is shit

Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy.

>We need a new script
Jesus, just develop one yourself - I did, and then I worked on something else with a Swiss yellow-fevered guy called Daniele, but we never finished.

Here's the thing - Interpals devs have released patches over the last year that rendered a lot of scripts broken, and it's pretty hard to get a new one working, because of the technique/exploit in the site that the scripts depend on has been patched. Also, Indianola stopped browsing a very long time ago, so there's no point in summoning him.

are you this portubro holding a beer on your profile pic?
>Ena was pretty based but didn't hang around much anymore.
oh yeah, she was drawing shit in paint for me, that was pretty cute
how are you even doing? chasing qts or real life got you?

Well, it's a fairly long story. I could tell it to you if you're interested - send me your profile link, I'll reach you in DMs.

You can tell because he writes like it's his tumblr-page.

>I wonder why our paths never crossed.
Probably because he didn't want to remember you, Latvian scum.

It's whiskey and coke

I'm Lithuanian, not Latvian.

Wait a minute, aren't you the Irish guy that lives in Dublin?

>mixing whisky with coke,
k i found your profile you handsome mofo, how is life?

Ne as ne jis

Around 7.5 inches long, 6 inches circumference, lad.

>i didn't know it works so well to be forceful. i've discouraged a few from visiting finland because finland is shit

She was going to come here regardless, so there's that.
The "watching a movie" thing always works though. I've done it with around 8 tinder dates so far, and the only time it didn't get me laid was because she was a virgin and scared af

Aij, gaila.

Mes tai dar nesusitike, koks tavo vardas, vaikine? As Petras


wow so big

thanks. what about does drinking before make it more likely?