Show appreciation for the janny by posting nice pictures edition

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This 2bh


found the tumblr of a girl i shagged



First time here today.

This place is shit


Come back :(

anyone been watching brooklyn nine nine?

that show is funny as fuck

british anime


sixth time this week

What's your favorite (inb4 "FOY") Shakespeare? My favorite Comedy is A Midsummer's Night Dream and my favorite Tragedy is King Lear.

This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of Brummie culture

France was there

Anyone fancy going to visit the canals Amsterdam?

Reminder: American cartoons > Japanese cartoons

>Drake's babygirl



Greater Birmingham when?

So would a pilgrim's lips be offended by a kiss? If this is so, I take that kiss and kiss a pilgrim's hands.


Surprised these absolutely haram sculptures haven't been covered in a burka 2bh, they need their decency back.

I love Rick & Morty

Yes in general, with stuff like Futurama, Classic Simpsons, South Park, and King of the Hill, but not with your pic 2bh.

Ahh yes, the so called ''not allowed to make a thread until page 7'' rule

I would RAVAGE Katie Price

anyone got any gfs going spare?

Merchant of Venice and Othello redpilled me

othello or king lear

cara 2bh lads

>i dont find jokes geared towards a japanese audience funny

no fucking shit, sherlock

that being said the japs are unparalleled when it comes to sci-fi cartoons

hahaha just to check with you mate are you saying that birmingham is where a lot of muslims live? top bants mate 10/10

Jeremy Corbyn is the only man who can unleash the true power of the Midlands engine

why are you so upset?

snow hill + jq mentioned

>page 7
>not using Catalog

Also true. Cowboy Bebop is pretty good.

miss you

me in the middle


why can the regressive left not understand that the death of manufacturing is a natural part of the life cycle of an advanced economy?

>Socialism, regulations and nationalising
>Thriving industry and economy

Choose one.


comfiest part of south-west england?

Dooping tired today

You do know SU was heavily inspired by Japanese cartoons, right?

that's a big map

Is he still here?

what is the purpose of paypal

just burned the big mosquito with my ciggy even though he's already dead



meme answer




what others are there?


favorite young boy t/b/h

>regressive left

>businesses cannot do well with state intervention
*tips whole of northern europes hat at you*

the south east, AKA the only part that matters



Subway underneath Great Charles Queensway also mentioned
>the city of 1000 trades

fuck off paki

aedes or anopheles?



Bordon, near Alton, Hampshire

Me and my crew



fucking HATE social science degrees lads

just want to learn the right answer not all this bullshit

>bedtime is getting close

not liking this wage-slavery meme lads

only 31 IP's

is this even the official /brit/ ?

It's 3:30 p.m. lad.

erm, pretty sure the rape gangs were in the north and the big cities of the midlands are little caliphates lads

and if you're not from england I'm not even giving you the time of day

Scottish scroungehouse

>50% foreign born
ah yes

they anti-janny scum were scared off by the strength of this edition

*checks watch*
no it isn't you silly yank


it's about learning to analyse a problem you dingus

maybe you should have picked a different degree if you're that simple

There was a rape gang in Oxford, Cambridge, Canterbury, a dozen in London, Plymouth and a couple in Sussex.

Bird I know is going to calais ffs

who said anything about london you dense paki?


Fucking hell, I live here and I never even knew that.

im just retarded with essays danelad, especially the current one


shouldn't you be getting shot in your local Walshart?



rate the dinner lads

That was one of the more recent ones as well.

Were national rail fares cheaper than virgin or western etc.?

don't you love it when they squeal in terror?

Manx Dynamo

Probably somewhere out on dartmoor lad if I am quite honest.



Irish Diesel Generator

I imagine that's a pile of (you)s in the centre there

have all these animals been trapped before because it's funny how they instantly react knowing that sound means the cage is falling

>being this triggered

>5:30 alarm set

ah yes, back to the world of work... love it ...

I want to cuddle one of the runts :3


>game is announced
>preorder this game goys and you can have exclusive characters that only the preorder can get you

fast forward several months
>ah yes, those preorder exclusive characters are being released as part of a DLC

every time
when will preorder cucks learn

*Repeatedly tries to walk into /brit/ entrance with wood plank nailed to head*

hmmm. Need one of these for the runt shed


nah hogs are speedy fuckers
it's also instinct
if they hear a loud noise while eating they're gonna peg it

Anyone received a copyright letter here?


exquisite webm
thoroughly enjoyed it


>chocolate bits

lol wut

posted the wrong image lad

Are brits the least cucked nation? Given how much you value private property



let my runt out
look at him he's so happy
he thinks he's truly free haha
oh how he knows so little


want to visit Boston
looks cool

Daily reminder that there is no higher form of cuckoldry than still using electricity in the year 2016.

anglo property rights and "muh homestead" mentality are cancer

international leaders in contract law

I miss when you bought the special edition of a game you got tons of merc as well.
Like I got the fallout NV special edition and it came with a costom poker set along with other stuff like music, art books and a statue + little NCR flag


nah don't

been there

it's shit

depends on your definition of being cucked

what's it about?

Is Sven short for Steven?

>anglo property rights and "muh homestead" mentality are cancer

December 1941

Three metres of snow, 40 degrees below zero, water freezes in seconds. The push for Moscow has failed and we're unprepared for winter.

no simply an unabashed communist

don lie

I wish runts were real, it'd be fun to own one and control every aspect of it's irrelevant life

anyway lads I'm off, gotta get to sleep for work in the call centre tomorrow

Pro-Tip lads: If you start early in the morning, go for a shit the night before so you don't spend time in the morning having a shit

public property never really works well


I got the special edition of Dishonored and I got a deck of Dishonored inspired Tarot cards

want to stick my willy in that piglet

what game?

>no simply an unabashed communist

knowing would be half the battle

vague area is eu foreign policy but absolutely no idea whats worth writing about

sounds pretty useless and gay

maybe my mum would like that

Apparently according to we are one of the most cucked countries.

Saved up £17 so far over two years of work lads.

want to own a pig now lads


nope i was lost in downtown boston at 3am and almost got mugged and killed

death to all landlords

>40 degrees below zero

I find that very hard to believe

The new Naruto
My mate that preordered it is VERY upset

>m-muh exclusive characters

my gf with her mum

Like the other poor devils in China, India, and Japan - a great new field for sweatshops to be opened up so that these new industries which we were creating in Britain today will be destroyed as the old industries were - simplified, rationalised machinery with a few white surveyors and then the masses of cheap coloured labor torn off the land and taken into the sweatshops to work and labor and cough their guts out with tuberculosis until they too are thrown on the scrapheap of the sweatshops.
Is that worthy of Britain? Is that to be the future of Europe? And is this competition to be organized within our European brotherhood bringing in these sweat fields in Africa into our Europe civilization so that the financial power in one European country can use it against the financial power in another?
ALL the great financial central power of the world now shifted from the city of London to WALL STREET NEW YORK shall be able on the mass of MONEY of wealth and of power which money brings to it AGAIN and AGAIN and again to exert its influence in POLITICS until as you see today!
It is CHILDISH nonsense to say that a British Government rules Britain - IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH BRITISH GOVERNMENT OR THE BRITISH PEOPLE. The government of the world is the FINANCIAL GOVERNMENT! THE POWER OF MONEY, AND OF MONEY ALONE!

National Rail have never sold train tickets
Do you mean British Rail?
Apparently they were cheaper, even adjusted for inflation

But they never turned a profit

because youre a munter that doesnt know anything about the world

write about how the EU wants to create a eurabian super state



wonder if the falling cage ever crushes a runt

eww, is this considered attractive in America now?

They were nice, fuck you
Too bad my brother stole them and they disappeared

>friend's family have pigs
>they kill one or two of them occasionally and get a shitload of pork products

it's kinda weird to eat the chops of a pig a week after you petted it

Tragedy of the Commons innit

face looks like she was hit with a shovel when she was 5

I would rather shag the mum

words of this read: 0


very ironic post


gurned my tits off so hard last night that its taking me about 30 minutes to eat a kimchi

good riddance

Right... They dont need to turn a profit. Motorways dont turn a profit and they blanket the entire country. They're a public service. Tax paying citizens should be able to traverse a country as small as the UK easily and quickly.

We had that 2 winters ago
It's not as bad as it sounds, you just can't have any skin revealing

Pineal is oozing DMT lads



Why is her head so big?

interesting developments

I've mastered the art of ordering pizzas

For dominos I call and get it free (have a method)

For JustEat I discovered an account credit glitch allowing me to use it again and again, so I can put through orders for people without paying

kind of a metaphor for our lives ha

>match with a girl
>message her
>she doesn't reply


>watching a clip of a literal WITCH flying on a broomstick (yes, a fucking broomstick) in Mexico

you think they'd have enough to worry about over there with the cartels and shit to not have to be losing their shit about a (jesus christ) a fucking WITCH flying around on a broomstick

this was apparently headline news there when it happened too

big british brains


Mosley was too intelligent to gain enough support, he didn't appeal to the unwashed masses enough.

I went on holiday to finland one winter near the arctic circle and it only ever it -30

they gonna give him the ol' spatchcocking?

Forehead of Doom on that

your outside is in when your inside is out

Bit haram lad

she has hundreds of messages every day

you are nothing

>deferred from second year of uni
>realised i want to study accountancy and finance
>plan on retaking two modules from my A levels and fast-track a whole new course

does this sound like a dumb idea

Thoughts on Pizza Express?

>Controller stops working on my PC
>Kick a hole in my wall
Fuck sake lads. Cannot stop this runty temper of mine. Genuinely wish I could kill everyone involved in the things that led up to my controller no longer working.

There's that video of a gnome in Argentina

imagine living here

Have a yank stashed myself.

easy date for basic bitches

right so are we doing the lemsip thing then because i've got a nice mug full of 6 packets worth of the stuff mixed with warm water and a magnum and a supermalt

this is the future

chink shit

was that Budapest thing terrorism or just a gas explosion?


Germans make the shittiest pizza i've ever had

Luckily there's a New York style place here

It was getting to the point where it didn't turn a profit, and if your train turned up, it was a 40 year old piece of crap

It was with wind chill
Finland isn't as cold as it is here in the middle of the continent

Thoughts on Costa Coffee?

mate i don't even know if i want to go to the uni i have an offer to attend next year

tibetan sky burial?

The best pizzas are homemade.

takeaways are generally shit

pizza hut are okay

dominos are too expensive

That happens in any city 2bh


The gf

I only take girls to places with ladies' menus tbqh.

Explain both
Feeling a bit peckish

what will you be studying

top tune

Sky burial?


>The best pizzas are homemade.

not if you're shit at making them (and most people are)

I get coffee from there sometimes. Its okay but i only drink coffee to wake myself up not for the taste

why do they slice him up
he's already dead


hmm.. sweetie...

Literally sitting on the toilet right now mate

it's pretty good

so the birds can eat him obviously

Currently in the process of thinking about getting ready to get ready for bed.


Pirate scumbags

>ladies' menus
what the fuck is that

I can make good pizzas, hence they are the best

sky burial

essential business-core

The UK didn't have a motorway until 1960 and yet you willingly sacrificed the railways on a false altar of modernity...

VIA rail (canada) and Amtrak (USA) offer absolutely terrible service, but the tickets are cheap (70$ from Montreal to NYC, longer than Scotland to London) and you can get to every major city in this landmass the size of Europe. And cars are by far the dominant form of transport, even in NYC it has a 50% modal share.

Get with the times. Create a nationalised high speed network like the rest of the developed world.



Met Dr. Oetker once, what fucking runt.

thought about making a "runt test" but im worried i won't get any (you)'s from it

Highly arousing.

is this from the emu wars?

poor strayans


I'll (You) you

pathetic development speed

look at the amount of high speed mileage in china, a country that was agrarian in nature 60 years ago

let's not forget HS3 connecting manchester and leeds

why did they slice him up prior? the vultures would have done that anyway

Am I a good poster lads?

I believed the 'le privatisation ruined everything' gimmick till I read up on it

Turns out privatisation improved it, just that the companies have monopolies on their areas and thus can charge whatever the fuck they like

Menu without prices.

why are canadians the most disgusting anglos


ok thats all the encouragement i need :3

Speeds things up. They can't have the body lay there for too long.

things take a while when you respect peoples property and the environment lad

non-redditflag yanks are, on the whole, good posters

so yes!

America seems really dangerous

You can't go outside in their cities at night and you have to plan which areas to avoid, which can be massive

Should be classed as a 2nd world country

i do not trust the chinks, they are disgusting

Just finished watching so called "limitless" lads

fucking HATED the ending

*sidles up next to you*
I understand that the squirrels will be out early this year.

>complains about the wage gap
>expects to have food bought for her at a restaurant

bloody feminists

dude modafinil lmao

what fucking thread are we posting in

why would you even link a different one before at least 300?

it's like trying to herd retarded sheep being with you lot

>private monopoly
>price gouging

wew lad

they made railways in civilised europe

t. chink

My gf won't complain about the wage gap if she knows what's good for her.

want to go to a completely average yank town which has nothing interesting for tourists whatsoever and just live there for a week

wish modafinil was a good as that desu

did make me want to take some again though

Secojnd world is developed authoritarian states you tosser

less intense compulsory purchase law in europe lad

>She will never look lovingly into your eyes and say "I do"

fuck everyone in this thread

post sombrero

you ever seen vultures converge on a carcass? they can reduce a fresh cow to a picked skeleton in an hour

bit ugly that one

t. brown manlet pokemon cowboy
yeah and they get shit done instead of some NIMBY faggot preventing a much needed infrastructure improvement

idk the year of this speech, but nowadays the idea that financial services moved from London city to Wall Street is a misconception.
LDN City is still bigger than Wall St AFAIK

want to go to bed but bedding is still drying


Not an argument

unironically spent a few days in Bozeman, MT

gonna make it my life's ambition to make CANZUK happen and after it does happen I'm gonna make it my ultimate ambition to turn CANZUK into the British Empire


Can't they just do a compulsory purchase on everything?

That'd clear the way easily

we'll march day and niiight by the big cooling tower
they have the plaaant but we have the power

good lad
I'll join you

Leave us out of it mate, we don't have time for a CUK alliance

its a shitstorm of a legal process and you have to pay out a fat wad of cash before you've even started building and sheeit.

not entirely sure the other avenues to build over peoples property but who knows

also you gotta do environmental impact assessments (fuck eu law) and they take forEVER

you reckon people buy clothes for one night then return them the next day?

janny remove that thread

they do

ah yes red tape

*dangles enticing job in whistler in front of the aussie runts face*

that'll do the trick...

business idea: talk to posters without replying to their posts

good idea

Hahaha i always do that

I do that by accident sometimes

then I notice that I did it after posting but I'm so apathetic that I don't give a damn


didn't read a single one of those posts

>ahead of the curve

the eternal leaf strikes again

/brit/ split...

>missing janny

>actually got on one of these today

why are these still used jesus christ

post toot

paki is losing his mind in the other thread

id kill myself if i was like that at age 30+

>poorthern poowerhouse

poleaboo express


dumb chicano frog poster

i am not a chicANO

might move to rural finland lads

I know, you are a dumb freak lol



>replying to someone


Scabies rash is clearing up lads, excellent stuff



Ah yes

The runt life



its how things work stupid
fucking ancaps