Flag only has two colors

>flag only has two colors

>flag isnt red white and blue

>flag has a cr*s

Like yours then, Red and Blue.

>inb4 White is a colour.

go back to turkey

you're an autism


>you're an autism

Learn your own language.

He is btitboo

you're an autism


>still being an autism

du bist ein autismus

>flag has a cross
that's a bit islamophobic lad

What the fuck, man, I thought we were friends!?

>flag has stars

>you're an autism
>post the flag of Newfoundland

like pottery

Red, blue and white master race unite

>implying flags with many colours are good

glorious slav red white and blue > filthy burger red white and blue

>flag looks like a chessboard
oh wait. that's me

I like it, and its hurts me to compliment hispanic shitskins

>his cunt's flag isn't the oldest tricouleur in the world

>aqua-fresh flag

>white is a colour