If you germans are tired of the cold and or want to go to south america but you don't know Spanish...

If you germans are tired of the cold and or want to go to south america but you don't know Spanish, there is literally a town in Venezuela that mostly speaks German. Colonia Tovar, pic related.


But why?

You need a place to go when muzzies take the whole of your country

Less muslims, for one.

No muslims but South americans. Dont know what it is worse.

But there are a lot of poor Brazilians and the country could collapse way easier.

will keep that in mind, thanks

German here. We already speak flawless English, why the hell would we go live in some LatAm shithole just because they know German? They probably have horrible accents too.
Fewer is the word you're looking for, friend.

*poor venezuelan people

I think that would be even worse

The village is in Venezuela so If you like best korea....

Went there once, most of them are of german descent.

The Mannis

Then It has to be a nice place. It is a pity mestizos will kill them for feeding themselves

>recommending them go to Venezuela
you really hate Germans, don't you?

Are there actually good places to life ? Sorry I am picky so I demand a first world standard.

>wanting euros to migrate to sudamerica

Fuck off filth.

There's isolated German colonies even here. But they seem a little weird, and very religious.

>They probably have horrible accents too.
I think so too, which makes it even more unbearable.

I lived in a so-called Danish colony in Argentina for three months. If this is anything like that, then you Germans would probably be better off staying at home.

Expect loads of old, cranky, very religious people, a very artificial oldtimey atmosphere and a community completely devoid of nightlife or social hangouts. They're usually very tidy though, but people in rural areas don't produce a whole lot of trash anyway. I'm not trying to say these communities are necessarily bad places to live, but chances are you'll be better off where you are, in the comfort of modernity. It's easy to take all of that for granted.

well, you can visit any south american country, but going to Venezuela now with all the shit is happening there (I was even told by them that even if you have money you'll have a hard time finding food and toilet paper on supermarkets) the country is unstable as hell

and btw, if your plan is moving here, I recommend you to come as a tourist first, see if you like it and then move, or try somewhere if you don't