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there is a way. the baltic way

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gonna go oud and smoge a fag :DD

fourth for elva

We are gonna do the chain to accept all sandniggers in to take all the baltic qts.

Good, good. Fuck Estonian goverment, period.

lähme verevisse ujuma?


I fucking hate nonwhites.

very VERY good post

Right, they come here like we own them something?

thank you Latvia, you too

no joke I saw a nig enter a fried chicken place the other day

Fugg :DDD

y-you too

L-Latvia kun... ~~

uh... ok



Fucking San Marino.

yes, by sheer numbers. we have something like 150 times as many white people as eesti.

Just woke up chaps

nice, same here

fuck /balt/

When yanks post in this thread the quality drops by massive margins. I would appreciate if you left immediately, thank you for your consideration.




Sorry for intruding but why are balts in the same general as Australia and New Zealand? Is it some joke that stuck?

This is Cred Forums.


*krinks midsleep*

Americans are quality posters


I hate you all with a passion.


So cold.

only balts although
you and australia are ok



Please respect our culture

Good morning, friends.

Tere hommikust


Good morning, friend. How are you?
Literally me in the morning.

hello friends!

Hello friends, I'm cumming from /cum/. Just here to express our heartfelt thanks for what you do to this board, giving it the flavor it needs to be a deliciously good board.

Thankyou for all of your hardwork, /balt+ausnz/.

We love you very much.

ļoti labi, muh friends. But that thing worked only because the USSR was already dying.

Never forget that violence is what granted you independence in the first place. And I'm looking to you, 1918 LV.

Bloody good my friend, whats the plan for the day?

Had nightmares, couldn't get back to sleep, opened balt instead.




I love the USA

Working and then try to rest. What are your plans, buddy?
Good choice.

asalamu, aleykum
death to kafir

mārtiņ nomierinies

/urmom/ reporting in


more like /urout/ lmao

what the fuck is a mom


Alaikum Salam brāli
islams ir īstā ticība
seko man kafir

>that song that reminds you of her

Pay teh denbt

what are you fucking gay


Good form lads, going to do the wagie stuff now

Be back with a new batch of (you)'s in 14hrs

bye hone
dont be late

I'll be waiting for you.

time for my prayer

vai anime ir halal??
allah akbar

>tfw still no eesti gf

Are the muslims not the biggest weebs?

animē is haram!!

but why every sandnigger in steam has a anime profile pic?


>tfw mārtiņš patreiz posto

they are kafir and deserve to be executed

also are you a shia or a sunni?

I am Baltic Greek

ROCKET wants to fight!
Enemy RATICATE's attack missed!
Critical hit!
Enemy RATICATE fainted!
WARTORTLE gained 397 EXP. Points!
WARTORTLE grew to level 20!
RED defeated ROCKET!
ROCKET: I'm steamed!
RED got ₱480 for winning!



>using more than 1 move

thats a big kitty


Satanic get


Shit thread, desu

Up until 1923 there was a land bridge connecting Australia and New Zealand to Lithuania. We hold these threads to celebrate a once strong and dignified union between our brothers and sisters.

>he doesnt know

the nose knows


So much feels and I don't belong even here.

shut up fuckwit

end yourself kafir


dumb cunt

morning lads


Hello hi



Latvians, where do you hide your korp songs?

Hello Estonians. Why did you fail to elect a new president or something?

Good doge. Bad Latvian proxy.

all the candidates that would have won were shit so we had 60 empty ballots

Fucking hell lads, walked to work this morning and there was already frost on the grass. A bit early for thst, isn't?

Both are faggots and the parlament were protesting with empty votes rather than choosing one they acted like bunch of kindergardeners and didn't vote at all. Fucking idiots, I truly am scared about the future of our country if this continues elsewhere.

What is going to hapen now? Will the government be forced to search for new candidates?

I mean summer ended 5 months ago.

Please keep Estonia alive.
I want to go.
Very cute country.
Did nothing wrong.

I guess we'll see soon, I haven't looked at new info yet.

Thanks for the words Kiwi bro.

Summer never came this year desu

Spring was so hot and when "summer" arrived temps went down. It's like living in oceania. Truly the /bantz/ life.

Okay. Good luck anyways, hopefully the situation will improve soon.

Bravo Oceania

My shoes were made by an australian company. They're comfy shoes. Thank you, Australia.

Steam is being a right pain at the moment.

I can't even fucking connect to the Internet on my computer cunts tELASTRA FUCKING FIX THIS REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Are you a grill?

korp songs?

small reminder that i usually buy australian wine

youre welcome

Stop stealing my meme



you said i could use it



>Australian Wine
>Not New Zealand Wine

The absolute madman
He likes his wine to taste of dirt.


Are you the same latvian who asked me? If so, feel free.






fuck im bored, what is there to do?



plan and reenact the siege of Leningrad

but this time we win it

And this

Start a cult.


The nazis losing against the soviets was the biggest mistake of the 20th century

Wanking in the middle of the day while family is home is never a good idea
Yeah nah
Aren't they for rich actors and murderers?
Great input as always Sweden


watch anime then

>Aren't they for rich actors and murderers?

Not at all, there are all sorts of cults.
Ask your local cult leader for information, I'm sure he'd be happy to help.

Student korporation and folk songs

>dude in front 17 and balding

for folk and war songs check Auļi and Vilki

can give you some links if you want to

>literally a monk

Got paid

I don't really know what to do with money so I just bought some whiskey and a burger from the chinky

pretty good use of cash desu

Next time send some monies to me, I spend all of mine on food and rent.


Sure! aiz kalnina dumi kupa is a good song.

Then why are you wearing Uggs

I'm not. They're black leather sneakers by Globe.

i am balding lol


this is a nice one


>i am balding lol

haha same

Eesti, let's make love

ah, liels paldies!

ask your family doctor about dht blockers. you might get an erectile dysfunction though

Literally a butthurt chain.

All of you belong to Russia. They conquered you, they annihilated your forest brothers "resistance" groups (ie terrorists) and built pretty much every building that's still standing in those shithole.

The red banner shall rise again!

Laisvųjų respublikų sąjunga amžiams
Tvirčiausiai Didžiosios Rusios suburta,
Tarybų mūs Sąjunga, šauniai gyvuoki,
Galinga, vieninga, tautų sukurta!

Savo Tėvynę mes šlovinam laisvąją,
Jungia tautas čia draugystė tvirta!
Veda subūrusi į komunizmą mus
Lenino partija - liaudies jėga!

Per audrą mums laisvė lyg saulė žėrėjo,
Didysis mums Leninas rodė kelius:
Į kovą teisingą tautas jis pakėlė,
Ir darbui, ir žygiams jis įkvėpė mus!

Laimėsim, taurių komunizmo idėjų
Į ateitį šviesią pirmyn vedami,
Ir būsime mūsų garbingos Tėvynės
Raudonajai vėliavai ištikimi!

CCCP will be back and your anal pain will be amusing.

>get jacked
>shave head hair completely off
>become the new Vin Diesel

piss off shitskin

I'm never going on fin lol

minox was shit enough

>tfw god tier beard genetics

literally going nu male mode rn haha

Sure, I'll bring beer and girls

true tbx
at least youre not dyel

that feeling when you drink a beer

Imagine being "white", but being a nigger inside.
Yep, that's a balt.
No history whatsoever, just switched from being Swedish territory to Russian territory for hundreds of years.
Fuck, you didn't even have recorded history until the teutonic order came and converted you to Christianity (in a time when even Vikings had become civilized).
I have absolutely no problem being a shitskin if balts are considered white.
You are by all means niggers.

>No culture.
>No recorded history.
>"Muh occupation"
>Not even real ethnic groups.

Just got back from Melbourne. It was disgusting and full of chinks and pooinloos

Latvia, please don't raise the alco tax. You need to support my alcoholism

Sure ;)


consider never posting agasin


meant to say again lol

ignore this blunder haha

>balts are niggers
Only the Lithuanians are.
Latvians are horse heads, Estonians are mongols. Learn your /balt/ics you silly goose

Vinland buys alko from eesti
Eesti buys alko from LV
LV buys alko from?

niggerness is a state of mind


New York is a state of mind

here are some albums from Vilki

Kroga dziesmas are bar songs the rest are war songs from ww1 and ww2, the songs are on the left


Come back to the Motherland.

Decent jobs?

ignore the faggot who suggests v*lki
listen to vilkači and trejasmens


Centrelink job assessment tomorrow


You belong here.


post feet

very uneffay

Add a bit wax, will last longer.

No. We are friends now.

Steve Jobs

Ill be needing a piece of paper with /balt/ written on it next to the boot

It seems that your feet are leaning inside, get some silicon patches and get your legs straight

I did once and everyone got buttblasted about my pink toenails.

Don't care. Comfy.

post feet thanks

Oh lawd that's you? I have that pic on my pc

post it thanks

Post it for the top keks :DDDDD

>someone is saving my pictures
Aw, that's nice.


ok so where is the pic
I'm waiting for it

>tfw effay, fit, redpilled anime and video game critic


it's here

Well I don't have it anymore, and the other guy has it on his PC, probably posts from his phone.

sorry I took so long, was taking a shit

please rate your shit

Oh there they are. You got them backwards. No.2 was posted first, then someone asked for /balt/.

why do you paint your toenails?

Why did you paint your toenails?

Ye, was taking a shit. Literal shitposting


Is this pic yours as well?

I don't, gf asked me if she could, and I didn't mind. No one sees feet anyway.

This one time we were having drinks with my friends, and one of my friends wife painted my left hand nails red. Walked around in Kaunas with it for a few days. Come to think of it she also braided my hair into pigtails. Tbh I look pretty gay.

No, wasn't that picture from a latvian?

this would never be allowed in wilno

oh ok at least it wasn't your idea to that
because that would be gay

You are gay.

no lol haha why would it be from a Latvian?? funny

quite the opposite

Feels good desu.

>These are the people that call people in Vilnius gay
Kaunas everyone

I don't live in either of those cities anymore though.

Can't remember, that's why I asked.

we had a guy in high school people called Snape. He looked weird with his long hair and weird face but his fingernails were always painted and he had a facebook profile where he talked about wanting to be a qt maid and fucking cheese (not even kidding).

He was fucked up.

Come to think of it, I remember seeing him in 10th grade and then he vanished. wtf I just realised I haven't seen him since then (this was a small school so I can't have missed him)

lol just had noodles and pepsi max


can based Balt teach me some funi phrases in their language

dumb cunt

>he is replying to me even through I told him many times don't reply to me if he hates me

Laba diena su vištiena :DDDD

damba kunta

I will now proceed to use these phrases to pretend I'm fluent in Estonian

>poster from Kaunas
Really makes you think

He probably killed himself, you know.
I was pretty neurotic and normal looking back when I was in school, but that somehow just took care of itself with time.

Kaunas used to be the gay capitol of Lithuania not so long ago

>also not gay, just occasionally look gay

Mida vittu?

>tfw to intelligent for balt

too* :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

holy shit
he's actually gone.
I looked at pictures, after 10th grade he either vanished or turned into a grill, I'll have to compare pics after I get back from uni and see if any of the girls is actually him (or the boys if he just fucked his hair up)

stop appropriating my culture

Only Australians will understand the significance of these shoes

>tfw when too smart for memes

*lets out a loud bink*

excuse me

i want to make friends with an aussie neet twink so i can abuse him but he'll keep coming back for more of me because i'm his only friend

umm no sweetie, you would probably be my twink slave honey xx :)

dumb cunt

Aussie NEET bear here

fucking HATE lithuania

rude tbf

>start eating right
>start working out
>turn into a chode
Get healthier, they said. You'll look better, they said. Oy vey...

And your thoughts?

>being a slave
>to a twink
how do you plan on managing that

>cracking your neck

hnnngg fuck it feels so good



So what were Latvians and Estonians doing during the Lithuanian-polish commonwealth? Where did the Livonians go?


didn't mean to reply to you



>replied to the wrong person again

livonians were never a thing

It was a name by the Germans assigned to this land because the first people they met when they landed were Livonians.

In the PLC half of Latvia was under a vassal under Lithuania (Latgalia) and the other half was an duchy under the protection of Poland.

>mfw im a stupid idiot that replies to the wrong posters

don't mimic my posts chink

*flares nostrils uncaringly*

at least youre not dyel

dont mimic my posts gook

>livonians were never a thing
>It was a name by the Germans assigned to this land because the first people they met when they landed were Livonians.
How retarded are you?

ours was due finished in 2014, haven't started yet

Im talking about the Livonian order
it had never anything to do Livonians besides being the origin of the name for the land

They were soldiers for the order and then assimilated into Latvians and Estonians

He asked what happened to them


This thread has a distinct absence of anime which I will not stand for.

Nazis were pretty aesthetic tbqh

Go away, you ponce. All the weebs are at school during these hours.


Make me nerd


I thought ausweebs were a meme

>nazi germany was literally rome 2.0
>we destroyed it

Huh, Laučius dropping some truth bombs about the upcomming election. Sadly no one is offering any solutions.


o i am laffin

that's Ukraine by the way

who do you think took rome's place when they fell

Baltic pagans


the franks and lombards

>destroy europe

But rather destroy themselves with shitty politics and anti-patriotism.

Good morning my friends

communism will win in the end tbqh

Fuck off with that old ass meme
>m-muh name
yes, so funny

good morning

>many germans
hmm yes i see

>pseudo-germans who were latinized after one generation

ahh yes

>where did the Livonians go
no where, they assimilated with Latvians making them alot more whiter and smarter with their Finnic genes

and? your """""""""""white"""""""""" people arent the same as our white people

>>still on my Ls because i cant be bothered driving
ughh im never gonna get my Ps

so you're saying that spaniards and italians aren't white either

ofc not

what about australians then? they're all tanned af

australians are anglos
anglos are white

They're all abos

>tfw i STILL can't reverse parallel park properly

pic looks like me

>aced it on the exam
>can't do on the road

Italians are white than anglos.

>swarthy brown haired brown eyed italians

Who possibly has the time and money to do that? Bourgeoisie scum pls go.

How many brown haired and brown eyed people are there in Britain?

What were Estonians doing during the commonwealth?

Britain is 100% more whiter than Italy and all the med countries

Anglos are the natural enemy of the white European.
Since his existence he tried to destroy Europe again and again.

>he didn't go abroad to earn money and then come back and buy a car
Are you even Latvian?

Should I have peppermint tea or water when I exercise?

This is so true that it hurts

and we're all stronger for it

can you stop being a bitch for like 5 minutes hans?

>Hello im from Italia and im white

>Oh, hello mr Italian, im estonian, what were you saying again?

> oh, sorry mr overlord supreme white estonian, i will never call myself white ever again

anyone going to oktoberfest in brissy next month?

I thought it was in Germany this year

literal autism

Not ethnically, but in spirit

by going abroad you mean coming to Estonia and stealing our cars and scamming old people?
oh shit, sorry, that was Lithuanians

bravo esdonia :DD

im gonna have peppermint tea

by going a abroad you mean fucking a female and not actually owning a car?
I did that in poland

eating the worst sandwich of my life

>be lithuanian
>come to estonia
>rob old people
>go back to your Wilno
>buy yourself a nice bmw from the 90s with that money
>shitpost on 4chin
seems like a comfy life to live
EDIT : my captcha was literally air baltic plane :DDDDDD

its in less than 2 weeks lad

im sorry lithuanians i will never bully you again

90% of what you said is true, except that the bmw's here mostly come from tax evasion, money laundering and other crimes commited IN lithuania

broom broom

why don't girls like me

Because you're ugly AND boring. Probably poor too.

>he posts a tractor when lithuanians are in this thread
fucking mental


>there are balts who like to visit here and "loan" our tractors

how do i stop being boring?

fucking balts(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balts) and their schemes


I don't think you can.

literally downloaded that picture one second after it was posted

new bred