Almost half of yuropoors live in commieblocks

>almost half of yuropoors live in commieblocks

Are Europeans communists?

poor balts

Semi detached here.

Wish I'd bough an apartment, looking after a house is too much work.

What's wrong with semi-detached


What did they mean by that?

It's a lot of work to keep clean and I have a garden to maintain. Wish I just had a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.


>tfw no homeless qt danish bf

house master race

What the fuck is going on in Switzerland?

I enjoyed living in a commieblock it was comfy desu

What is semi-detached? Is that a duplex or something?

block of flats are modernist invention, not communist you idiot

I think it's like a condo but with only one side being shared with another condo.

Could be caravan as well

So you rather pay a fuckton for all that little maintenance?

God damn I love this picture

What are American houses like?

made out of cardboard

Better than yuropoorblocks

Yes. It was them who invented communism.

Something like this (on average)

More like it

>average finnish house