So do you hate, or do you love Slavs Cred Forums?

So do you hate, or do you love Slavs Cred Forums?

Be honest.

They're OK

non-bydlo slavs are bro tier

They are funny, would get drunk with them/10

they're alright

Slavs are funny guys.

They scare me. I portray them as tall white men with buzzcuts who have a very deep voice and are prone to violence.

They are fun but a bit stubborn and sometimes just stupid.

They are fucking top tier drinking with.

>talking to Polish girl on a cruise
>topic of selfies comes up
>she says "let me show you how to take a Polish selife"
>does a slav squat

>not the laziest people on the planet
They're only violent when drunk

Slavs aren't tall.

Im 188cm fite me

>190 reporting in

I hate 'em.

>tfw shorter than slavshits
>tfw turbo manlet

>I hate 'em.
Churka, pls.

>region with the tallest people in the world populated by slavs
>we aren't tall

when will you learn?


What makes you think that way? If I hate Slavs living in Russia it wouldn't mean automatically that I have something to do with 'churkas'. As a matter of fact you're no better than them.

Balkans are like 10% or less of total Slavs. Russians are manlets and Poles are just European average.

I work two jobs while you shart in the mart, fuck off

Catholic Slavs: good
Orthodox Slavs: bad

I like Slavs, but sooner or later we're going to war against them and it's going to be stupid.

>hey guys it's yet another episode of stories that have never happened

fuck off burger


I like Catholic slavs


>not pursuing a vocation

God's gift of comedy to humanity.

Religion is a large part of most cultures.

>he hasn't become religious just to be able to meme people on Cred Forums
I guess it is true, Russians hate fun

Did you drink the Anglican kool-aid?

Fuck no.

Good man. I trust you made the right choice.

wtf I love slavs now