Ukrainian inventions

>Ukrainian inventions

slava ukraini

>that one pic who's head was crushed on the left


no such inventions



oh fuck, that's true :(

WHy did this make me laugh so fucking much

ukrainians are so retarded

>implying this is not qt as fuck



Am I missing something? What's the big deal about a boar trap?

Will you be my bf?

wild boars are delicious

nigga just catched like 20 boars in 1 second.

it's not ukrainian, it's an american invention made to trap ukrainians

Why does it slide to the side and doesn't just fall down?



>The pig that gets trapped on the left

how are they retarded?

The timing on that trap is just perfect. Had the fence fallen a few fractions of a second later some of the piglets would have escaped, but no. Right to your face!


So the big fucks cant lift the trap up and get out

To make sture the cage falls down evenly.
If it's falling straight down and one side is a bit rusty, it can get stuck at an angle and all the boars can simply walk away on the side that didn't get down.
Also it's easier to reset the trap if it's sliding at an angle.

Its almost like they had the weight of the trap and reaction time of the boars in mind when they made it XD

Isn't that webm from Texas?

t. new fag

yes. but Ukrainians love to take pigs so one would think this originated from Ukraine