Be euro tourist

>be euro tourist
>order brazilian pizza
>get anime instead
what the fuck is this shit

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Umi best girl

>pizzaria venus

there's your mistake

its a pizzaria network run by some weaboo
they also have stupid promotions like for every 10 pizza you earn a figure, for every 50 its a body pillow, that kind of thing.
their marketing is fun.


You fucked up.

>that knife
are you staying in some family's house or very cheap hotel?

wtf i love brazil now

Consider the following: What if you buy pizza from another pizzeria?

Our pizza is pretty good tbq, I lived in the US for a year and their pizza is disgusting, even the chicago/newyork style meme ones.

>Our pizza is pretty good tbq
In big cities. You don't know where he's posting from, unless you're very familiar with the "Venus Pizza" brand. Is it a São Paulo franchise or something?

I think he's in RS.

for real though what the fuck is that

Pizzeria for animefags.


Please calm down.
Most our people is weaboos in secret.
Domo arigato Japanese diaspora for we have 10% Japanese population in the world.


Moving to Brazil right now

>animefags on govt

This is why we're so shit.

>funcionários públicos

wtf I love Brazil now


holy shit, this looks disgusting

kek what a rip off, it barely has cheese, the crust is gigantic, it looks like bread.

Well done, Rio Grande do Sul

>it's full of entry level plebs

How to move to Brazil?

The crust usually is filled with cheddar, catupiry or whatever you want.

>be argentinian tourist
>order japanese pizza
>pizza never comes
Fucking Domino's was 3 blocks from my apartment. I ended up eating in Yoshinoya.

Lika and share pls.

>his country doesn't have a anime pizza

How can you fucks even call yourselves a sovereign state?

>ordering dominoes


Based Brazil

Brazil is rightful Japanese clay
Only country outside Japan to have Mandarake shops

It was my first time because we don't have Domino in Niggatina.

What does it say?

its utter fucking shit, just order from some local pizzeria, its gonna be tastier for sure and prolly cheaper


Basically: Anything goes if the love is real.

>Hey BB (brazil national bank), what do you think about marriage with 2D characters?
>3D or 2D, waifu or husbando, everything is valid if the love is real

(Bank of Brazil)
#GoodForAll is to have the right to love you for the rest of your life. #LoveWins

Hey BB (Bank of Brazil), what do you think of 2D marriage?

(Bank of Brazil)
d=(*w*)=b 3D or 2D, waifu or husbando, it's always fine if it's true love #LoveWins


if I got a pizza with that box I would throw it out the goddam window

wtf I love brazil now

>brazilian bankers are literal weeaboos
no wonder your country is at its current state

Sadly, "amorzinho" doesn't have a real translation to english. "Love" doesn't really conveys the message, neither does "little love".

Fuck you.

Our crisis ha...Oh, an aussie flag. You almost got me there, pal.

Shhhhh.... just embrace and enjoy it now.

>be in Portugal on holiday
>at beach and hungry
>order Brazilian pizza from pizzeria
>sounds tasty
>it arrives covered in strawberry's and bananas

srsly wtf brazil?


looks like shit

WTF I love Brazil now

>brazilian bankers are literal weeaboos
no wonder your country is at its current state

i regret reading this thread
save me

What did you ordered in the first placew

Another Aussie flag. Damn, you really want those (You)s

we're a japanese colony, didn't you knew?
Portugal lose to Japan in the Battle of Sanpaoro

>be in Portugal on holiday
>at beach and hungry
>order Brazilian pizza from pizzeria
>don't ask whats on the pizza, order it anyways because i'm british
>it arrives covered in strawberry's and bananas

Oi, stop copying , you fucking unoriginal faggot.

i know the banana meme but don't know the strawberry one
care to explain?

t. literal weeaboo

t. Tony Tewhakapoopi

There must be something anime related there.

>Their flag has another flag in it

go kys bogan sheepshagger

The Union Jack is the mark of an Anglosphere country, and a CERTIFIED first world country. I'm glad the Brits tended to us and gave us what we needed to be a successful, safe, and free country, unlike Portugal, who overdosed on heroine and forgot about Brazil.

for good reason
I've tried pizza hut and domino
they're both shit, they tried to come here on the 90s but failed miserable because there are already a thousand better pizzerias on every town

Kinda the same here with Pizza Hut now, lol.


I'm from South Brazil. Your argument is invalid, since I'm white and live in a first world country inside a third world one.

>no Love Lab



>The Union Jack is the mark of an Anglosphere country, and a CERTIFIED first world country
I see

But Love Lab is shit, mate.


>The Union Jack is the mark of an Anglosphere country, and a CERTIFIED first world country
I see

Superior Maki coming through.

it was in portuguese and i cant speak portugeuese

an excuse my autism but it was from this,-8.0986033,3a,75y,55.44h,77.96t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soKwftfrNZIFHr9YEu6WK0Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

i love portugal but you guys need to seriously fix your economy, its fucking expensive as shit now

>Brits occupy India
>country is good
>Indians rebel against Brits
>country becomes shit
The Indians can at least take solace in knowing that not their entire country is shit (literally and figuratively), and that their diaspora are alright.

Can we say the same about Brazil?

>Brits occupy India
>country is good

alot of portuguese are actually emigrating to brazil due the lack of jobs in their country at the moment.

>Can we say the same about Brazil?

wtf I love brazil now

Maybe 5 years ago, we're in deep economic shit right now.

where do you recommend in your country for a holiday, for beaches, women and culture and thats relatively safe?

>where do you recommend in your country for me to be a total trash tourist

m8, everywhere here is safe as long as you don't act like a stupid tourist and go to dangerous places without knowing how to act in a bad situation

Rio or the northeast if you're after beaches, rio is probably safer and more touristy (which means more expensive), but you should be aware that you're in a dangerous country anyway.


nice try, monkey.

how is wanting to go to beach, oogle at sexy women and soak in the culture being a trash tourist, the underlings from my country that swarm the Spanish islands every year isnt all of us m8.

thanks for the info, what about Fortaleza?


You have to go back.

>knowing it's reddit

You have to go back.

Who is Brazil's favorite Love Live?

>pretending they don't know what reddit is and/or never entered the site
really edgy, kids. You are true navigators of the dark side of the internet. You're on some deep web shit.Now go back to sleep.

Weather is always warm, many beaches around, also some sand dunes, very touristy as well, as dangerous as you would expect of brazil. If you're looking for relaxing in a beach it's pretty good, if you want other things I'd recommend rio. I have no idea about nightlife and such things because I'm an autist.

kys hanayo is best

Brazilian autism has no equal, not even among fellow south americans.


esse filme parece bem legal

I'm confused, do copyrights not exist in Brazil? How can they get away with that?

>do copyrights not exist in Brazil?
Not really, no.

ISP letters over torrents literally do not exist here.

>copyrights in a third world country
kek m8, here we are truly free in that aspect

Might seem weird to an american, but we actually have freedom.

Nice, I'd send you a pizza if I could.

You're shit at choosing pizza here, I'm a gringo and look what I found.

>he doesn't know
Some nice """land of the free"""" you've got there

Yes, but we're pretty lax when it's about foreign content.

wtf where can I order that

I want anime pizza too

I need this, where can I download?

Google "colombianadas"


Free to steal like the disgusting thieves that you are
That wall can't come up soon enough

Yes, she is.
Good job.

I am disappointed by my fellow countryman.

>implying you're not illegally downloading your animay

>says this while posting a copyrighted image
>also implying a wall will prevent copyright infringement
Dumb americunt.

>no k-on pizza

I'm dissapointed

the beach in the capital isn't good for bathing tbqh
if you want to swim go to the beaches to the east (Aquiraz, Beberibe, Aracati all the way to Rio Grande do Norte)

>trying to convince people you are an euro tourist
>literally using the Favela Knife™
>made a post on Reddit in portuguese
Fuck off.

Go to Dominican Republic. Safer than Brazil and better beaches.

I envy you. I also want my anime pizza.

ouch sorry

Couldn't care about the box art, just whether or not the pizza itself is good.


try this typical brazilian pizza when you can

Would eat

That's disgusting, a pizza shouldn't be that fat

>Italians knowing jack about pizza.
Shut your mouth old man, pizza's now a new world game.

extremely rude

based monkey knows whats up

Why is it so fucking crusty?

Why does brazil have this and we don't. Explain this japan.

Maki a kawaiii


Sure, america, whatever you say

Crust is filled with some sort of cheese

>this thread
I'm really sorry. but hilarious

brazil steals it, it's not made from japan

Why can't we have perverted japs instead of mara gangsers?

>watermelon on the side

do the jap girls there enjoy anal sex as much as the natives?

This cannot be real. Brazilians are just memeing on us, right? Right?
This isn't a real thing that happens in reality, it can't be.

shieet kanbaru town must be bretty cool

Of course, many of them are half HUEs, and HUEs love anal

Does copyright law exist in Brazil?

He was joking, but the Pizza place is real.

Yes but it only matters if the copyright holders make a complaint.

Unlikely in this case, it's fucking anime. Who even holds the rights to distribution here? Crunchyroll?

considering how many japanese people live in brazil and used to live it's not too far fetched to think their culture has more impact on hueland than we thought

for fucks sake No Game No Life was made by a brfag

nobody gives a fuck, to the point that even our former president Lula was caught with a pirate DVD of a BR film when he was in office and everybody just laughed and didn't give a fuck

who /ugi's/ here?

>t. I have no idea what I'm talking about but I'll pretend I do regardless
Japan has little to no impact on Brazilian culture and Nips are entirely assimilated, with 99% of them in either São Paulo or Curitiba.

Yeah downloading isn't legal, but making publicly money off of it is a different matter

wtf i love brazil now

Take my (You), that 'za looks quite nice, meribro.

i have a folder of this

>hand looks like that

Tanned german?

>euros can't speak portugeuse

lol'd at Favela knife tho

Who the hell is gonna shut down a shitty pizzeria in the bumfuck of nowhere because they used some cartoons?

alri Jason


>making money on degenerate weebs
Looks like I have a business opportunity.



truly, we live in the future



Why is that slut Honoka still in the group?

>Love Live
Fucking awful.




Itsumade mo

Jesus that is the shittiest pizza i've ever seen. Couldn't you order it from pizzahut or something?

Konna ni mo kokoro ga hitotsu ni naru


> business opportunity.
> Russia


Tomo ni

Saigo made

Bokutachi wa hitotsu

Tabidachi no hi da yo

Tooku E to hirogaru UMI no iro atatakaku

>directly recognize "A SCENE" from an international franchise
>buy it out of impulse

at least in america we have to dress it a thick layer of dissonance to trick our consumers, lel

t. marketing major

YUME NO NAKA DE EGAITA e no you nanda setsunaka de

Toki o maki modoshite...miru kai?

No no no


µ'sic forever!!!!

wtf I hate brazil now


post more

WTF I love Brazil now.

Another good reason to nuke Brazil back to the early stone age.

>nukes Brazil back to the early stone age
>everything remains exactly the same

kek we just took pizza and claimed it as murican!!!!

Are they giving official merchs tho?


Another reason Chile is no fun allowed shitty country unlike fun Brazil.

>orders the smallest one
>expects a giant pizza

Fantastic thread from top to bottom

I want to sniff Riko's panties

The last episode ruined everything.
It was a 7 or 8/10 show until the very last scene which made it a 5/10.


Brazil sounds wonderful, you know except all the crime and pretty much everything else

it's fucking bizarre that one country has both favelas full of murderous drug pushers and weaboos working at the national bank

>not wanting your waifu printed on 100$ bills

not that surprising when you factor in such disposable income with little cultural identity

>Implying pizzahut is good pizza

The weebs should buy an army, do a coup and rename the country south Animeica

Does Brazil have some sort of relationship with Japan?

>you get anime with your pizza
Brazil truly is the greatest country on earth

Yeah life expectancy of 21 and famines killing 60 million = "country was good".

Brazil is infinitely better than India.
Good site for actusl data instead of "hurr durr Africa and India were great before darkies ruined them".

still no jobs in poortagual

No. Corrupt right wingers take all the jobs for their families and friends.

That makes sense i feel bad for you man i'll stop memeing so much i actually like Portugal :)

How dare you stab best girl like that you shit, at least stab Umi

to be honest the japs rarely give a shit about what people do with their anime related stuff abroad since its not their market. if someone goes after you its because someone has licensed it recently in your country and wants to jew around.

it might be more subtle than you think. their blood slowly converts people around them into weaboos nothing to be done about it.

Fatayo is the shittiest by far.

I wouldnt be suprised if most of those poeple are the same.

>doing this to hanayo

The drug dealers are also weeaboos.
No, really, most of them have swords which might or not be katanas.

what the fuck did my eyes perceive?

Just remembered this

seems to be big in brazil

>disposable income
>little cultural identity

We're talking about Brazil here, not America

What is Brazil's cultural identity?


Same about pretty much everywhere. There's always it's extremes.

Rin best girl



Is there a body pillow of Tsumugi though?

I fucking love this place

You can pick any character.

Do not remove kebab

Niice. I wonder if they'd be ok if I asked for her.

Probably yes.

Damn based Brazil. Too bad there's no daki of her though...

>this is where Sae-user lives
Sae-user ins Gas.

Japan working on that cultural victory I see. They even got the Olympics for that 100% Culture boost.

Make one yourself.

I guess, or I could ask for one of Makio from Lance n Masques.

Say all you want about brazil on some things in their society. But,I love how openly weeb you can be and get away with it.

Fuck yeah m8.

I know a store here in São Paulo who makes some. I think they still around.


id burn it



Hallo, Brudi, wieder mal dem Bann ausgewichen?

ja ütz

Anzeige ist raus, Brudi.


The entire territory of Algarve is just a massive tourist resort, you fell for the meme, it's for families and old people, go north.

Cred Forums: stop shaming weebfriends, or else...

Who's the girl with blue hair?

What girl are you even talking about?
There is only Emilia in that picture and she has silver hair.

that looks alright 2bh i would eat it

Yes we got nothing that set us apart from the rest of the world, our culture isnt famous and recognized worldwide hahahs, nobody know how we act and what we are good at!

Based Chile, truly our greatest ally.

holy fuck that looks comfy

How do you feel knowing that guy is richer than you'll ever be?

wow you sound awfully unfree there mate

I can only imagine how cool he must've felt posing like that.

I'm fine, why?

Feelin' some insecurity there m8?

I wish I was born Jewish


Yes, so?


>Cred Forums
Hier, besser und mit Sound:

rip sanpaorenses...
we shall avenge their souls and bodies...

it's kinda nice
but.......... meh

liberty worst place