It's OK

*deletes Canada*


>tfw a Highschool drama teacher ruined an entire country.

>He can't blow his pet animals in his country
>Thinks he's free

Lmao @ you burgers


Just lol at ameridumbs

>leaks Cred Forums shitposts on Cred Forums

Fuck off kid

Back to lereddit with you, too.

Shut the fuck up you inbred retard

This bullshit belongs on Cred Forums

fuck off John

Just looked him up on Wikipedia to try and find out more about Justin, but left with more questions than answers

Fuck off Ranjeet Singh Woo-dong

fuck off John

fuck off Liam

>Justin Trudeau's father was also Prime Minister

How do Canadians defend this? I could never imagine something like that happening here

>american """"""""education""""""""

what's the problem lmao

Go back to tumblr kiddos


Back to stormfront retard

jokes on you, i'm not canadian ;^)

What's up based Canada bros? Is weed legal there yet? I wish I had decent healthcare....

This is the new stormfront and Cred Forums sorry. Tumblr pls leave.

gb2 Gaia

I really hope this is a joke

>yfw he got cucked by a 3 year old blue blood

our prince doing us proud


Canada's strange, they won't let me in the country (educated and fluent in English) and they open the gates for all Muslims and Asians,

They're educated or rich

Try Sweden, you'll probably have a better chance.