Why do people consider Islam to be a "religion" when it's obvious it's nothing more but a fascist communist pedophile...

Why do people consider Islam to be a "religion" when it's obvious it's nothing more but a fascist communist pedophile death cult and a dangerous political ideology?

Because that's politically correct

And if you don't agree then the followers of the religion of peace will blow you up

because it's too extensive to be labeled a cult

Because commies practice the "non-generalization" to every fucking thing in existence.

for them if just 1% is not bad, so that mean you can't say something is completly shit even with a lot of proofs.

>Islam is the world fastest growing Religion

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Muhammad tried to keep out all the good parts of religion. Music and art mostly, especially religious musical and artistic traditions.

Nonetheless it still has the basic things that qualify it as a religion. Most especially a fanatical hatred of other beliefs.

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Islam is simply a fascist communist anti-American political ideology masquerading as a religion

it has god, angels, prophets, holy places, hell, heaven, miracles and it's doctrinated in a holy book. literally every indicate shows that it's a religion.


The Kuffar have been attacking Islam since its birth, and yet it prevails mashallah. First the mighty Rashiduns and Ummayyads showed the disgusting infidels of europe who the fucking man is, then the nobel and strong ottomans, and now we are doing it. The idiot kuffar not only allows this, but he leaves his belief behind, doubting the existence of the one and only, the allmighty Allah. Soon, europe will become muslim, and the heretical belief of Christianity will die not because of us, but because of the kuffar themselves.

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From a longer perspective, even Islam will be a history. Why care so much?

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Islam is nothing more than a copy paste of other Abrahamic religions and Arabian Pagansim.

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Islam isn't the problem. The problem is Western countries are weak as shit.

1. Grow a fucking backbone. Muslims are barely a problem here.
2. Stop starting shit in the Middle East. You assholes literally created ISIS and the refugee crisis, and now you're whining about Muslims. Just stop. Stop.

Is it any wonder that East Asia is going to eclipse the West? I'm glad I left when I did. Life is much better here.

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But hes not defending Islam, hes just pointing out that only the really small religions are labelled as cults, if it has enough followers and money it becomes a "religion".

Trump has done nothing but defend erdogan whenever he's talked about turkey. He, putin and erdogan are the same types of politicians, so they get along rather well.