500 years from now all people will join together in cyber unity and old notions of race, nation, gender...

>500 years from now all people will join together in cyber unity and old notions of race, nation, gender, will be considered silly

They probably wont unless we're replaced by robots

Humans are tribal creatures

It will happen when we become the same race

Highly unlikely

There is infighting between races anyway

We already are one species, that should be enough, eliminating phenotpical differences is imposible through free coupling and any atempt to force such a scenario is basically ethnic cleansing. More importantly it doesn't take care of things such as ideology/religion, etc.

Let's say topmorrow the world was magically reduced to just black people, East and West Africans only look alike to us Westerners and they divide themselves down to the tribal level on shit like height or facial features.

Nah man, the problem is education not biology.

but then we develop new races, you can't stop evolution

>yfw in 2500 people are more nationalist than in 1900

All the evidences show that nationalism will never going to die out especially when resources will dry out.

It won't develop "new races", just a bunch of mongrels with no racial or ethnical identity other than the human identity

>this is what Cred Forums believes

If we are all the "same race" not even education would be a problem

I really have no clue why people say this. The world today is way more nationalistic than it was at any point in history prior to the 19th century. And while it isn't currently as high as it was in the 1830's-1840's or as it was in the early 20th century, it's by its very nature a cyclical thing, and there's no reason to think that it won't come back even more intensely than it ever did previously. It's already showing signs of maybe happening sooner rather than later.

>He thinks we will all become one race and live happily ever after

Chinese are taking over the world and they're racist as fuck desu

That's quite possible, people like to gather around some cultural traits they see as valuable, even groups like Antifa work in the same way.

Scientists are expected to reach singularity within a hundred years, once it happens human race pretty much becomes obsolete. I'm sure kind robots will tenderly babysit dumb apes as a sign of gratitude for their creation as people slowly dwindle in numbers and eventually dissappear.


Yeah yeah

And I heard in the year 2000 there will be flying cars and robots will do all our work for us

Lol cmon

>It won't develop "new races"
All you need is geographical separation, for example if people colonize some objects in the Solar System, we can even have really strange races or even totally new human spiecies

>implying humanity makes it another 500 years
wishful thinking desu

Well it seems to me that the 21st century (starting in 1991) is going to resemble the 19th century (1774-1914) rather than the 20th century (1914-1991). But this is just my modest prognose as I'm not really specialized in contemporary history.

>tfw you'll never be half alien half dinosaur


Things like that are simply impossible to predict.

That may be the case for Colombia, in Mexico we did actually develop a biracial ethnic identity

I don't think you can really compare periods like that. The fact that the entire Western World has democracies is already a huge difference compared to the initial years of both periods you cited (when democracies were rare, and monarchies very common in the Western World).

The future is here, and I doubt there will be any boom just a slow decline

So no singularity or advanced space exploration

Every comparison in history is faulty, but the point here is that since 1991 we have wars between nations/tribes/ethnicities rather than ideological wars, which marked entire 1918-1991 era, Many multinational countries collapsed, Germany united again, and so on.

That's quite possible, I agree. Only new major powers will be larger, so that new confrontation may be more brutal, because it this case those new "actors" won't be as close culturally as European empires in the 19th century, they will represent totally different sets of values.

Fuck off Kojimbo.

but what about the whole "war on terrorism" gimmick, isn't that an ideological war? Also, WW2 obviously had a very national aspect to it, not just ideological (though the ideological aspect obviously cannot be ignored either).

However, it terms of economy and production, I think you're right that it seems more similar to the 19th century rather than the 20th century.

>but what about the whole "war on terrorism" gimmick
Yes, just as the colonization of Africa was "war for spread of civilization".

>Also, WW2 obviously had a very national aspect to it, not just ideological (though the ideological aspect obviously cannot be ignored either).
Of course, the two are always mixed, but the main player in the war chose sides in correlation with their ideologies. After all, the WW2 is the root of the Cold War.

only takes one generation in weightlessness, it incredible the effect gravity has on life
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>48256 AD
>second war on sentient grass-balls

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>in 2150, people will literally live in their VRs in a box full of fluid that cleans ur shit and feeds you