Do all british people eat this way

I read somewhere that britons use a fork backwards when they eat. Do they do the same with spoons? what if they are eating rice with a fork?

I don't get it, this is how you are supposed to hold fork+knife, am I missing something?

Americans do it the other way

I thought that was the correct way. You get a better grip on the steak when you hold it that way.

knife on the right and fork on the left
without the knife fork on the right

>knife on the right and fork on the left

well, yeah?

this, but i think he was trying to say you use the fork upside down.

What do you mean backwards? The pic is doing it the right way for picking meat. If you want to "shovel" rice or something you flip it with your fingers.

It's more retarded to keep switching knife and fork, to be fair.

If it's fish and potatoes (very common here), old people just use the fork and old couples sometimes sit closer together and eat from the same dish or small platter. It's sort of cute, actually.

he assumed that op suggest that we do it differently

well, OPs picture is using it exactly like that

Scoop is probably a better word than shovel, I realise.

>tfw most people here hold the fork with their right hand
I live among savages

In Switzerland we make two fists and hold knife and fork in them. We open our hands if we want to turn or rotate cutlery. Sometimes we put 3 forks below the major knuckles and between two fingers each.

im saying that since they use the utensil upside down, so the inward side is facing down, how do they eat rice or soup without it falling?


We keep turning it when eating rice AND meat.

Spoons and forks are not held in the same way, too.

thats only for cutting things and have you ever heard of a spoon?

ohhh, so you dont use spoons upside down?

Are you retarded?

what? why? that is auch a waste.

no, all my heroin would fall out

i thoight there was a secret way or tool used that i didnt know about or they were made differently there, so thought it wouldnt hurt to find out just in case.

I'm not sure if it says more about us or you that we actually believe your sincerity when you're being facetiously retarded.

pic not completely related

the real question is why do Chinese use chopsticks to eat rice, surely its easier using a spoon..

>muriburgers cut up spaghetti instead of twisting it into a knot

Far worse 2bh

ind*ans literally use their fuckin hands to eat rice

I think they use spoons too.

Or maybe it's the koreans that use spoons for rice.

In any case it's not too bad, their rice is sticky so you can take big portions with chopsticks.

Their rice usually lumps together, and they use the bowl and push the rice into their gobs with the sicks. They don't pick them individually.

Holy shit a friend of mine does this and it makes everyone at the table so fucking mad.

they don't really pick rice, they just push it into mouth

I guess Chinese rice is sticky like a Japanese one.
Sticky rice is easy to catch.

>they just push it into mouth
childish &rough desu