Can't sleep

>can't sleep
>go to the doctor
>he examines me
>sir, you have a critical condition called Belgium puncheritis

This basically means that I want to kick Belgian ass.

Take some melatonin 20mins in advance and dont drink coffee, do physical exercise or use electronics a few hours before sleep

>german threads

Or I could just fuck up Belgium for being a piece of shit non country

Physical exercise before sleep might elevate your heart rate and make it more difficult to.fall asleep

Bitch do I think I care about sleep when I get to fuck up an inbred Belgian

*grabs you by the throat*
*pushes you to the ground*
Oh you poor, poor fool. If only you'd have known not to post such crap, would you have lived to see another day.
*unsheathes flaming longsword*
*tips down fedora brim*
*impales your chest in a swift downwards motion of my blade*

*blocks your sword with my index finger just as it is about to penetrate*
Back the heck off kiddo.......

>This entire thread

Leave Belgium alone!

*unsheathes katana, lightning crackling around its blade*
"no, its you who should backoff kiddo"
*slashes blade across your chest, cutting the straps of you lederhosen*
"nothn' personal kid"

Is this an example of German humor?

That's not funny. If you're mean at least be funny.

At least he tried.

*teleports in front of you*

*unholsters dual revolvers and points them at your forehead*

heh.... youll never beat the likes of us.... kid....

*opens fire*

you're all fucking autistic. go outside and get laid for once.

The health pack has spoken

Wanna team up?


*pulling off my trench coat, i throw it between us as a distraction, already 200 ft away from you by the time you realize what happened*

"heh, give me some space kid"

*pulls out sniper rifle*

"i've got you in my sites kiddo"

*pulls the trigger*


This made me laugh because it's so unfunny.

belgium hate will never not be funny.

based sean bean

Why do my fellow Germans have no sense for humour. Why are they so autistic.

Quality thread.