Black music in Brazil

>black music in Brazil
>black music in the USA

how come USA blacks are so savage?

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Niggers in USA are disgusting.

>black music in brazil
>black music in the US

>implying blacks still play jazz in the US

at least post respectable african american music

stay mad, monkey

>A Canadian monkey
We are reaching levels of cancer previously thought to be impossible.


you really like this?

yes black music in the US is totally dominated by jazz


thank god for american black music

>literally 60-80s music
just accept m8, blacks in your country are more civilized than the american ones

that's my best friend

thanks for you all your niggers usa

truly the best country

Hey, I can cherry pick too:
>black music in the USA
>black music in Brazil

cherry pick some new American music than you will get my respect

Fuck niggers desu
The world would be a better place without them


But Mr. Catra is pratically our Johann Sebastian Bach nowadays!

What are you implying? That I should listen to Teatro Mágico, Malu Magalhães and other über-shit like that ?

>Black music in Canada
>Black music in the USA

Hey Ya isn't even that bad, especially when compared to the Young Thug and Lil Jon Shit posted.

but hey ya is good wtf

what about bahia funk?

bahia isn't known for funk, mostly for olodum/axé/maracatu and other stuff. The Northeast is the birthplace of samba and carnaval as we know it 2bh