Would you date a gamer girl with short hair, tattoos, and small breasts?

Would you date a gamer girl with short hair, tattoos, and small breasts?

I already did, but she didn't have tattoos.

No, gamer girls are gay and annoying

Yes.... also sauce? She looks like Tracer.

Yes to everything except for the videogaymes

Videogames are for faggits

stop posting the same threads all the time, fat fuck

Heт, oни вce пoeхaвшиe фeминиcтки и пpocтo тyпыe пeзды

Sure, I would.

Then I'd be open to the inevitable downfall that is a confused Northwest "gamer girl" whom I'd fuck silly then drop like a bad habit.

This. Everywhere they are fucking same.

if by small breasts you mean no breasts and by girl you mean boy then yeah sure

Sounds like the perfect girl desu senpai

That's because she is Tracer.

everything about her is annoying

Pls be in B EU N O S A I R E S


everything outside of buenos aires isnt argentina

I'd consider it.

What if she doesn't bathe.
Or is a bitch.

Why? Tattoos are nice if they're well thoughtout

Sure, what I got to lose?

All 3 of those things means she's either a lesbian or a SJW. Or both.

I would although I'd suspect her being a lez

I married one.

Poor James.

What about Entre Rios?

No. Gamer girls are either super autistic or just feminists who are just in it to annoy men. Also short hair on a woman is lazy and shows entitlement.


oh yeah forgot to sage

>small breasts
DFC is best C
>short hair
Whatever, it can be cute.
>gamer girl

No, because even though they call themselve "gamers" they are usually plebs at there own game of choice. Played already against "gamer" girls at different fighting games and Starcraft 2 and they fucking suck. They are usually as good as the average scrub.
They are just gamers, because they are attention whores, who weren't once able to get attention from chad and have stoped trying it. They know they can get far faster and more effective attention from the average desperate and social awkward gamer guy.

I would giver her my souvlaki

the only good """gamer""" girl I know of is juliano

My white friend here is right.


Nah. She's cute, sure.

But tattoos means she's an attention whore.

Being a gamer girl means she's even more of an attention whore. If she just plays games, sure, whatever, we'll play together but the moment video games are a significant part of her identity, I'm out.

I love you Soe-poster
Each time you post her I see her beauty more and more astonishing

Only if she has a feminine dick

I would date a tranny at this point. I'm so sexually frustrated I no longer masturbate because I feel like absolute shit.
Worst part of all I'm not even a virgin and I'm very good looking.

id literally date fucking anyone


Women are social creatures and gamer usually indicates reclusiveness. Red flag.

Tattoos indicate attention seeking special snowflake personalities. Another red flag.

And even if I somehow missed the prior degenerate traits, small breasts would still be poor for nurturing children.

Also I hate to burst your bubble but the person in the OP pic is a boy.

I don't date dudes.

No, I hate girls

>short hair
>must be dude


Legitimately curious, do you have standards?


She's not an anime character.

alpha leafy male

Mendoza is chilean clay

>super autistic
I'm in

And Chaco, Formosa, Corrientes and Misiones are ours.

>gamer girl

everything else, yes

I doubt it since they are in Cred Forums, if you want to measure e-dicks go to reddit or something

why not?

At this point even a tomboy would be a major improvment

Every gamer girl I ever met was either an annoyingly loud angry autist or a complete bitch.

Usually a mixture of the two. No idea why but there wasn't a single chill one. At least a lot of the guys are just chill nerds but something about video games attracts the worst attention whoring women.

Yeah, why not, I quite like that body type, minus the tatoos, but I probably wouldnt care, anything would be better than this.

Already did, she was too competitive and we broke up. Thank god I won't heal that bitch back again.

it kinda hot
almost like you fuck a boy, only in a no homo way

Like I have a choice

>confused Northwest "gamer girl" i'd fuck and drop like an old habit

Kinda sunmarizes the last relationship I had back in my senior year of college in Tacoma.

God, why did I even think it was a good idea to go live in that melancholic shithole for four years?

>tfw miss on and off again relationship with ex
>tfw you're all the way across the country now so you'all never see her again
>tfw you'all never stay up late watching her play Windwaker again



>''gamer'' girls

>gamer "girls"

Girls like this inevitably come with a lot of drama. They almost always have a legion of betas following them all trying to get her to like them, the dream of getting your dick sucked while playing video games is too strong.

Then she fucks some Chad who doesn't like video games anyway lel.


Sure as long as the hair wasn't dyed, she had no tattoos, she wasn't "masc presenting" or some shit, and re games she played were legit and not life is strange and mass effect

>short hair

eww! She probably already has HIV or diabetes

>small breasts

>Not want to suck her small titties until they start produing milk you can drink

>Then she fucks some Chad who doesn't like video games anyway lel.

It's funny to think that women act like this pretty much everywhere


>small breasts


and a feminine penis?
Of course!

here are my requirements for a gf. you might wish to take a note of the following so that you don't ask me again in future. she must:
-be a virgin
-be a full blooded jap
-be 13-16 years of age
-be fair skinned
-be able to cook
-have long natural hair
-not be shorter than 5'
-not have tattoos
-not have piercings except for 1 (ONE) in each ear
-not wear excessive jewellery (1 (ONE) bracelet on each wrist, 1 (ONE) necklace)
-behave in a feminine manner (doesn't swear, doesn't smoke, doesn't drink)
-wear feminine clothing (summer dresses and straw sunhats when it's hot, winter coats and woolen caps when it's cold. long dresses and aprons at home. no shorts, trousers or t-shirts)
-want to have children (we will have a large family. I want to start while she's young to lessen the risk of one of our children being retarded)
-not pursue a career (I will be the breadwinner for the family, she will stay at home so she can tend to our brood)

are you a tentacle monster demon?

Are you a soccer mom ?

Chad is all that really matters. Everyone else is just there to feed the ego.

Are you keen on aids?

Hum... Of course I would, what is the catch?

Yes, but I don't play games

I cringed.

I've never hit a woman but she makes me want to do it.

> dating
> two people trying to decide where to eat until one of them dies

They're all horrible people, if they didn't have a cunt you wouldn't keep them as a housepet. May as well go for the one your hormones like the best and leave personality and interests out of it.

>gamer girl
>short hair
Absolutely not
>small breasts
Maybe, I do prefer ass though

Yes I would


>Would you date...

I don't think a legit gamer girl looks like this

But if we talk about this particular girl then yes I would in a heartbeat