Do you love Portugal?

Do you love Portugal?

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Sell me on it.

1. Portugal
2. Yes

We discovered Canada, but didn't settle it.

Por que nos faz tão tristes ouvir um fado? Que feitiçaria da alma lusitana é essa, que devir insano e eloquente nos faz perder os sentidos e cair aos prantos ao som ...

... como não amar os portucalenses ?

The Portuguese posters are some of the best on Cred Forums, so yeah.


They are like separatists catalans. Traitors to Iberia.


Shut up, Castille. You ate dad and all our brothers.

>together with galicia

If only dreams were true...

United States of Iberia


wtf I love Portugal now

What do you think galicians think about portugueses?

I'm fairly certain that they don't like us.

We really just want the clay and the few ones that do.

I think that they don't think much about us.
However they are chill and they are nice to me when i visit Galicia.
Culturally it's just an extension of northern Portugal. Maybe a little bit more loud but nothing else is different

> You don't know where is Portugal

It's ok Russia.
You are ignorant like americansky now

This, it's amazing how most Portuguese posters of /luso/ keep theirselves sane with our monkey autism as well.

I don't bother posting when /luso/ is filled with brazilians.
It's literally impossible to have a quality thread when the majority is brazilian.
Sometimes you guys are really, really annoying.

>Culturally it's just an extension of northern Portugal.

Its more the other way around.

Try living in a country full of them...

No offense, bro, I said the truth

I know. It's hard to get proper discussion going on there.
But again, it seems to be hard to do in a lot of other generals.


No offence, but he also did.

Sorta. We might have deviated less from the original Galiza than Galiza did. They just kept the name.

If you start with a proper cover, it's usually fine. Weaboos and 55chan ruin it, though.

Isn't it also the case that the capital of Gallaecia was Bracara Augusta, or Braga?

Not at the time of the split, if I remember right. Coimbra was the biggest city and made the capital upon separation in Portugal. Leon probably had a bigger one somewhere. Santiago da Compostela, maybe?

Bracara Augusta was from the Roman Empire some 300 years before.

My favourite African country.

Portugal portuguese sounds like a robot with a stick up their ass. I would rather go to brazil and get murdered than listen to that.

I was getting jealous so I made one for Coimbra for the set.

Might add to it or replace it for something better later on.

Why a robot?

fucking dumbass

1-why would a robot react to stick being in its ass

2-why would a robot need an ass (it doesnt need to shit since its a machine)

3-modern robots have neutral english accents unlike the obnoxious stereotypes that u have been brainwashed to believe

plus they'd make a brazilian accent robot and not a portuguese accent one :(


I prefer them to spaniards