Is this true?

Is this true?


No fucking way. American girls are underrated.

Of course not.

>nz women
>prettier than australian women

unless you are referring to the abbos than it's true, otherwise this map is anything but true

How can you even doubt it

>Uruguay not the same as Argentina
>Sweden better than Spain or Italy

Meme map.

There seems to be no scientific process or procedures being shown to come to that conclusion, and it largely seems to be based on opinion so no.

thanks :) btw Brazilians are hot too

uruguay should be green tbqhwy

How does that shit-hole of a country Brazil have more sexiness than the likes of the U.S. OF A? I beg to differ with this obviously biased bullshit

>Uruguay not the same as Argentina
They're different though... maybe we're genetically similar, but Uruguayan girls are not as obsessive on the way they look as porteñas, they're more bohemian

who made this, an argentine?

Every countries have beautiful women just as every country has ugly women.

what r u fucking gay2??

no realistic

Every woman is beautiful in the inside.

>No Zealand
haha yeah cool

Sure it is. It's a map on the internet, right?

Niggers like bunda, and the world is full of niggers.

This, maybe Paraguay too.

Our women are pretty plain, there are not extremely ugly ones nor extremely hot ones.

this is the most accurate map i've seen, its all true.


Brazil is most sexy because they have Mallu Magalhães

Well sexiness is subjective so for someone it might be true. Though I've never heard of Indonesians Ethiopians or Egyptians as being sexy.

>not marking iranians as hottest womyn

there is a reason why alexander chose to bone persian women exclusively

What is a 'Wom'? How are they sexy?


They can be stunning but the average isn't all that great. A bit like MENA girls as a whole really.

Have you seen Kazakhs?


Ugly and ayyyyyyyyyy lmao

who is this and why is she always posted
she's not good looking fug off

uuuh maybe cute but sexy?

You say you wouldn't cuddle with her?

She's attractive but she's not incredibly good looking. Mallu on the other hand is a goddess.

No, we need to be higher than everyone else

It's true. our women aren't sexy. don't come here. stay away.

for my country, yes. Whales everywhere

don't be baaad

All asian is fucking shit face and body

As always this maps are inaccurate, at the end is all about personal taste.

To me the ugliest are slavs, africans, arabs and indians (in order)



>Egyptians more sexy than /maghreb/
I'm not buying that

All of Africa except Egypt overrated. Argentina and Columbia overrated. China & NK underrated. Continental Europe underrated. Indonesia overrated.

you're just jealous you're not a cute anime girl like me

>he dosn't know

they definitely are

not all romanians are gypsies, you know?

>Argentina: very sexy
>Uruguay: normal sexy
They're literally the same, but South Brazil has the #1 supermodel. :)