How common are people that can't tan in your country? Just white/pink->red->burned, nothing else...

How common are people that can't tan in your country? Just white/pink->red->burned, nothing else. That's as white as you can be but it seems it's more common in Russia and UK than in the Nordic countries. Thoughts on this?


Gingers don't count that's different and they still get those tan spots.

Leaving aside the under 1% minorities most Mexicans would be Fitzpatric types III (Mediterraneans) and IV (Amerindians) with some outliers on the darker shades of II, lighter side of V. Given we do have some Celtic types I'd say something under 5% maybe half that.

Not many, argie is populated mostly by meds descendent so... you know
I'm one of those who can't tan though, but fuck it, I'm ok with my pale skin

I mean can't tan at all. More than 80% of people here can tan.

I know it goes against /pol memes to picture us as anything but brown Moroccans but just on the anecdotical I can tell you my mother and her fraternal twin cannot tan at all, as in literally using 100 SPF and a parasol (a type of umbrella) when going out in sunny places. Is it common? Not at all, that's why I'm giving you the 2.5% - 5% figure, a lot of people get sunburns easy but most can tan if they take it easy, there's exceptions tho and you can research yourself we had enough migrants from Nordic countries (nevermind Iberian celtic types) that I'm giving you a reasonable figure.

Probably accurate.

But I'd like confirmation from UK, Russia, other Nordic countries. Can't be more than 10% here. I've never talked or thought about or even noticed this before. Just now read a few messages claiming how common it's in the UK.

I am white as fuck during winter time, and perfectly tan during summer

Yes the difference isn't drastic when untanned but it's still there. You aren't white-white even during winter.

I'm already brown

Anyone with pale skin just gets burnt, like me. That said I think Australians have mutated somewhat so they can tan better, when I go to the Northern Beaches in Sydney every single faggot is walking around with thongs and a surfboard and they look like they've never touched sunblock in their life. Thank g*d I live in Canberra where I never have a reason to go outside and it's below freezing for two months a year

Every year, In Australia:

>skin cancers account for around 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers

>between 95 and 99% of skin cancers are caused by exposure to the sun

>GPs have over 1 million patient consultations per year for skin cancer

>the incidence of skin cancer is one of the highest in the world, two to three times the rates in Canada, the US and the UK.

This is what happens when you put Anglos in desert shitholes on the other side of the world

My gf can't tan

She hates it but I love it

Repeated exposure does seem to shock the body into a reaction, I used to get sunburned all the time when going to the beach as a kid, it wasn't until I was an adult that my arms got a mild permatan and I became more resistant, even so my neck turns a leathery red on just a day or two of me forgetting to put sunblock in sunny places on just being out and about on the street.

Having said that I'm an ethnic med, the frequency of skin cancers on the map might demonstrate this does come at a cost for Nordic types. The funny thing about is is not countries like the US and Australia but Europe and specially Scandinavia, it could be either a function of people living longer (developing skin cancer at advanced age was probably less of a problem than vitamin D deficiency for earlier populations) or it might be behavioural patterns exposing people to the sun far more often than in the past, probably a combination.

Given how dark skinned Australian aboriginals are it isn't surprising to have Celtic/Nordic types suffering this badly in Australia, it might be the same for Saffers as I doubt the chart for their country is specifically showing skin cancer for just their population subset.

I can't tan but and my face get's a little red, I think that my skin is so pale that it just reflects sun back

this map is so stupid

why ? because south africa whites are real whites but argentina ones are meme ?

Protection from the sun and its abilities to destroy skin cells is directly tied to melanin content in the skin. This is one of the main reasons why black people are black, your body gradually evolves to make it easier to live in your environment. Give it a few dozen thousand years and every Aussie might look Sudanese, who knows?

I think Nzed overtook us with the most cases recently

We've gone past evolution, the only significant alterations populations may suffer in the future will be artificial, there's no natural selection mechanism working here.

And I'm not an expert on skin but I've seen plenty of very fair skinned persons tanned reddish if it makes sense, I'm not sure if that's skin damage, some minute amounts of melanin or protection through a different mechanism but they do seem to have tolerance for sun exposure similar to someone slighly tanned. Or maybe they just become insensitive to it but at any rate their skin stops peeling.

Trying to sleep when contact with any kind of fabric feels like sandpaper is fucking awful.

I am one, it sucks. I get called whitey and casper ghost all the time hue

>Be brown
>Walk in the sun for a bit
>Get even browner

Can i just stop live?

I'm one of them.

Yes, I work in the medical field and there is surprisingly a lot of Salvadorans that can't tan, that's why skin cancer is kinda common around here when compared to the rest of CA.

The majority of this people are descendants from Central Europeans, Mediterranean looking people here can tan very easily.

Many south-American replies. Maybe in countries with more sun people that still could tan instead just get burned because the sun is so strong so you don't notice it.

Last time I went to the beach I used sunscreen all over my body, but my cheeks only got red for a few days and that's it. I got slightly darker but no serious burns

>go in the sun
>get roasted
fuck i hate myself

I can tan just fine, though I fucking hate going outside when it's not winter because I can just feel the burning and potential for cancer, sunscreen doesn't make you invincible to it either. I'd prefer having darker skin desu.

literally everybody
fuck the sun t.b.h

Really? Then it's much more common there than here. Brits confirmed whitest. I tan normally but I was never before aware that it was possible you couldn't tan. Maybe the Nordics who can't just wear spray tan to make up for it or then they never talk about it or something but if you look at summer photos it doesn't seem common at all here.

I myself can't tan certain parts of my body. My face and lower arms tan just fine but my neck and back gets rosy pink and hurts like a motherfucker

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