How butthurt were Euros when this happened?

How butthurt were Euros when this happened?

it was a gift to mankind
back then people were not so shamed to shared

I think they celebrated the event.

Astronauts are emissaries of mankind, not only americans. So as a real human bean i would be proud if something like that happens in my lifetime.

I'm fairly sure it was seen as a victory by the west over the commie bloc.

I expected no other answer from a Groundling.


>laziest country taking credit for USA's accomplishments


I think you mean Soviets you uneducated fuck.

No, I mean Euros you filthy monkey. They seem to be more butthurt about it these days than Russians.

Fake, this is the real photo

> They seem to be more butthurt about it these days than Russians.

The only euros who posted here seems mad as fuck yes.

Fucking retard.

Yeah, you are getting a little pissy, Juanito. You need to calm down.

Everybody was happy senpai. people around the world told themselves: ">we did it"

>tfw you will never experience this while watching it live
>you will never experience a similar thing happening with mars

congress just mandated nasa to come up with a plan for mars with this budget so they will deliver something this year

Is this real? Please don't get my hopes up.

HEHehehhe u euro are mad as fuck hehehe we the best heheh get over it hhehehe

i won't so look it up yourself

>a real human bean


Well back in 69, the USA was still a vast majority White European country with no AA and a 3rd world population shitting up our society. The Europeans probably accepted it as "a great day to be live mindset".

THIS I think most people were celebrating rather than thinking to themselves this threatened their dumb fuck natrionalism.

>no AA
They've been 10% of the population for more than 100 years, dumbass. AAs have roughly the same fertility rate as whites.

It was made with German help though

AA stands for affirmative action

Pretty sure everyone who wasn't a Soviet was hoping we'd win, and potentially contributed scientists to our cause.

Just because Europe is becoming a communist shithole now doesn't mean it was back then!

Marxists on both sides of the iron curtain must have been butthurt, everyone else celebrated.

they did celebrate in their own way
they never tried it again

von Braun was an American.