Which US states are the best to move to or be born in

which US states are the best to move to or be born in


Stay away from the midwest. We're full.


>being born in the US

It's great having to pay taxes to a country you don't even fucking live in anymore.



Idk but Indiana is the worst for both

t. former Hoosier

What up with Utah?

He's a Mormon

Has the most British immigrants


1) majority White
2) most relaxed gun laws
3) really good weather

most Mormons are pretty kind in my experience as an atheist

somewhere where there's not too many niggers, after growing up in Niggerville Missouri, I was surprised places like these existed in the U.S.


Why is Florida the worst fucking state

>people unironically believe the memes

What memes are you talking about?

Shit taste

That the midwest is good.
t. former rural midwesterner


Why is Maine god-tier? I live in Maine and i can say it is not god-tier. It's like living in a liberal Alabama with no job opportunities and no blacks. 50% of the population is just old people waiting to die, 20% of it are veterans, and 30% of it are cancer patients.

How's the midwest really like?

Stop pretending people want to move to the midwest

boom bada bing come in swing

I forgot to mention the crackheads. There are a shitload of meth/crack heads all over the state. Have fun walking on a nature trail covered in used condoms and needles.

Anything outside of the tourist destination's is trash.

isn't your Governor racist and your state is a ethno nationalist Paradise for white people

Would be great to be born there because then you'll probably inherent expensive ass property.

>canadians participating and making the states closest to Canuck-da better and the states further worse


Commiefornian here, I'm actually getting REALLY fucking triggered right about now. Look, no one actually lives in Montanna, Alaska, or North Dakota so you can FUCK right off with your bullshit, dickhole. Those are called meme-states because you fucking Cred Forumstards think that there is some sort of idealized conservative heaven up there where cowboys run around with guns and shit. Fuck all of you.

Maine is ok, but VT, NH, and western MA are better.

>no one actually lives in Montanna, Alaska, or North Dakota

yeah thats why it's so great. i dont have to deal with any of you autists irl

stay mad jose.

What makes East Tennessee better than the rest of the state? I'm from East TN and I can say it is just as bad as the rest of the state

>That the midwest is good.

Depends on what part you're from. For instance if you were from the northern forested hilly area filled with cozy crystal clear lakes lined with cabins and lakes as big as seas and blonde hair blue eyed aryan goddesses you might think it's quite nice honestly. Sucks you're from the shit tier corn fields but don't kid yourself, the midwest is spectacular in places.

are you the opposite of claustrophobic

Barren. Tbh my view may be a little skewed because I lived in literal bumfuck nowhere and due to that was home schooled for a while and had no friends. But from what I've seen people say on here it sounds like I'm not too far off. Don't get me wrong if all you want in life is nothing for miles and guns it's great, but expect work to be hard to come by. Thankfully my grandfather owns a farm so I just worked there for a couple of years before I moved away.

t.Nigger/Spic belt

Best state is Pennsylvania

Prove me wrong faggots


Enjoy your caribou jerky while I'm biking in the sweet California sun in late September ROFL

Cred Forumstards confirmed

Fuck off, I'm not afraid of racial diversity unlike you uber-cucks.

>but don't kid yourself, the midwest is spectacular in places.
You can make that argument for basically any state. You aren't wrong about the cornfields though.

the Appalachian Mountains look pretty good and cozy

it's held hostage by Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania

what state do you live in currently

Colorado is better

It's alright. Nothing too spectacular and nothing too awful (sans Chester). Just feels kind of generic to me desu, and I've been through the whole state. I've met the Amish and ate their food, hung out and worked in Appalachia, lived in the Philly metro for a long time...

I am pining to leave (I know, "GOOD RIDDANCE"), but a lot of other people are leaving too (see map). It's a good state, definitely better than most, but not for me

This thread again
>Le midwest, maine, vermont, and New Hampshire are GOAT meme

>posts a beaner
How fitting.

>Implying you need to go on Cred Forums to hate Californians and multiculti

Nope. All the white people here are oddly sensitive to racism while being racist. Everyone will call them niggers in the comfort of their own home but when they have to interact with one in real life they will bend over backwards for them. And nobody likes the Governor, not even the Governor. I think there is also something wrong with the drinking water here because there is a disproportionate amount of cancer, as well as an insane amount of cancer survivors. Everyone also has a hard on for hunting which is the most retarded thing in the world. I understand hunting for food, but why would anyone get enjoyment out of walking three hours through the woods just to shoot a deer before spending another three hours dragging 130+ pounds of literal dead weight back through the woods. It's almost as retarded as the Moose Lottery.

Most of this country is pretty amazing, user. Don't be so cynical.

Naw, only acadia np in maine, nova scotia, and coastal western states can match the views here. Obviously the best being CA and Hawaii but it's still nice here.


have you ever seen a black person before, Cletus?

>multiculturalism is bad

Move to south Korea if you want homogeneity. Better yet, remove your nuts because you can't handle foreign things, it's better suited for people like you

>Moose Lottery.
whats that
hunting is a sport don't knock it until you try it

cant wait for cali to be a shithole when whites become a minority. gonna laugh while eating my jerky desu

youre the cuck here m8 lmao

not the person you replied to, but thanks for the detail. I sort of had this meme fantasy image of it as some foggy harbor utopia. maybe I'll consider somewhere else

Multiculturalism is shit
>Implying cali isn't already minority white

>Everyone also has a hard on for hunting which is the most retarded thing in the world. I understand hunting for food, but why would anyone get enjoyment out of walking three hours through the woods just to shoot a deer before spending another three hours dragging 130+ pounds of literal dead weight back through the woods.
If it's not for you, that's fine, but don't be such a bitch about it.


In Maine moose hunting is extremely regulated, and the only way you can get a permit to hunt them is if you win a lottery.

My state is pretty nice. Not saying which because Californians haven't ruined it yet.

Have you actually been to NM or WV?

fuck, thats supposed to be LA in red and the rest of the coastline in green

Ive heard horror stories about WV. Im sure the mountains are great, but statistics show its backwater as fuck

NM I imagine is just Arizona with more mexicans

Get the Bay Area in Red as well.

>shit tier
Not at all. West Virginia is though

the bay area isnt that bad. Tech nerds are overtaking gays and SJW's in SF, and other than Market street, the cities comfy as fuck. Its really only the east bay thats bad


I only went hunting for turkeys a long time ago and thanks

>calling me cucks when you project your insecurity over your insufficient manhood onto every person who has darker skin color than yourself


t. Norcal #YOLO #hella #highlife

Lie down on a busy road for me, pal

Seriously, when did hating on California become a trendy lil' meme for Cred Forumsbabs to bandwagon on? Guess you hate what you ain't, LMAO

I forgot to include how most of the state is humid as fuck so even though it's a northern seaside state it feels like you are in Florida half the time. Also if you move here you will learn to hate deer. Unless you have a garden. You will learn to despise deer if you have a garden.

They're both nicer than I thought they'd be. The poverty sucks, but the wild areas are amazing. WV is dying fast, though.

>Long Island
The rest of the country thinks you're part of NYC.

>posted picture of cali red
> insufficient manhood
muh muh muh muh...

>Implying you water thieves dont smoke weed and act like douchebags too

but hey, at least I dont need to run and buy a sweater when the temperature drops below 60 degrees

Hmmm, guess I'll try for Oregon then. I definitely do not want florida-tier feelz

You can't beat me at deer though. My county is literally named after deer.

are they not?

I am not Long Island, they are mutants, I am born and raised in the Hudson Valley

Deer are horrible no matter where you are. There's a reason why they are referred to as Meadow Niggers.

Fuck all fagots who don't believe Colorado mountains are GOD tier

>dragging a 130lb animal back
*someone* has never been hunting before
>he doesnt what you do with an animal before your transport it.

Since i actually don't know what to do with an animal before you transport it i'm gonna bite and ask what you do? Do you cut off it's limbs and head or some shit?

Lmao all the Midwest shit's, go get high on heroin or meth lmao

lol not even the best portion of the rockies which would be Montana. Alaska range>>>Sierra>Coast>>>Cascades>Rockies>>>>>>>>>>>Appalachians(lol)

Deal with it.

Mormon losers. What a shit state

Basing it on what my family who lives there says


>god tier

Memes everywhere... California is not that bad.

Colorado is the best state hands down though

why do you put the southern states in red and but leave states like Ohio and Oklahoma green?

California is fucking horrible

t. lived here for 20 years

Why? It has the strongest economy in the US

Having a big economy doesn't necessarily mean the best. Cali is a good state to be born middle class or up in but certainly not if you are poor.

Not to mention endless beautiful coastline and year round good weather

No guns

No state is good if you are poor

Yeah they're nice and cozy, but they don't make up for the fact that there is literally nothing to do here for fun

>year round good weather


Fuck colorado so much fuck
My nigga
New Mexico is a patrician's home
Fucking lol. Stay mad about your blunt and boring peaks coloradofaggot.
t. Thinks the midwest is missouri
Canuck rockies are great once you get to Yoho and north from there.

You can still get a gun. 'Gun culture' isn't big but I don't really understand that anyways. Guns are fun for a few hours but how do you make a lifestyle out of that?

>le new york and nj are overcrowded, authoritarian, liberal hellholes
>le Massachusetts is not?

La is on good part of sout u faglord

It also has ridiculously high housing costs, the highest gas prices in the lower 48, terrible smog and pollution, bad roads, some of the highest taxes and fees, stupid gun laws, an idiot for a governor, and, most damning of all, about 16 million too many beaners who will perpetually ensure the state becomes an ever more bloated and inefficient bureaucracy.

Not him, but generally you field dress it (cut it open and pull out guts and such). I've never killed a deer myself though.

source: Arkansan

Certain ones are better than others for qualities such as low cost of living or a good state uni

I'll take stupid gun laws over stupid abortion laws

>God tier
Nigger what

What city's demographics is that? Im guessing south of Montreal because Ive heard this whole area received loads of Colombians recently


California has everything you said oregon has, but you colored us red


What are you allergic to the sun? The summers in the Great Lakes region are too much for you? Gtfo

Many of the people into the gun culture are because they believe it's what their kind do, what their political party believes in. Others because they are drawn to the sense of control they get from it. Others because they treat it like a cool toy. Stuff like that. The rest? The rest like the self sustainability of it. They can protect themselves if they needed, or round up food if needed. They don't have to fear.

The Midwest is big on guns, and my theory is because when you live on a coast, it's easy to thrive. You don't have to shoot a lobster or fish, and as long as you stay out of the water a shark can't get you. There's always a dumb animal to scoop out of the ocean to eat.

Didn't have that here when people were coming through. We had to work the land and hunt the game to put food on the table, we can't just walk to the beach and say 'gimme'. Guns have always been seen as a jack of all trades tool to survive and thrive the frontier, man's means of taking care of himself.

The desert is great though

What exactly does Oregon have that Washington doesn't? Also, Great Lakes summer are a bit muggy, but much better than the South, much less Florida. The rest of your assessment is pretty good, though.

Not really sure that's why I colored it God-tier. They're really similar, if they'd been split ecologically it'd be into east/west instead of north/south. I wouldn't notice border if it weren't for the river.

Got it.


>Got it.
What did Oregon-san mean by this?? Is it a happy chuckle, "Heh, got it!", or is it a more tired and annoyed "uh, got it..."

Some comments/notes:
>Illinois would be god-tier if it weren't for the shit Russia-tier corruption and nonfunctioning budget. Ditto for New York, Southern New England, and even California.
>Oregon and Washington are identical, with the exception that Oregon is ever so slightly lower because you can't pump your own gas there.
>North Carolina was pretty good when I visited there, but South Carolina outside of Charleston was crap.

Deserts are pretty yeah, I just wouldn't want to live in one.

It was a happy, loving "got it"

Here's the revised map, will delete the old one as soon as I'm able, my comments still stand.


Interesting choices t b h

California, after all.

Thanks, I'm usually more optimistic/forgiving of states I don't otherwise know too much about.

Why not god tier alaska tho? Only stipulation

Mostly because I've heard that things get really expensive in stores up there, although I might be getting it confused with Nunavut.

Maryland is fucking awful.
t. Marylander

It's ok I guess.

How THE FUCK do people in Arizona even live?

I went there during the summer and I felt like I was being cooked alive, I spent the whole drive in the back seat moaning from the fucking terrible heat, when we hit a gas station we had to like take shelter in there because they had air conditioning. Its like a alien fucking planet how the fuck do people live there?

It really isn't.

Air Conditioning, Pools, and Dashboard Sunshields, my friend. When I visit my grandfather in SW Utah every summer it's within 10 (Fahrenheit) Degrees of Death Valley, THE hottest place in the US, and yet the Mormons have survived there for a century and a half.

Drink a lot of water and wear sunscreen
Don't go outside if you don't have to unless it's early morning or evening.
There are reasons everyone drives everywhere.

Or you could be like me and just live at high elevation where it never gets above 38C

I did color it as the "worst" area in the region other than West Virginia.


He only made socal red.

Our Air Conditioning in our truck did jack fucking shit to fight the heat, we had to move from gas station to gas station since they all had these fuck off huge industrial air conditioners.

I still cant believe the heat I experienced was real.

Since the Mormons think they get there own planet to god over when they die Ill just assume their practicing for when they inherent their Alien desert planet.

Evaporative cooling is also a good thing. It should be obvious why the Southwest has only been as populated as it is since the 1950s w/ air conditioning.

Every time I go to the Ikea in Tempe it's above 100F, walking across that parking lot isn't much fun.

My Grandpa lives in a valley where it only occasionally touches 100F; down the hill in St George proper it's consistently 106F in the afternoon.

just remove all the southern and central states. Literally fucking useless.

No way man, those plains and mountains are way too comfy and scenic.

What a bitch.

It was 103 this summer when I took a drive down off the plateau and I thought it was grossly hot while I was out walking around, then I realized I just hadn't had any water since I woke up.

>Nope. All the white people here are oddly sensitive to racism while being racist. Everyone will call them niggers in the comfort of their own home but when they have to interact with one in real life they will bend over backwards for them.
That's pretty much all of the country, though, even the urban parts of the South.