You wake up in South Brazil

You wake up in South Brazil.

this guy is Italian tho???


Hey it's that “Am I white” Brazilian guy. What ever happened to him?

I become blinded by the sheer whiteness of it

I get blind for so much whiteness

He was in the hospital

of that cunt lose some weight, he will look decent

He looks argentinian so hes probably from São Paulo. Most people in South Brazil are blonde

lies, he looks italian

Oh yeah, he also bought eye contacts to up his whiteness.

São Paulo is a mix between italians, ameridians and negroes just like you. South Brazil is PURE italian. Learn the difference

>South Brazil is PURE italian
such like him

why nobody explain what happened to him?
was his infos leaked?

>You wake up in South Brazil.
return me to the void

he was too white for this world

>South Brazil is PURE italian
I don't even know what to say

Hey, anyone here got any info on what happened to this guy?

I check for my liver &/or kidneys

Everyone itt it's him btw

Travel back to the north


This is the my first time on Cred Forums in 2 years, and this shit is still being posted?

H-holy shit, fuck this, I'm leaving.

>Wake up in Brazil
Immediately turn 360 degrees and kill myself