Wtf I dislike America now

wtf I dislike America now

I want to try that shake.

>tfw visited Vegas with brother and tried to make him buy us food there
>tfw he said no and I was too cheap to do it myself

You missed the most improtant part


I like butter. For instance I like butter cookies that were made with lots of butter

>candy cigarettes used to be so common at the beach growing up in the 90s
>now it's like pulling teeth to actually see a store sell them

Even if you can buy them online it's not the same

Funny thing is people have actually died while eating there lol

The guy who runs this place said that he started the business to raise awareness about obesity and shit.
Didn't work tho, he was bombarded by fatasses wanting a free meal.

You hate the freedom to do what you want with your own body?

oh fuck, now I'm in the mood for a burguer

Check out interviews with the owner, he's based as Fuck

Uses to be a nutritionist, shit talks anyone who eats at his joint calling them idiots

>this is legal, but weed and other soft drugs are illegal because they cause health problems
made me think

If I ever travel in those parts, I'll take pictures of patrons and post a thread on Cred Forums.

shallowly at best.

>soft drug
You can't get addicted to junk food like you can with weed. Weed also gives you cancer

I was there. It was okay.

The burger was very bland. I had a double, and finished the whole thing.

I did not try the shake.

are you some kind of a retard

American """"""""""""education"""""""""""""

haha dude weed lmao!

It doesn't have any long term effects, amirite?

are you some kind of a retard

He was pointing out your retardation due to your lack of understanding basic physiology and psychology regarding food, not weed, you fucking spastic

Autism speaks and maybe we shouldn't listen...

>t. Chapo Guzman

No, we won't buy your shitty brickweed.

Shitposting is addictive and gives you cancer more than weed will do.

u sum kind of retard?

He's actually right. Weed being your drug of choice doesn't change the fact that it will give you cancer faster than cigarettes.

If you want a silver lining, it's still better than alcohol but it will smoke your lungs heavier than tobacco even if it's not as addictive.

Do want to try the shake and chips. They better be thick cut to them

>dat no sauce

Get these