What is Idaho like guys? I think it looks awesome, lots of free space, cheap big houses...

What is Idaho like guys? I think it looks awesome, lots of free space, cheap big houses, small cities if you really need them too. Comfy

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Seems very secluded and mystical. I've heard there are lots of mormons, libertarians and white supremacists.

and some Indian wars

Potatoes and irrelevance.

Northern Idaho is comfy with lots of forests, rivers, lakes, small mountain towns.
Southern Idaho is agribusiness, mormons, and hispanic farm workers.
Then, for some reason, there is a lot of high tech industry in one city (Pocatello).

You weren't lying. Just looked up pocatello, its 75% mormon.


will I be shot by mormon gangs if I move my non-churchgoing ass out there?

I go there 1/year for family stuff.

All of this is pretty much true. Gorgeous in some places though, if you like high altitude deserts. Also catches fire once a year.

Downside is the sprawl. Also if it's a problem it's very mormon in the south. The family I visit over there is mormon.

>if you like high altitude deserts
lol, wtf. Northern forests are wet and oceanic actually. It is a part of the Pacific Northwest by ecology.

I'm an atheist and every mormon I've met has been bro tier.

Being Australian i've never really met any mormons. From what I see I think i'd agree with you though. beliefs are pretty whack but overall seem like they would be really nice and friendly.

I've met a few and they've always kept their beliefs to themselves and have been very friendly. They're also very white and have large families which contrasts with modern day brown degenerate America.

fat garden gnome in a bathtub giving thumbs up

Seems pretty comfy, 2bh. From my visits through the area I myself prefer Montana or Central/Eastern Washington.

I usually stay in the south so I'm not too clear on the north's looks.

what's the best state for being commie

None, nobody likes commies, they are basically the feminists of the political spectrum.

If you just call yourself a socialist however you can come to california. We invented impact sprinklers.

Anywhere along the west coast or in any university


It's mostly rural. People there are very outdoorsy, everyone camps and fishes and everyone has guns. People are friendly, cost of living is low, and most of the state is still overwhelmingly white. I spent a week in Boise recently and only saw a few nonwhites each day.

If you enjoy urban life you definitely shouldn't live there, but otherwise it's a great place.

Mormons, potatoes, and some mountains.

>None, nobody likes commies, they are basically the feminists of the political spectrum.
is that what commies are associated with in the US?
you have some proper commies without all this shit like femenism, gay rights, tolerance and multiculturalism?
> west coast
Seattle too?

Seattle's pretty bad I hear.

Most commies where I am in Portland are more of the radical socialist variety, think the kind that would make post modernist art instead of socialist realist art. Some are fairly well read on marxism actually, but that's definitely the minority and marxism is a pipe dream anyways.

Seattle especially.

you still considering pittsburgh?

None really in the mainstream, especially with the Cold War and given that much of Americana is inherently capitalistic. That being said, you may be able to sneak into a college town or if you want an entire municipality probably Seattle or San Francisco.

I live in a small city of about 40 000 3 hours west of Sydney so I don't think i'd mind the rural aspect too much. Will have to go visit that part of the states one day to see what it is like.

Its not that they are associated with those other things. Its that they come across as..

Well here.

This is what people think of as a 'communist' in america.

>any indication of normies
fucking RIOTERS should be SHOT

Really underrated for its nature.

For the love of god never ever go to towns in Idaho. People there are shit.

The nature scene is AMAZING THOUGH

Me and my friend used to make fun of its name because it sounds like your saying "I da ho".