Post the equivalent of "Fuck off!" in your language. Give an explanation or translation if it's quite different

Post the equivalent of "Fuck off!" in your language. Give an explanation or translation if it's quite different.


it's not

Russian it's
Иди нaхyй
Basically, it literally means something like: go to dick
Implying to fuck a dick kinda

Eik šikt
In english it would mean "go take a poop"
Our language doesn't have insults that would be hurtful actually I can't even think of any


>Chinga tu madre
fuck your mother.

Chupalo that means suck it
Anda a cagarte that means go take a shit

Ot yebis' (Oтъeбиcь)
Literally fuck off.


Based of the prefix "dé" which in English is "un" and the word "câlice" which is the cup used to pour wine at church. It doesn't make a lot of sense but all of our swears are based off of church related words, kind of like an Anglo would say "damn".

In Swiss German:
"Hau ab!" means Leave!
"Verreis!" means Go on a journey!


>mfw décalisse quite literally means "un-chalice" (if "to chalice" was a verb)

Andate a la puta (Go to the bitch)
Terehona ejapiro mba'e (Go peel off your foreskin)

Coma mierda/vayase a la mierda (eat shit/go to shit)
Ábrase (literally "open up")
Anda a cagar (go to shit)
Raja de acá (literally "cut off from here")
Fuera/largo de aqui (fuck off)

"painu vittuun!"
lit. go into a cunt

or "suksi vittuun!"
which means to ski into a cunt

>Vai à merda
>Vai pra puta que te pariu
>Vai tomar no cu

1. Иди нaхyй
2. Idź w chuj

>Ábrete a la verga morro!!
means to fuck off and get out of my way
we northern alpha mexican males use it all the time against the southerns beta indians like chilangos or oaxacos


Get a big black dog up ya

Andá a cagar
Andate a la mierda
Rajá de acá
Andate a la puta que te parió

vai se foder


"Иди нaхyй" is more like "go fuck yourself".
This user is right.

Spent some time in Vilniaus. What about this? Špygą taukuotą!

Fuck off!


I googled it to learn more, and one of the results is a string of French words involving


How does this make any grammatical sense you fucking Quebecois

"Haista vittu"
go smell a cunt
"Suksi vittuun"
go ski in a cunt
"Painu helvettiin"'
go to hell

Dra åt helvete
Pull to hell

classic finland

Get fucked cunt

"yeah, nah, you're a cunt"
In english it would translate to "I have no respect for you and find you tedious" or something like that.


Get bent!

Kanker op!

Cancer up!

'I understand your position and reasoning behind your arguments and/or statements but I respectfully disagree with them and you.'

>"Suksi vittuun"
>go ski in a cunt

Holy shit my sides

>go ski in a cunt

Oh Finland

Siktir git!
it means "get fucked and leave"

J' = je

anda a cagar = fuck you
andate a la mierda = go fuck yourself
raja de aca = get the fuck out
andate a la puta que te pario = ???

Verpiss dich - basically piss off

anda a cagar (go take a shit)
andate a la mierda (go to shit)
raja de aca (run out of here)
andate a la puta que te pario (go inside the bitch that gave birth to you)

לך תזדיין
Lekh tizdayen
Go get fucked

עוף מפה
Uf mepo
Fly away

كوم بي
Gom be
Litterally means (stand with it)
Implaing shove one up yours and stand up
(Works only in iraq as far as i'm aware)

Yeah this one is used when you don't want to give something to someone, like "Fuck off, you can't have any of that".

At least that's how I understand it.

"Fuck off" would probably be "Atsipisk" which means literally "Fuck off".