>Drinking shitty water

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>Havelock north not red

Why don't Russians have good water? They went to space.

>clean water in the middle of no where in siberian swamplands

they don't even have paved roads in most of their country. it's big, and frozen, and difficult to build infrastructure.

Canada has similar problems, but at least it doesn't turn to soup in the summer. Russia literally has to bomb their rivers to keep floods from destroying everything when they thaw.

> TFW no flouride in water

Feels good man. Doesn't taste like pool water.

we got chlorine

you do realise fluoride is tasteless right?

not in large quantities


Fluoride is objectively good for you though.

Well, in Perth it did taste just like pool water. I just couldn't drink the tap water there.

Why are other countries so fucking horrid? How hard is it to be civilised?


>implying murrica has safe drinking water

Shouldn't alcohol kill bacteria in the water? Why not add alcohol in the drinking water to disinfect it?

We have fine tap water. This has been posted a gazillion times.

That's where ale, beer etc. came from, that's how Europeans used to purify water to make it safe to drink. Not by literally adding alcohol, but by making alcoholic drinks.

Safe as fuck. Better than safe. Ours has minerals added for taste. Lol

One year in my local city's history, the access to clean water broke and we (they) could only drink beer

>implying the Netherlands isn't one spilled glass away from a watery grave
Why do you even drink anything at all lmao

It's safe to drink tap water in almost any part of Russia, there's no guarantee tho.

Didn't you have a lot of problems with mercury contamination in the 90s

Why bother colouring Africa? It's not like they have any tap water to begin with.

Maybe, I don't know. Either way it's not a problem anymore, I can drink from my tap in 2k16.

Thats what they want you to think


Well, I wouldn't hesitate if someone offered me a glass of water from any tap in almost every city in Russia. Better?

What's more important, that is what I want to think.

Bottled water was a joke that comedians told until the early 2000's. When I was a child in the 1990s I thought only people in Hollywood drank water from plastic bottles. Turns out there is a savage world out there where people dont get unlimited fresh water delivered by pipes to their house.


Bottled water is one the most successful conspiracies out there. That's what capitalism leads to, I guess (yes, I'm a communist).

Eastern europe confirmed not white

No. In my homecity i can drink tap water absolutely safe, but in nearby town drink tap water is suicide.

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You triggered so much ruskies.

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>safe water
pick one

I've never had trouble with the tap water here desu. At least it doesn't have fluoride in it I guess.

>give lead poisoning to entire town
>tell second worlders their tap water is unsafe
wew lad

Boдa плoхaя.

>USA safe

Oregon doesn't allow fluoride in its water. Oregon has some of the best water in the world.