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When's the debate?

Up your ass

No. What the fuck are you doing you absolute mong?

>jerk off to normal furry porn for a solid 30 minutes
>barely a wiggle
>suddenly imagine my sister sucking my wiener
>cum in like 30 seconds
what is wrong with me

tomorrow 6PM best coast time


Beautiful art desu

I REALLY need to eat a shit

long time /brit/ poster here seeking refuge from hilo latino's "raid"

what is this paki flag doing here?

Football is for dads?

I think I'm going to drop out of school buds

fuck it I'm out

why the sudden decision?

Yes my son



Surprising amount of flags in Greenland desu

We should raid /lat/




you can't make /lat/ any worse than it already is

lol, it is exactly 10 tracks in this album. Kek

Yeh budi
From Up On Poppy Hill


You'd be pissing in the wind

>raid a shithole

lol what's going on?

literally impossible

the entire thread is nothing but high simpsons and calling each other ___ANO

they wouldn't even notice a change

that was a good one

I was moving some boxes to my new house and my floppies fell out of one of the boxes in front of some kids

what about it

I've got a bunch of homework due that I haven't even touched and overall I feel like I'm wasting my time. All of the people I know are out working enjoying their lives and all I'm doing here is aimlessly spending money trying to complete a useless degree that I've gotten myself into.

It would be worse to stay and waste my time

Does anyone else have a folder for asian women?
Some guy thinks it's weird

some fucking music festival sold out and these runts are jumping the fence to get in

I've got one buddy
Hardly weird

Is it really useless? Like art history?

10 tracks in a trump album
wall is 10ft higher joke.

have you considered switching majors?

Im changing to a history major/CS minor

lmao what a bunch of pathetic ingrates

I would strongly advise against dropping out lad

lmfao, why is security so bad?






I think so
It's a language degree
I have no idea what to switch to

taming the runts

whats a good album to listen to when i finish penthouse suite buds

What's your excuse for not doing homework?


Really like saying the word "runt" 2bh

you dont even have a minor?

what else are you good at?

Ive been to that university. Reeks of manure, but Davis is a neat little city

Go to a trade school and learn something useful.

can tell you're from /cum/ and not /brit/

will be stealing this gimmick

you have to say it like so or else its no fun

I can't sleep

Street Sects End Position

why would you go to bed at 9:40?

How far are you into your degree?
I'd still highly recommend finishing whichever you're in assuming you've been there for any length of time. College degree, no matter how memey, will help you out in the long run quite a bit


I'm not sure. I really don't have one, I just didn't do it. I have lost the drive to do my work and stay on top of my responsibilities but lately I have felt really dead inside and the will to do things has gone away.
I'm miserable to be honest. Even though I'm doing a useless degree I still enjoy it, but has been gone lately.
I honestly could finish my homework right now if I wanted to but I can't find the motivation.

nah say it like this

It's 12:39 here

>moderately attractive
>get hit on by girls
>still a loner with no social skills
how do I deal with these feels

im no Cred Forumsmale
what genre is that

Shit I need to eat?!

no an album but helps with my feels tonight.

Kys chad

ree im not high pitched

It's weird

Not that I know of
I worked on cars before school but I don't want to work in the automotive industry.
I wouldn't mind working on planes.
I would if I could be decisive.
I'm 1 semester away from getting a degree. I want to finish
I just feel like I need someone next to me cheering me on at the moment, because so far everything feels pointless.


>1 semester away
Why are you even considering not finishing it
Just power through one semester and then you can be a lazy shit. At least get the degree

I'm not a chad. I'm a closeted robot who has to force himself to interact with people.

Look like eggsama

Sounds like you need a friend

>moderately attractive
>get hit on by girls
Actually end your life

>quitting school with 1 semester left

I need to eat fuck banana

What's your major?


What sort of classes do you take for a language degree?


your loss

Yeah it does.

I can always go back and finish them when I get my shit together.

It's a language degree

all I have left are gen ed classes.

latest match

looks like /blackgf/ could become a reality haha


>tfw determined to ask a black girl out tomorrow
why are cute black girls so superior

Because the good black girls are like quality posts on Cred Forums

one in a million

yourman tier post

genuinely thought you were just a yank trying to put on an accent


USA has posted nearly 80 times
Canada has posted 6 times
Mexico 5 times

does Canada and Mexico hate cum now? remember the good times buds.. it's us against the world.

this plus ones that like white guys may as well go ahead and raise that million by a couple orders of magnitude haha

*farts loudly and wafts the stank towards you*

i hate niggers

Does that underage little rodent post here too?

Only know him from /brit/

God tier post

regrettably yes

yanks pretending to do an irish accent dont sound irish at all
dunno where that accent comes from honestly
its weird though, the proportion of black qts compared to whites is a few percentage points lower, but the qtness is concentrated like 10,000 times more

*turns on a fan and blows it back*


i havent posted on /brit/ in months

yeah i think most white girls are good looking and that almost no black girls are but i'm definitely going to try to get with this girl

fun fact: white men with black women have the lowest divorce rate in america

that's alright lad we're all white here

>Furry porn




that's also the rarest pairing so the statistical pool is too small to draw from haha



My mom is afro-carribbean and my dad is white, they divorced when i was 5


What is a dakota? I heard someone mention it sometime

Evening there. How are you doing today?

Any fellow golfers ITT?

The passing of Arnold Palmer is honestly hitting me p hard
Almost to tears desu


I'm not going to drop out
I honestly just teared up like a bitch for a while but I have to realize that shit is tough, and if I'm going to give up when things get difficult, then I'm worth nothing. I'm letting this stupid depression consume me and that's idiotic.

I can finish all of my work by the time it's due if I seriously put myself the grindstone. I just need to be stronger than my anxieties.

Thanks for hearing me out buds and wish me luck.

its still a 30% divorce rate iirc but its a good deal lower than average

A specific tribe of native Americans that inhabit the Black Hills area and the Northern Plains

I dont play golf, but I'll watch it if theres a tourney on TV

super comfy

I'm posting from my xbox one

about to head out for work

hows your evening/night?

the family is dead its pretty sad

hopefully i can raise my children in a normal and stable environment

I'm trying my hardest to make sure I don't kill myself

but everything is fine

Go back to Cred Forums I'm so tired of seeing these ridiculous info graphs all over the place

I'm going to /qa/ RIGHT NOW to get the new Cred Forums owners to shut down Cred Forums and Cred Forums posting

Wish you the best

>what is wrong with me.

my familys pretty fucked up too tb h
ah well, just have to do something with me own life i guess

I don't understand this fascination black people have with suckerpunching strangers.

i dont go on Cred Forums
its not that common but its ghetto glorification of violence especially against whitey


Pretty sure he was mugging him.

What about spics?

Okay, but what's the purpose of the go-pro?

>facts are Cred Forums
please leave tumblr or also Cred Forums

Data N/A

i dunno but i imagine spics in general have low divorce rates

she's a shit eater

xbox one has no games

Probably during a protest (riot).

>ireland has the lowest divorce rate in europe
>parents still got divorced
haha epic banter lads

my uncle has been married to a white lady for almost 30 years now if not longer

>no scale
>no sample size
>online dating site



thanks bud

Shuzo Matsuoka made me realize

>yourman is posting

okay, so you're an actual 13 year old child. how about you just calm the heck down mister? if your momma saw you typing such things...!

He was wearing something that makes it hard for surveillance cameras to see him.

okay, so you're an actual 13 year old child. how about you just calm the heck down mister? if your momma saw you typing such things...!

Hahahha fuck Australians

>xbox one has no games
not true. i'd still love to have an actual gaming pc though
also i'm typing with a controller and this took like 5 minutes to type

I could literally beat any here in a fight and I wouldn't just win I would win handily

I could easily fuck each and every one of you pathetic sacks of shit up beyond all recognition

I would have to exercise restraint to not kill you all that's how badly the beating would be

You would literally be in the hospital sucking your meals through a straw and shitting and pissing in a diaper for at least 6 months before you could even muster the strength to leave your hospital bed

Fuck you all

I really want a Delaware gf

>Im typing with a controller

What are u listening to /cum/?


Can't believe Your man is a homo

prove it faggot

Ah, okay. I judged him prematurely.

I have a ps4 but I´m too poor to afford a a pc gaming and too retard to build it.

Try me

Was about to turn on some Mountain Goats or something but I decided to relish the silence. Feels good for everything to be quiet for once.

would rather listen to the death rattle of my firstborn


>Arnold Palmer dies
>José Fernandez dies at the age of 24

Fuck this SportsCenter is heavy

I wasnt expected to cry tonight when I turned on the tv

What is a good workout to do before going to sleep?

suck my dick 50 times then finger your butt 100 times

Edgy desu



Do you ever feel like you're stuck inside a human and all you can do is watch and wait for it to die?

wish I could say the same thing about your music


Your man is a runt


say that to my face

He's a certified homo

I had no idea yourman was gay

you're a runt

i tried mobileposting once and i was absolutely repulsed by the experience, hard to believe this cuck is posting from his gaming console

I'm cutting back buds
I'm going to see if I can do 3 a week

I haven't done push ups in a long time
I hope my form isn't shit

its just some autistic fella who impersonates me
i dont even go by that name anymore
>tfw 6'4 and built like a brick shithouse

if everyone on /cum/ was put in a steel cage and forced to fight to the death I would easily be the last man standing, genuinely

i sit here sometimes looking at the smart arse posts you little students and neets make and just chuckle to myself because if you ever said anything like that to my face (as if you would dare) you could literally be eating pavement in under a second

think on

what the fuck I can zoom out really far and the whole site just disappears off the screen

Condoms are gay

std's aren't

t. gay

Some lads in my classroom started watching anime on the big screen


What madmen
When I was in Mexico a couple of months ago I got to hang out with my cousins and their friends. It was loads of fun, you guys have a silly sense of humor.


I didn't know Mexico had first world classrooms

askaskajaksjakkskajask puto

>latin americans watching shitty mainstream shonen

all going according to keikaku...

You should of pulled him aside and stopped him. He just committed social suicide.


saved this picture

>Afro Caribbean mom and white dad

Same here. My parents stuck though. Pretty much every second white kid I knew in school had divorced parents.

Every goddamn time


The have anime tier uniforms too.

I wish our schools had some form of order and made uniforms more mandatory.

My school had that lame ass navy blue + white collar pleb tier thing going on.

What are you planning to do with it?

This is what I do too half breeds that post without my permission.

what island brah

Hispaniola here

Wouldn't you like to know


Leaving me in suspense

I won't forget this

ugly face though

Is this normal in America?

I'd breed with this

I'm not a fan of asians but she is great

In my neighborhood it is

We all agree that Morocco is an exception to the future napalm bombings of all Muslim countries right?

She's got a beautiful body

Never seen one.

Are you talking about FREE SMALL KOFEE?

No, only in big cities with high crime rates




Holy sheit


In the absolute most hood places yes

When I lived in DC I would sometimes venture into sketchy areas just to walk around and see "the other of the tracks" so to speak (no one ever fucked with me cause I'm a big ass dude and kept a Bowie knife strapped to my belt) and would stop by liquor stores to pick up a pint of whiskey to sip on while walking around and many were like that
You had to yell to the attendant what you wanted and then put the money in this revolving bullet proof glass thing and then he would put the bottle in and spin it and then voila! you'd have your beer/liquor/pack of smokes/bag of chips/etc

>she keeps talking to you the day after you first spoke to her

let me guess, software engineering right?

Demi Moore had a nice bush

Hello there

I never went to uni and I make more money than all of my mates from highschool who went off to uni including those who now have master's degrees

I'm a roughneck
Vid related


What? What are you talking about?

looks rough, do you earn more than an engineer?

>no one ever fucked with me cause I'm a big ass dude and kept a Bowie knife strapped to my belt


The on site drilling engineers make more but all the software and civil engineers I know make less than I do

had to be, your bunch is the must friki/otaco of all

The difference is they'll be having a nice comfy retirement at 65

You'll be having a nice retirement at 50 but then die soon after that due to the stress

what about electrical engineers?
I'd like to use my degree to go work to another country

I don't think working your body to its limit for a short term gain is a good thing, but you do you.

Asbestos is legal in the USA?

half the classroom are freaks and the other half are buchones wasting their time

Electrical engineers get paid pretty well, maybe $65k starting. It's pretty stagnant right now, if American EEs are having a hard time finding work you probably won't be able to.

Nah once you get too old to be a roughneck you become a rig operator which isnt hard manual labor and strenuous physical activity actually keeps the body healthy
Notice how fat fucks and people who sit behind a desk all day develop all these medical issues like carpal tunnel and blood clots and other shit that comes from sitting all day
The human body wasn't meant to sit all day it was built for work

It's very hard to find engineering work here with a degree from a foreign nation (aside from software which they really don't care so long as you show proficiency in what they want you to do)


was she the original waifu of the 90's-2000's youth?

they'll go to industrial engineering at 4th-5th semester, mark my words

>No tits
May from Pokemon was original 2000's waifu

>tfw work Security

My job might as well be called "Dealing with fucking retarded drunk native scum"

God I hope one day one of them attacks me so I can put their fucking face into the fucking ground. Fuck natives. We should have genocided them like the Americans did.

I usually work 12 hour days for 14 days straight then get 14 days off

Plenty of rest and food will keep you in good shape

It's definitely not for everyone but I can't imagine sitting behind a desk all day for 40 years straight that would drive me nuts

Ellen Page is still an absolute beauty.

If my poopy intel pentium laptop can run Fallout New Vegas and Ultra Street Fighter 4 and barely run GTA 4, can it run Mortal Kombat 9?


wasn't my waifu at the time desu

I love you

mmh, I see
just to be sure, electrical also includes electronic engineering right?
here they are two different things, but afaik in the us electronic electronic is considered a branch of electrical engineering

Good opinion.

>not pink power ranger

who is that?

reminds me of carmen sandiego

Electronic engineering is the meme version of electrical engineering.

Oh do go on

fuck you, m8

Chukotka can type there?


I thought electronic engineering was just learning how to fix electronical systems rather than electrical engineering which is learning the physical processes and methematical models behind electricity

I don't think I've ever met anyone more loveable than you
I wish I could hug you through the internet

Yeah, it's a more hands-on and less theory-oriented version of electrical engineering. All things being equal, someone with an electrical degree is favored over someone with an electronics degree usually.

a cartoon called Cybersix that was based on an Argentinian comic, was animated by japs, and was regularly broadcasted in Canada


you're thinking about a technician, an engineering would be the one making electronic devices

She had a bra scene in a movie. Was pretty nice



that ending credits song is snazzy af

I dont think we are talking about the same thing

I don't think they compete for the same jobs those

For instance the electrical engineer at a power plant would be the guy on the computer running things and the electronic engineer would be the guy who fixes shit when it breaks or would that just be an electrician?

the first one would be a chemical engineer

>two 18 year old girls in my classroom have started asking me questions about sex
What could it mean, lads? they are both virgins

I'm Fap Man, and you are too. No, he's the two of us together. Where we are today, we built it. This story, this 'legend', it's ours. We can change the world, and with it, the future. I am you and you are me. Carry that with you wherever you go. Thank you, my friend. From here on out, you're Fap Man

just finished watching akira desu
what a trip that was

>no animation ever will never be able to top Canada's cultural tour de force during the early 2000's



>avatar tripfags

ost sounds great


think about a washing machine: the supply would be electrical, the board where you choose the cycle time and that stuff would be electronic

Cybersix was GOAT.

>tfw satellite TV
>tfw relaxed CRTC regulations
>tfw we'll never have late 90's / early 2K's Canadian TV again

Shit was comfy. Between the ridiculous dubs, random alterations (remember the Canadian DBZ OP?), and the public messages...oh man.

Now it's literally just American TV, sometimes with commercials changed to Canadian ones. But I guess we couldn't hold off the media of our neighbours 10x our size forever.

pls respond

Get a job, poorfag

No it can't
now get out of here you wimp

>tfw you will never own a North American house hippo


Goodnight buds

I just had my last fap of the week
and from now on I'm only going to do 3 a week

>tomorrow I'll get my free TLOZ: OoT for 3ds
thanks doritos

hi ;)
may I post a question about English language right here right now?


I dont see why not


Catholics and Presbyterians are both very-much anti-divorce, that and Irish folk tend to be more religious than others in general.

Protestants are evil 2bh


What is the difference between feral and wild?
When I say "feral cat", what type of cats do you imagine?

t. Catholic

Mercy is for soldier 76 only

Catholics burnt Protestants at the stake

So did Jesus say true Christians will be persecuted, or the ones doing the persecuting?

Wild generally refers to something that has always been wild eg; a lion. Feral usual refers to something that was once domesticated and is now basically wild.

That's fine I'm fine with anyone except forced homosexuality and genji

feral is usually what you would expect to be more violent or nasty, wild could just mean an animal without an owner or a home.

i.e a feral cat is one that snarls and hisses at an owner, baring its claws and scratching towards you, while a wild cat could be a feeble or old and just out in the street sleeping

>at an owner
those make sense
the point is whether they are concerned with human or not?

>tfw actually interested in languages and foreign cultures
I guess I shouldn't be hanging around Cred Forums then.
What are some good websites for this kind of stuff?

a feral human would be someone like a caveman, or one of those people "raised by wolves"

I dont think 'wild' really applies to humans

>What are some good websites for this kind of stuff?
Cred Forums and Cred Forums

There is no such thing as foreign culture anymore
all there is, is American with an accent

Basically yeah. Feral animals are descended from domesticated animals that have left the care of humans, and have become wild.
Its a pretty loose term in practice, people will use wild and feral interchangeably.

good one

I get it, thanks
in Japanese language, both are translated as 野生の (yasei-no) so they are quite confusing
anyway thank you very much

You're welcome. Its funny that both languages have a similar problem with that particular word, but for different reasons

Who sleeps nude here?

I sleep with a thin t-shirt on and nothing below the waist.


Sometimes, in the summer. Usually I just wear a t-shirt and underwear. Not a big fan of actual pajamas even in the winter

pls remove yourself from the family portrait.
Do not take this as an insult but you're just a guest, not family.

Anyone who doesn't sleep nude is a lunatic.

Hell, I'm naked as soon as I'm home, and stay that way until I have to go out (or have visitors).

wasnt me who made these :^)

Made a late night whataburger run buds


Then stop spreading latvian propoganda on /cum/.


I wanted some fucking eggs and I don't have any at home

I miss doing late night food/booz/drug runs with the squad during college.

Late night cashiers amuse me desu. The guy I had tonight, he looked so high on caffeine I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head

>sexualizing EEnE

i will find you

you guys make these ;^)

That's a myth that is perpetuated by the latvians.

reminder that latvia will ALWAYS play second fiddle to estonia