What's ancient books to read?

Any suggestions?

I plan on reading
>Tao te ching

Suggest more

whatever interests you desu
if you do them like homework you won't like it

So just religous ones?



Journey to the West and Epic of Gilgamesh type ones too


jttw is very religious


Out of curiosity, is the Iliad and the Odyssey in the US school's programme?

Historia Regum Britanniae

The Voynich manuscript

This, Beowulf is fucking hardcore and awesome.

odyssey mostly

Corpvs Ivris Civilis

I read them in my school's curriculum. Don't know if most of the nation does it since standardization isn't really popular here.

Odyssey was the first book I read in hs

My favourite books are:
Art of war by Sun Zi
The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli
The book of five rings by Miyamoto Musashi
Psychology of the mass by Gustave Le Bon

They don't fit into your examples, but they are a pretty enlightening read.

What about the Mabinogion or Gargantua if you didn't read them?

nope, we did lots of brit victorial/romantic period like bronte and dickens

Machiavelli is pretty cool, I don't know why people think hes evil when really hes just trying to teach you about how to make the best out of a bad situation and not get yourself fucking killed in the cutthroat world of Monarchism.

>Art of war by Sun Zi
interested in this one. but I know I can't digest it because of my lack of experience and damaged brain. In fact I've read a book that compares Art of war and On War by Clausewitz. But I couldn't learn a thing from it.

I want to read the Epic of Gilgamesh, not sure if it's worth it though. It is believed to be the oldest surviving piece of literature

comparison is pretty bad because art of war should be read as metaphorically, on war is pretty specific

very worth it, the original heroic cycle

Beowulf is pretty cool. My friend is actually from the Frisian tribe mentioned in Beowulf.

The Art of War isn't a book you understand immediately. I have read it countless times and after every read I learn something knew. If you are doing any kind of competitive activity e.g. buiseness, gaming, sports or anything that you consider a human being as an opponent, try to appy Sun Zis mentality to it. Sometimes you only learn his lessons in a practical sorounding.

I forgot to mention Arthur Schopenhauer: The Art of Being Right. Ths one is a very enlightening read, too.

>comparison is pretty bad because art of war should be read as metaphorically, on war is pretty specific
The core idea of the book is to let you skim the cream of the both books while comparing them. But it seems like having a decent amount of experience in business or military is a prerequisite for that. It was too abstract for me desu.