Why are Americans so racist?

Why are Americans so racist?

ignorant people are usually racists

Why aren't you more racist? Secondly why don't go you back to wherever you came from because I know real Australians don't give a shit.

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Stupid people are usually racist

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Bad parents

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Why must many Americans be constantly exposed to violent people from another race

Because those violent people from another race are also Americans

Because their country was built along ethnic lines, including in between whites which did eventually institutionalize racism and discrimination. That they built their national identity upon whiteness probably didn't help either, and is likely the reason even today Americans have a problem dealing with ethnic diversity.

It will pass to some extent, eventually they must come to accept people that are not purely European in ancestry as part of their mainstream, although their relationship with blacks is likely to remain complicated into the foreseeable future.

Keep in mind most of the people posting here are jerks and biggots and not entirely representative.

it won't pass because of economic segregation, it will last as long as the nation is old

Yeah, so how do we solve that issue?

Treat your fellow citizens with the respect they deserve

I'm not, and I won't go into it, but I'm pissed about it too.

deportation of all those unwilling to work

Fucking /thread

Quality post from our neighboring brother. Just because a lot of people in my country see mexico as a shit hole waste of land doesn't mean that we all feel that way. I personally love Mexican people, culture and food. I've never once met a Mexican that I wouldn't love to spend a day with

americans aren't necessarily racist they just hate anything that comes between them and 6 hours of must-see-tv on the la-z-boy with a bag of pork rinds

Americans (not just the white ones) are obsessed with race.

the people who are literally killing other people? They don't deserve respect

deport to where

because the democratic party has been inciting racism since its inception

>pork rinds
>not cracklin
bad choice

Hell for all I care. It's either that or forcing them to perform several hours of labor every week to make up for the services they're using

Because people never shut the fuck up about race and ethnicity

t. CHI

I don't care about skin color but niggers are scum. 52% of homicide is committed by niggers dispute being 13% of the population. I guess a group with an average IQ of 85 can't survive in a society that requires an education.

Also in a black-white violent crime there is a 84.9% chance that the criminal is black.

This is all from DOJ statistics.

Don't associate with niggers, only death or segregation can solve this chimp problem and you can't have good southern parties anymore.

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America is a country of mutts, they focus so much on muh heritage because they have no ethnic or cultural identity. Europe is racist too, sure, but they focus on ethnicity rather than the super general concept of "white".

double-think, the modern religion

How does my mindset affect DOJ data. Look at reality not what you want. (I want a reality without nigger but oh well) The data proves what worthless welfare leaches niggers are. They move into a neighborhood and it turns to shit. It must rub off of them.

They changed the retard IQ level from 85-70 because half of niggers were below 85

.Niggers receive the highest funding per black student. Yet they preform the worst out of every race.

Its not about the skin color of niggers its about the way they behave in society. Indian people (not natives) are dark yet they are great. In general they outperform almost every ethnic group in America mostly because of their high racial IQ.

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>lightly banter a friend about being from Africa
>Random American tourists butts in "Dat's racist plz stop thnx"
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anonymous board, we can express how we really feel