Why didn't you visit Poland yet?

Why didn't you visit Poland yet?

Not a masochist

I actually did a few times. Lots of churches you guys got there, putting it lightly.

Being surrounded with culture and history is considered masochism in USA?

That explains a lot.

I did, the booze was cheap

I want to. I had the chance to, but i went to Serbia instead.

Well, you know.
Being beheaded by the bunch of nationalistic poles it's not what I looking for.

Petersburg has a lot of orthodox churches as well, when I've been there they were basically at every corner(in the center).

I hope you bought superior plum Spolica, Żołądkowa Gorzka or Żubrówka :3

There were no cases of assault on russian citizens because of their nationality since like 3-4 years :) I think that says a lot.


>like 3-4 years
wow, thats the progress

I thought we were supposed to invest in Poland, not visit it.

Visitors leave money ;)

Well that's much more than what we can say about russian and beating up Poles because it happends few times a year just in Kaliningrad oblasc.

:3 !

I did. Saw Warsaw and Krakow.

Poles are genuinely my favourite peoples in Europe. At least, your club music is better than the cock they play in the UK.
And your Vodka :3

im poor and will probably never go to another country. Ive been to another state once.

I d-don't know what to say ;_;

Would I want to?

Thank you :3 !

There is much more to see than just Warsaw and Kraków though.

It's shit

This user get's it


no need when you're always "visiting" us instead