Cred Forums is just Cred Forums-lite

>Cred Forums is just Cred Forums-lite

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>the international subforum on tumblr is inactive, so you settle with Cred Forums

>not being a racist

>south african says be racist
>still not sure if white or a (((((native)))))

not really

Cred Forums is actually one of the few places where Cred Forums hasn't found a stranglehold yet

Cred Forums has completely infested /r9k/, /ck/, /fit/, Cred Forums, and other large boards

but Cred Forums, /adv/, Cred Forums are relatively neutral

actually Cred Forums isn't really Cred Forums. All the racebait threads are just started by insecure Latinos, and they don't count as Cred Forums because, well, they're insecure Latinos.

the scandinavians, brits, Americans, and Slavs are probably the most Cred Forums flags, especially Cred Forumsand but they tend to not be overtly obnoxious about it, at least compared to other boards.

Cred Forums has always been Cred Forums with flags. It still haven't change now Cred Forums has actually flags.

>why is everybody calling me racist?

not really

Cred Forums is a trash board but Cred Forums is quite redeemable desu

>Cred Forums is just a wannabe Cred Forums
>Cred Forums is just a wannabe Cred Forums+/tg/+/soc/+/r9k/+Cred Forums+Cred Forums

m8 bushmen don't into computers

>Cred Forums is wannabe Cred Forums



Our brand of racism is far superior to Cred Forumss.
Plus does Cred Forums have generals filled with non-whites including a (now defunct) Israel general? Didn't think so.

Cred Forums's ideologies are correct though

This makes sense

Cred Forums is what Cred Forums would be if half of Cred Forumsellectuals weren't normies


There still some common sense here, just avoid cancerous generals like /fr/

Race does not exist

Cred Forums is all about hippy dippy European unification, we wuz equal europeans bullshit.

I come to Cred Forums mostly for shitposting tbqh with you lads. Though baiting Cred Forumstards is also fun once in a while

Don't forget french flags

This, Cred Forumssters usually correlates with loneliness and social inedequacy

Cred Forums discusses news and kek happenings
Cred Forums discusses memes and who's a nigger and who's not.

The biggest difference is Cred Forums is full of anglos.

That has to be the most inaccurate thing I've read today, and I was in a flat earth thread on Cred Forums earlier.

If you say that one group of Europeans is less white than another you're bombarded with posts like

>le jewish divide and conquer shil
>jidf xDDDDD

int is just /spam/-heavy

>Race does not exist
Don't make me dump infographics

>Cred Forums discusses news
Through the lens of the DailyMail, Breitbart, and infowars
I miss when they used Russia Today, at least the bias was admitted

>who's a nigger and who's not.
Those threads are awful

>I have no personality besides being white
>dae slavs are subhumans
>ebin Portugal edit :DDD
>we wuz Mongols

That's just a meme, you dip

You can blame Moot with this. We were clean until he decided to delete /new/ and made those retards to take this board as a refugee camp before it was re-opened as the Cred Forums you know today

Have you read the Cred Forums sticky? It's against the rules to even ask about who is white.

>be me
>want to check what this Cred Forums is after 2 years of Cred Forums and /tg/ browsing
>go to Cred Forums
>every 2nd thread is "HAPPENINGS OMHMYGOD"
Yeah. I don't think anyone but Cred Forums during football world/euro cup can be as spam heavy as Cred Forums is.

dump away, doesn't change shit
race is a social construct

Don't, I'm not on computer so I don't have other infographics to counter dump, just links

are you estupido?
hiro (mook), is now the admin of Cred Forums

The difference is that Cred Forums's racism is fun whereas Cred Forums's is just cringey

Besides, Cred Forums is basically /r9k/ with flags

Trips for truth
And this infographics are always a gish gallop of half-truths and outdated studies anyway

This board is nothing but generals and Australian easter spam get a grip

Cred Forums is full of normies/semi-normies

It's also against the rules to post get threads. What's your point, faggot?

>implying pointing out that something is a social construct makes it irrelevant
>implying identity politics doesn't make it relevant
>inb4 implying implications

moot deleted /new/ because the stormfags took over and eventually opened Cred Forums as a containment board for the cancer. That was before gookmoot

More like uni students pretending to be normies


No. /v4/ and /polska/ has quite some normies, semi-normies role playing autists or neets.



Levontin fallacy - ancestry via DNA is possible but only concerns a ridiculously small part of it

Races are gradients like pic related - no clear cut lines

/int has substantialy less cancer

Fugg wrong picture

Population =/= race

Not clicking that

>colours don't exist because of gradients
>races don't exist because of gradients
It's either both, or neither.

Not an argument + it's as sourced as wikipedia

Colours are arbitrarily defined, same with races
Hence stupid endless debates on "are slavs white xDDD"

Cred Forums = Cred Forums and /r9k/ lite + Cred Forums

>Not an argument
It wasn't meant to be you spastic

use this next time

You're forgetting one very important ethnic group

>ancestry via DNA is possible
It literally defines everything about one's body.

>The fact that the hue of human skin (darkering, reddening) and hair (lightening) can start to gently shift — in a matter of mere hours, no less — following simple exposure to sunlight further illustrates the abyss between racialist premises and actual human biology.
If this were the cause all your darker friends over there would look like albinos.

And then pic related.
>Racialized phenotypes can differ considerably between closely-related individuals, like the members of this extended family from Cape Town South Africa.
Coloureds, as they're called here, are the result of white and black parents. They're completely irrelevant to the millennia-old races I'm talking about.

>Colours are arbitrarily defined, same with races
Yeah no shit. The genes aren't perfectly grouped but they're still distinct.


They weren't naturally born like that

What makes you say that? Cred Forums has a diversity of opinions and beliefs.

Check out this thread from a while ago.

No one is saying genetic differences don't exist. In this analogy, the genetic differences are colours, and the races are regions of similar colours. The boundaries of those groups can be shifted depending on the society.

Not really, there is way less rightards here. People from 2nd/3rd world cunts here are predominantly liberal. But pol existence is a cancer killing Cred Forums. I think that this board should be closed and all altrights permabanned for poisoning this board.

Not really, there is way less rightards here. People from 2nd/3rd world cunts here are predominantly liberal. But pol existence is a cancer killing Cred Forums. I think that this board should be closed and all altrights permabanned for poisoning this board.

Cred Forums racism is just casual shitbost racism that's done for fun whileas Cred Forums racism is ideologically driven (also shitposting driven in many cases ofc), also the types of threads we have here are very different from theirs.

Holy shit im chatting with a bunch of censoring babbys.
Grow a pair ppl, please.


But thats racist against finnish culture.

it's Cred Forums with flags

not even kidding

I still have to sift through shit-generals to find an interesting thread

at least people here are educated (I.E. not Cred Forums tier) on international events

never before has propaganda been so entertaining

Nothing on Cred Forums is "like Cred Forums" anymore because Cred Forums is just exclusively a Reddit/newfag playground now with very few actual original users still there. I use to lurk and post there almost all day and I barely even click on it anymore, it's just so boring, unfunny, and not clever compared to what it used to be. People are far more well-informed on current affairs on Cred Forums and are friendlier, smarter, and more laid-back than Cred Forums. Also you guys tend to be oldfags or at the very least respect and understand imageboard culture very well.

nothing wrong with being polite

I understand people not liking Cred Forums.
I've never been to Cred Forums tho.
But why the fuck are you people so butthurt about it?

A lot assume any right-wing thought is Cred Forums

Todays political shit is getting out of hand.
This decade is cancerous as fuck.

Userbase aside I could never get into Cred Forums because it's 99% American politics.

It is though

Cred Forums is nearly as anti semitic or into conspiracy memes

but we want non-white refugees to fuck off, muslims to fuck off, are for strict immigration control hate the EU, and are nationalists


>anti semitic or into conspiracy memes
kinda, depends
>want non-white refugees to fuck off, muslims to fuck off, are for strict immigration control hate the EU, and are nationalists

They are spreading their cancerous ideology aggressively. I am a commie myself but I never shit all over the board with my political agenda unlike poltards. They are extremely obnoxious, stupid and aggressive with great feel of resentment. They always complain about rightists oppressed and evil liberals killing muh free speech while they are very totalitarian themselves bullying people of other political views all over internets. So fuck pol 2bh.

How the fuck can someone be a commie?
Please enlighten me.

>but we want non-white refugees to fuck off, muslims to fuck off, are for strict immigration control hate the EU, and are nationalists
? You're deluding yourself thinking that most of int are nationalists. Maybe some europosters, I've noticed that most of poles here are right wing, for example, but most of people not. For example, Russia posters are mostly liberals, and frenchposters are left wing. Int is good because we don't have dominant political opinion here, int gathers people of all the political views.

Not a Stalinist or so. I am just a Marxist who believes in reaching the communism through technical revolution. Political revolutions suck because commie elites become corrupted in a few decades and fail. So I basically believe in a kind of commie transhumanism. Means of production would reach full automation in a future, and computing powers of modern computers would make plan economy flexible and socialism would be possible.

So thats basically living in your utopia dreams.

because russian posters are fucking idiots and most yuro posters here are not from russia

france only has that one obnoxious left wing retard. rest want the ahmeds out

fully automated luxury communism

please DM me when you find out where culture and art goes once communism is completely realized.