Is Arrogance the secret to success?

Is Arrogance the secret to success?

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Shut the fuck up

its the other way around
success tends to make you arrogant

It's no arrogance, it's just that success breeds jealousy among butthurt countries

It's part arrogance and part selfishness. People who always consider others' feelings and question the validity of their actions will simply never have the confidence to accomplish anything great.

in a fish eat fish world of course

French people aren't as arrogant as they are narcissistic

you cannot be humble and narcissistic at the same time

The French marketing must be the best in the world... Even some Australians think France is somewhat successful


Maybe it's the colour of the flag

Its called the power of positivity.

Its how the nazis almost won too even though they were totaly unprepared for war and fought it on the back of pack animals and scavenged tanks.


The REAL secret of power is combination of colours on your flag. All countries with white, blue and red colours are cool.

No, winning is the secret to success except if you're France (their secret to success is surrendering)

>an Anglo calling France successful
A-am I dreaming?

>without a huge coalition

Agreed. Three stripe flags are fucking shithouse though.

Coalitions are how you win tho

Going alone is how you lose