>The earliest Finnish immigrants into the US were colonialists who were Swedes in the legal sense and perhaps spoke Swedish. They settled in the Swedish colony, and were supposed to have assimilated into the British culture quickly.[11] More recent Finns were on several occasions "racially" discriminated against[12] and not seen as white, but "Asian". The reasons for this were the arguments and theories about the Finns originally being of Mongolian instead of "native" European origin due to the Finnish language belonging to the Uralic and not the Indo-European language family.

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Nah we should still discriminate against Finns desu

Dont you take pride in your mongol heritage?



Sorry buddy. We were a little autistic about race back then. We should have been focusing on the jews instead.

Fuck Sweden

Please send more cute finns.
I promise I will not discriminate against them.






>see this thread
>think "are Finns really a different species?"
>think of the anglo look
>special eyes
>looks germanic
>something is still different though
>Matt Damon pops into my head
>google Matt Damon
>his grandfather is Finnish
>mfw the anglo look is a mixture of Uralic and Germanic

I am evolving

Most Anglos look nothing like Matt Damon tbqhwyf

Forgot to add that Anglos are mostly Celtic + Germanic, not Finno-Germanic

Matt Damon looks like a standard white American desu

Not really, you can see the Finnic influence in his face which most white Americans lack.

All my life I've thought that what's original anglos looked like. Stop destroying me

lol finns insecure plebs are known through out of history to pretend to be Swedish outside of their backwater shithole. But the fact remains that modern Finns are the result of mongoloids inbreeding. Its scientifically and genetically proven. nytimes.com/2008/08/13/science/13visual.html?_r=4&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&ref=science&adxnnlx=1218830409-bsEqW1iiqE8ca9Ve2tR0SA&oref=slogin

Of course they are different species. Not even niggest nigs are as retarded and deluded as finn plebs. nytimes.com/2008/08/13/science/13visual.html?_r=4&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&ref=science&adxnnlx=1218830409-bsEqW1iiqE8ca9Ve2tR0SA&oref=slogin

Matt Damon is grandpa was a Swede, lol desperate Finn would do anything to hide their mongoloidness and historical inbred genetics. That photo is a typical finn person, tell me if that old fart doesn't look the true meaning of inbred to you.

Matt Damon is like five-eights finn from mom side. This desperation is pathetic.

Apologize for what? That Finns got shit on for being immigrants?

Everyone got shit on for being immigrants.

Anti-Finnish is a codeword for anti-boypussy

real or not, still dont really care desu

Damn, that sucks. Probably more Sweden's fault than anything, due to our failing to hold onto colonies there.

You mean the Swedish colonies in the Americas?

Sweden enslaved insecure finns over 700+ years.

Ah, I didn't know those were considered 'colonies'

Yeah. Probably wouldn't have lasted in any event, but they could have been better managed.
Oh, please.

Apologize for hundreds of years of mistreating the innocent Finns

You erased our culture and morphed our history, exterminated, genocided and forcibly assimilated our people for 600+ years and got rich on our behalf.


Pay reparations for hundreds of years of misery and slavery

they're paying allright

Karma running its course is not enough, they must also pay reparations for

They weren't. Swedish colonies where New Sweden in America and St Barthelmys in the west indies.
Apologize? You think they'd had any shot of reclaiming sovereignty from Russia if Sweden hadn't developed their lands and communities?

Finns weren't the first as New Sweden was settled far after shit like Jamestown, Plymouth, Boston, New Amsterdam, etc.

>They weren't.
You colonized us, stop denying it and apologize.
>You think they'd had any shot of reclaiming sovereignty from Russia if Sweden hadn't developed their lands and communities
Cai-Göran Cuckström had no role to play in that. Again, apoogize.


Had it not been for centuries of Swedish interference it is entirely possible that Finland would have been strong enough to claim Kola and Karelia. Instead monstrous Swedes mistreated Finns for hundreds of years because they liked mistreating Finns. Apologize.

Actually you just taxed us to build swedish shit thats now ours.
lul get fucked boiiii

We didn't reclaim anything, autonomy and later inependence was granted for us. Something that would've not happened if we were still under swedish rule at the time

most finnish immigrants were political or religious outcasts

communist party of usa was founded by an finnish american,FDR had a finnish secretary of state that ensured his second term

Finland was east sweden and was treated as such by our upperclass, anything else is a lie.

That's a lie and you know it, Cai-Göran.

Why did they go through with the effort of building our second university in finland and later built the third in estonia if it was all just colonies?

It's 1675 and this woman comes up to you and says "Sir, my Swedish husband died on the journey to this colony. The magistrate says that if I don't find a man to consumate a marriage with by tomorrow morning, they will force me into the wilderness, which is surely certain death. Please help me!"

Wat do Cred Forums?

Those universities were meant for the non-Finnish Swedish-speaking aristocracy. Stop trying to make your oppression and colonialism of foreign peoples out to be some good hearted acts of altruism.

Show me the texts and sources that claim Finland was taxed/ruled differently from the rest of Sweden.

wtf I hate America now

Do they teach that swedish good-hearted colonialism BS at your schools, or why there's always at least one swede who gets triggered when this subject is brought up

t. different dood

Throw her into the Ocean to expedite the process

They teach us that everyone had it fucking shit under the poor absolute monarchy of Sweden until the 19th century where we were saved by the holy light of social democracy and industry.

Nice job dodging my point, but anyhow


I just find it a bit strange that they are paying it back to some niggers whose ancestors did even have language during when Swedish imperialism existed.

That's how it actually feels like whenever I see or hear some swedes call us brothers, as if we were anything more than plebs used in your wars and source for tax money.

that's some stupid blog post about how a tv show is propaganda for sweden?

absolute majority was always plebs used for wars and taxes until the 20th century.

I'm sorry for your loss my fair lady. I hope that you find happiness.


Isn't Minnesota a Scandinavian colony?

Why are you posting a picture of the literal king of cucks?

>tfw no true king of sweden that brings absolutism and terror back to europe
they thought rape capital was a joke

>swede calling us brothers
almost as infuriating as a finn calling swedes his brothers

Swedes brotherly love for us really showed 1809 when you basically just fucked off and peaked during winter war when your government literally didn't give a fuck :^^)

As if all Swedish-Finnish history happened with Swedish tyrants ruling over you? If I called a Fin "brother" I'd hope to be conjuring images from the last century of cooperation, peace and prosperity, not the prostletizing and persecution of Finnish peoples in the 1200s.

Be pissy if you want, but I'm just saying you don't see Swedes mad at Denmark because they ruled over us and were dicks 600 years ago.

>you don't see Swedes mad at Denmark because they ruled over us and were dicks 600 years ago.
t. eternal dane

My point was that you only worked for your own benefit, like every other empire during that time period. It'd nothing to do with you feeling some kind of connection with finns

Njet, bratja.


our king and his close nobility you mean

I wish

So you disagree with the fact that you had only own best interest in mind?

I guess russians have even more bortherly love towards us, as they gave us independence and free hands to develop as a country

Sorry I'm into black chix.

get over it finns its been centuries my family was put into labor camps in siberia I am still not salty about the russians. and even our relationship to france is more dominated by meme magic than actual hatred.

What are you even trying to argue with this?
Yes absolute monarchs acted with their own interest in mind, but they OWNED the land of Finland just like the rest of Sweden so they valued developing and keeping the land.
I can add further that all counties in Finland had parliamentary representation since the 16th century and had the same rights as the other municipalities.

The russians never gave you independence, you claimed it for yourself when their state collapsed into civil war under pressure from revolutionaries.
And sure it was very enlightened of the Russian Czar to give you such autonomy in the 19th century.
Finnish lands would have had the same opportunities as the rest of sweden to develop had it stayed swedish, as it was in the interest of the land owners to develop the land they owned.
Would it have been better than as a autonomous russian duchy?
Who knows, we were still both poor as fuck countries until the 20th century.

No, they gave us independence.

lenin literally gave us independence retard



Ok, we will apologize for mistreating your ancestors if you admit finland was weak and inferior to our country and by all rights should have been colonized by a more powerful entity like the weakling savages they were :^)
> 2016
> using your inferiority as a point of attack

>should have been colonized
What do you mean "should have"? It was.

The arrogance of Per-Göran knows no boundaries. Apologize.

When will the eternal swede pay for exploiting us for centuries?