India launches SCATSAT

India launches SCATSAT
>S C A T S A T


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Nice INB4ing poo jokes.

LOL India is a joke.

Spiders have taught us well.

Is this like humble bragging?

>hundreds millions of people are starving in India
>they poo on streets
>they die from diseases that a simple ijection cures in Europe
>wat to do
>let's spend all our money to launch a missle
I cannot brain how India is better than N. Korea.


>weather satellite

Poland will always be the toilet cleaner.

Haha poo

as i have explained, it is a separate issue, the government divides funding when it does to a special national body the money makes it there, when it goes through all the local governemnts and subcontractors and middleman it doesn't

india is better because you know for good certainty there are poor people in india, it is a fact of life

>humble bragging
isn't that an oxymoron

You need something to put a satelite into the orbit you dumbfuck pooer.

You don't catapult the fucking satelite into space while pointing the finger at the sky to show the place where you want your holy cow diety to magically levitate the thing.

Yeah that's the point you poo in the loo.

MEME Magic is REAL

Pajeet what the fuck? He makes a legit point and you go rude like that? Maybe we should just turn this to loo jokes

it's not a legit point


>feed the poor
>save the sick
>or make a piece of junk fly give gps coords for few thousand people who can actually benefit it in India

Maybe I'm just one of the last humanists left on this planet.

>ISRO's budget is 0.08 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
So much money, I must tell you.

Pajeet, you have people living in sewers.

That could still probably feed few million Indian citizens.

Just saying.

I guess I have a different view on life.

nor are you humanitarian

do gooders must realize if you are not handing your sweat and labor to the person that needs it you are not doing good or rather you feel you can trust some one to do that so you skip out on something you believe you are doing
the something with write a pay check to the ngos, even if they need it you are only fulfilling some guilt not doing good for doing good sake

governments do not feel guilt, they deal with numbers, corruption is not calculated


India's mission to mars costed less than one third of GTA V's budget.

Fucking stop digging. GPS and weather satellites directly impact on industrialised farming

The benefits of child slave labour :^)

>Indian Space Research Organisation has launched 45 satellites from 19 countries generating an income of $100 million

Saving YOUR OWN people has nothing to do with guilt.

It's something you do.

I for example donate food for food banks. I gave money for the earthquake victims fund(for Japan) etc.

If I'd have to chose between having a gpd in my car and saving 100 000 people, I'd grab a map and never look back.

You wouldn't be so sure about your opinion if it was your life on the line.

Who's the scatman?

>industrialised farming
It's India.

you are cute.


india doesn't have an operational gps as of yet.

You realise it's possible for a government to do more than one thing at a time right? The Indian government is doing a lot to help poor people right now, they're working ridiculously fast to bring power to villages.

it's not "saving people" it's because there is money for that, think of it as a tubing with holes in it and a tubing with no holes in it
say i put 1/100 of all my bile into a tube closer to my tank all of the stuff makes it to the other tank
and if i put 99/100 of my bile into a tube with holes in it none of it makes it to the other tank, i can ask you, my humanitarian fool to donate another dollar into that tube and wow it doesn't make it

one day you will understand, perhaps if god willing

also people are stubborn, metals are more malleable

And yet a fifth of Indians remain illiterate

Wouldn't instruction sufficient to read a book on modern agriculture be more beneficial?

do you know how many people die in India due to cyclones? this satellite will help prevent loss of thousands of lives.

>he expects a sanitation worker to understand that!

>it's because there is money for that
Dosn't seem so if you look at all the data, docummentaries or when I hear my friends saying about their trip.

From what I know they've been fighting the poverty, they got, for 60 years now and barely anything changed.

>for 60 years now and barely anything changed.
so we launch SCATSAT instead.

You've been proven a idiot in the post about how satelites are put on the orbit so fuck off and don't make a fool out of your self if you got nothing to say.

I don't want to be rude but that might be one of the worst names for a satelite ever. Especially considering the memes.

i'm only here because Cred Forums is boring without flags

Their GDP per capita has doubled in the past 10 years, of course something's changed.

Because you don't receive those services from countries like the US, Russia and China? Are you nonestly telling me people die because cyclones come out of the blue without news services tracking them well in advance?

The reason people die is lack of infrastructure, no tv/radios/internet to be informed, no readily available and efficient transport, no shelters or government services to support those affected.

How would you know? It's not like your country is known for sanitation

because it is much more easier to see how the money is handled if it is about space, it is not just unfair to compare it is exceptionally wrong

it isn't a matter of affording it because they have plenty of proceeds from the taxes it's just that to make humanitarian situation improve to a point you can recognize it would take decades and many billions of dollars, versus a simple satellite launch is kind of strange

i know you have a lot of bottle hatred but this is not the channel

>one of the worst names for a satelite ever
go figure

Poverty in India - the statistics

- 50% of Indians don’t have proper shelter;
- 70% don’t have access to decent toilets (which inspires a multitude of bacteria to host their own disease party);
- 35% of households don’t have a nearby water;
- 85% of villages don’t have a secondary school (how can this be the same government claiming 9% annual growth?);
- Over 40% of these same villages don’t have proper roads connecting them.

ITT: the epic clash of people who don't use loos and people who cleans them

>barely anything changed
>gdp per capita increased by 17 times
>Indian literacy rate has grown to 74.04% (2011 figure) from 12% at the end of British rule in 1947.
>Because you don't receive those services from countries like the US, Russia and China? Are you nonestly telling me people die because cyclones come out of the blue without news services tracking them well in advance?
t. cyclone expert.


The only thing that clashed were chineese balls on HK asses when they fucked you during the protests in 2014.

Why does any of that matter when in 10 years poverty has more than halved?

2 countries 1 loo

I've been in more than a few, your ad hominem answers nothing

Can poland into space?

>Are you nonestly telling me people die because cyclones come out of the blue without news services tracking them well in advance?
If only they had some sort of satellite in orbit that could track them, that'd be really neat.

Everyone can into space now

Can you read man? I specifically asked if they didn't get this service from American, Russians or Chinese. You don't need a satellite with your flag on it if it's more effective to partner with others and pay proportionately less

I'm sure cyclones kill more people than diseases...

>hundreds millions of people are starving in Poland
>they poo on streets
>they die from diseases that a simple ijection cures in Western Europe
>wat to do
>let's spend all our money to ban abortion
I cannot brain how Poland is better than N. Korea.

>You don't need a satellite with your flag on it if it's more effective to partner with others and pay proportionately less
you do realize that other countries now outsource their satellite launches to India because it is cheaper?
also the cost of the satellite is just $17 million

This satellite is specifically designed for cyclone prediction, even NASA will be using the data from it, they can't just use a neighbour's satellite.

I'm sure the Indian space agency is responsible for fighting diseases.

Maybe there shouldn't be one if you look at those stats

Many of their problems could easily be solved by a normal society without resorting to gutting their own high-tech industry.
India isn't a normal society and if they followed your plan they would have no space program but retain designated shitting/malnourishment/honor killing streets.

Yeah, fuck innovation, fuck furthering humanity, fuck anything that isn't agriculture and construction, that sounds like an incredibly healthy way to grow a country.

You can't solve everything by just jamming money into it, that's not how it works.

Now arguing for specificity and cost effectiveness is a different argument is it not? That would make sense, be rational.
As for building a space industry that's a different type of argument, I don't think on per capita GDP terms it makes sense for India given you're currently subsidizing that and the market is highly speculative in terms of bringing any profit but that is still a rational gamble.

Really that a country that's objectively in poverty levels much worse than the median for Latin America to have nuclear weapons, design their own fighter jets and be working on putting men in space and missions to the moon all seems disproportionate. But then again, you people are the world's largest importer of gold.

The amount they're spending on their space program and military is miniscule, their military is only 2.3% of their GDP and their space program only has a budget of 1.2 billion per year.

Sending satelites into orbit IS part of solving the problem
>can pay for itself by making early weather warnings that could have destroyed crops and endangered citizens
>make contributions to the scientific field that other nations would gladly fund, and lead to better trade of information and economy
>can offer great things in aiding merchant ships, pilots, and even simple pedestrians to reach their desired locations

The same logic can be applied to how Japan, place that sucks at agriculture, became a world power by investing in technological advancements. Hell, most capital cities lack agricultural advantages but they became the center of trade because of the presence of technology and easy transport

2.3% of their GDP is not minuscule man, they're currently the world's largest arms buyer and they're doing it without rhyme or reason, eg low numbers of several different types of aircraft to do the same job, which each require investing in establishing separate maintenance/suply chains. Meanwhile they don't manufacture their own firearms (which my country is doing) something well within their technical capabilities that would bring savings and estimulate local industry.

Their space program, looking into the costs, I'll grant you does appear reasonable.

What does SCATSAT mean in Indian anyway?

Without rhyme or reason? If you were right next to Pakistan and China you'd be spending a lot too, and maybe they're making their own aircraft to stimulate high tech industries to prevent their brain drain, who knows.

Developing your own aircraft has nothing to do with their having suply chains from four different countries just for fixed wing. And can we drop the charade you're not an Indian?


so wait, I'm just a dumb american midwesterner but why couldn't they benefit off of of an array of doppler weather radars spread throughout the problematic weather areas of their country? It works for the midwest, and saves crops and livestock (as efficiently as possible) to continue feeding the massive (pun intended) american population off of corn and soybean products for generations to come. Is this not somehow cheaper than sending a geostationary satellite into orbit?

IMO, not completely representative of the entire United States, but with our limited infrastructure and local funding we've managed to predict "freak" thunder/snow storms with amazing accuracy.

Maybe the Indian army wants to put a monitoring satellite into orbit, idc, maybe there is actually a need for weather satellites? idc. But with the ability that our states have been able to predict weather with ground-based monitoring, who cares when ground-based systems have been cheaper, around for much longer and much more accurate than satellite?

tl;dr, if the US Govt waged war with weather in vietnam it can be used again by different countries, not surprising that anyone would want either an orbital monitoring system IN GENERAL. Wow, amazing, the ability to take and (near-instant) relay pictures of ground targets from orbit, what possible strategic value could that make?

as an american; think strategically, //then// think domestically when dealing with anything that can be shot down by a chinese missile.

Free Kashmir when

shaken, not stirred.

Scatterometer Satellite

when your amma dies of pneumonia.

>releases electromagnetic signals that bounces off targets, which it interprets into images that experts would translate
>a single report takes time and lots of observation in order to produce an accurate report and could easily be affected by other factors such as speed and temperature of the object.

>captures images precisely as how it looks like and does not take much time to send reports
>needs not much scientific intellect to report accurate weather predictions
>capable of focusing on a single area or wide range
>so accurate and fast that they can be used by pedestrians in order to keep track of the road

I am quite biased in favor of satelites though. So let's just agree that India is using both technologies

Do you retards know how economy works? You don't just pump money into only one thing and expect it to disappear. Fucking idiots

Extermination of smallpox say otherwise
Polio and Malaria will be next in line

t. guy with a full belly that watches his countrymen starve from his shack

You don't pump money to fight poverty, you create more jobs by advancing in sectors

>medicine for children is pumping money
Makes you think.

How ironical is it for an individual in a socialist country to explain capitalism to a westerner.

yo! medicine prevents starvation!

Poverty is difficult to fix because the higher the economy, the higher the standards, the higher the taxes, the higher the responsibilities, duties, and paperwork. But if it's starvation you want, it's so damn easy

I used to make mesely 3$ a day doing menial labor but I never starved because I live in a farmland surrounded by beaches. 3$ is worth a 4 days of feast. Make it a week if you are sociable enough to go around asking farmers and fishermen for food in exchange for taking care of their children.

Our place is poor as shit though but I have no intention of moving to the city

We have programs for that, we eradicated polio recently. There are different programs for different sectors, you don't focus on only one thing. Our country was a socialist shithole till 80's and only opened markets on the 90's even then we were under sanctions but in 20 years we have come really far ahead and are rapidly fixing many problems

It'll take time for a country to fix itself, don't think magically pumping money into something fixes it, launching a satellites provides us revenue and also gives jobs to hundreds of people.


Pedro you have people living in sewers.

Holy shit hahahaha


explains why there are no poles in india

Holy shit

[Citation needed]


India is the bane of polish toiletcleaners

Also congrats to India for succeeding in one try at something Russia hasn't managed in over 50 years of attempts.

when a indian is already sit on a shit

Really makes you poo

>poland mad because even india can into space

Do other countries just not offer these services to India?

Adding a dollar doesn't change much.

> Income inequality
> (Big) Gov't burden
> Megalomania having inferiority complex as a background

>sending a tiny probe to mars in 2014 is as difficult as landing a rover in 1966



Is this supposed to be a stunning endorsement of India?

I really don't understand why people give India shit for having a space program. They've tried to help the poor but they're too stubborn to change their ways and improve their quality of life. All they can really do is improve education for children and wait for the older generations to die out. And as far as I'm aware, that's exactly what they're doing.

>2.3% of their GDP is not minuscule man, they're currently the world's largest arms buyer and they're doing it without rhyme or reason

You lost half your country to America in a War, and you are asking why other countries spend money on their military?

Fuckin' idiot, you guys didn't learn shit did you?

Thanks for understanding. People on the internet pretend as if diverting all those money to end poverty would actually speed up poverty eradication
Moreover, it's not like the space organization completely relies on tax money. They are also a self-funding organization. All those miniature communication satellite launches you don't hear in the news about gives them a lot of bucks
It is aiming to become fully self-funded in the future
And these people who shit on third world countries for trying to improve themselves wouldn't say the same about their own countries' space programs. I mean every country has issues. Then they should solve their issues too before spending so much into space, right? Why shit on third world only, because they have "more problems"? Then it should be easier for the first world to solve their domestic problems before venturing out into space right?


Good Job!

India's rocket is actually very, very good for its class. Arguably the best.

Who landed a rover in 1966? Nobody tried that until the 70s.


>100% reliability
>1800 kg payload
>2.9 m diameter

>costed a mere $16m

$Jesus Christ. USA's Minotaur IV costed 50m and it has a mere 2.34 m diameter and 1735 kg payload
Hell, Falcon-9 rocket of SpaceX costed as high as $60m
Arianespace’s Ariane-5 rocket costs about $140 million

Literally what the fuck

>Minotaur IV

A meme rocket derived from a Peacekeeper ICBM, which actually makes it more expensive but eligible for US subsidies.

>Falcon-9, Ariane 5

Different classes of rockets for higher orbit/higher cost GEO/GTO orbits, not for LEO/SSO missions. Falcon-9FT is hands down the best GEO/GTO class rocket on paper. At least if they can improve the reliability....

I approve of this post

Why is the Kosmos 3M even still listed when it was retired several years ago?


Can't even make this shit up, lol.