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magyar cìgany

wtf is #1? looks like a fucking carrot, whatever this is obvious troll post.


>TFW got number 14

Why even live?

Number 5
It's alright



>that 14

Jesus, guess that the rabbi got bit overexcited with the knife.

Number 8 :(

number 12


>tfw re-uniting Western Roman Empire from the hands of dirty mudslimes
Deus vult

those are some fucked up penises

meme game

your whole life is a meme


I am supposed to go on a school trip, but i feel sick. On the other hand, i already paid shitton of money for the trip and i am really looking forward to it. I am just afraid the teachers and students will hate me for going along and sneezing or blowing my nose all day long.

those are some really gross looking dicks

t. homo

>tfw no gurran lagan dick

Between #4 and #5.

Uncut and I don't feel bothered by it.

#7 prison wallet master race

how old are you lad? if you don't have a fever go

fuck off flipnigger

21. I'm just worried about it not being appropriate to go, when i have infecting ilness.

>it not being appropriate
who the fuck cares? if you feel like going on this trip just go. not doing something you would like to do just cuz you are scared of what will others is top beta move here.

>being considerate is being beta
Worst meme desu

It's true

Caring is one of the most manly attributes, since it indicated adulthood

Another shitty thing about the trip is that its for 15-16yo kids, who will just take it like drinking trip and be loud and obnoxious the whole time, while i take the trip for the actual history and sightseeing. This will be first time i'll be on the other side of the bridge in this situation.

what a nerd lmao

yeah caring about what will some random people think is very manly
>pro tip: your friends don't give a shit if you are sick or not go if you feel like going


is number 14 even possible?


Being considerate is the god damn definition of adulthood. Be a kid if you want.

Do dicks really look this disgusting?

are any of these possible?

I was gay before watching that pic.

>fap too much
>your dick becomes like 11
has anyone else experienced this?


Why should you be bothered by that in the first place? Feel thankful, if anything.

if someone gets 14 on their posts, i will laugh

any slovaks here?



Honest gypsy calling the police; takes place in village in eastern Slovakia. Translation is my attempt. (x-post from /pol)


Gypsy: Good afternoon... I mean good morning.
Cop: Good morning.
Gypsy: I'm from Chminianske Jakubovany and we need police here.
Cop: What for?
Gypsy: Well, they burgled into the house...
Cop: Into which one?
Gypsy: Here, at the upper part, by the church... in Chminianske Jakubovany... into gadjo's house.
Cop: Gadjo's?
Gypsy: Yeah.
Cop: And who burgled in there?
Gypsy: Pardon?
Cop: Who burgled in there?
Gypsy: Well, I did perhaps... no, I, yes I did.
Cop: And now you're making fun of me, or what?
Gypsy: No! I'm not making fun... really.
Cop: What's your name?
Gypsy: Horváth Rudolf... Chminianske Jakubovany, house no. 207... well, at half past twelve I burgled into the house, I broke the window, I took a liter of schnaps,
Cop: Well...
Gypsy: That's it.
Cop: So, do you want to go to jail now?
Gypsy: Ah, well, not to jail, but, well, if there is the opportunity, I'll go, and if not, then... send, send the police, OK?
Cop: Alright.
Gypsy: I don't want to have any problems.
Cop: Alright.
Gypsy: As I screwed up already, at least we will resolve it somehow.
Cop: Alright!
Gypsy: Bye.

Tu som. Is "szia" somehow related to english "see ya"?

4 sure

Sounds like some other cigán is holding gun at his head, making him confess for his crimes

how does that even work?

Is that a magyar cigány? Because he says his name in the hungarian order.

>Horváth Rudolf
The eternal croat
Altough tje hungarian name order is curious

First for molesting your senpai.

Indeed, it is hungarian name order. I wonder why... that village is not even close to hungarian borders.

Hungarians make fun of us because of gypsies but they're the real gypsies

>t. Alfonzo Mario Popescu


Sorry if that upset you. I understand it can be hard coping with your problems.

sshh, come on, here's a fresh shipment of copper for you, now go away

no war pls, we should focus on the real enemies


no u

I agree we need to kill all pepiks.

György Soros is a respectable financial expert, his philantropic deeds, support the enrichment and development of culture.

>real enemies
If you mean mudslimes, indeed, I agree.

what the fuck

do these types circled in red actually exist?


looks like a kid tbqh

Ask your mom.

my mom says no, all good girls have normal penises like mine

The fuck is this shit ? Only three penises on that chart look normal, 5, 8 and maybe 9.

This looks like pro-mutilation propaganda. Anyway, I got 8.

some women got that young look

Who is it?


It's what Americans think will happen if they don't cut their kids.

>wants to trigger romanians
>exposes himself by having a picture of copper wire saved
I bet it's in your fap folder aswell.

Heey boooys :D

I'm a petite, blonde girl looking for a boyfriend with big dick and decent salary.

>decent salary
h-how much is decent?

Well ok, lets see what I got.

lmao don't stab anyone with it

I originally had a #2 but since I couldn't pull it back I had to have it cut. Now its more like #12.

Number 2 reporting in. I get grossed out by the thought of pulling my foreskin back, and it's really uncomfortable trying anyway.

I pity you, pulling your foreskin back is one of the greatest feelings.





how much is that in real money?


half of our rappers are gypsies wtf


Ded thread, post yaoi.


Why? You wanna date?


I concur.

Then fuck off and I hope you will get annexed by Hungary.


Poland best ally



how come you lot don't even shitpost anymore?

Fuck you, you subhuman tratitor gypsy. All slovaks should be gassed, you are worse than romanians, and I hope you'll all die of the most horrible diseases imaginable.


no more bully plz

Sorry for 1968 :(

wew, that's not what russians usually say
how's life in the not-really-that-unsoviet regime?

calm down bozgor

>tfw 4k tvs are cheaper than monitors
thinking about getting one, 40-49" is hella cheap

>wanting to have to bear TV response times

im ok with them, i only need workspace. i dont play games anyway

does your gpu support 4k?

But he wanted shitposting

I'm calm as a forest pond on a septembers eve

I'm gald

yeah i already got one 4k monitor but its a bit small " wise

>wine harvest season about to start
>suddenly hungarians everywhere

This feels like 900 all over again

how big is it? i mean monitor


what's the point in having such high resolution on 26'' or smaller monitor?

its space efficient, 4k is like having 4 1080p monitors

the ppi is not a problem