twix edition

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How do you change gears on a motorcycle? Never ridden a proper one.

shit edition

Morning, lads.

*grips your knob as a gearstick*

with your foot.

Who wants to be my bf?


>a conservative that's anti-abortion but pro-death penalty
>a liberal that's pro-abortion but anti-death penalty

what do you look like fampai?

Getting my daily dose of Molyneux and Sargon lads

>>a conservative that's anti-abortion but pro-death penalty

that kid could have been the next Einstein

that criminal had his chance and blew it

these two points arent conflicting in any way

Left twix > Right twix
worst girl, rooted for her just for the incest tho

>a conservative that's anti-abortion but pro-death penalty
At least that makes sense, the unborn baby is innocent, the murderer is not.

Liberals want to kill innocent babies, but protect murderers.


what did he mean by this?

thailad how's the GF


why does this confuse you?
people who are pro abortion believe it because the fetus doesn't feel anything and does not have consciousness yet, therefore it is not a living being. the debate over abortion is not very similar to the death penalty you melon.

>he gets so uppity and upset by abortion that he cries about it on anonymous imageboards

what are you, a woman?

From neutral: Down for first, up to move up the gearbox, down to move down the gearbox.

From first: Half up to get back to neutral


She's alri, her friend's dad just died tho, I almost got dragged to a funeral.

great argument tardlord

>twinx edition

Yeeee boi

how many of her friends have you shagged

Disengage the clutch by squeezing down the bar or turning the handle depending on your bike model

Then use your foot to move the shifter up and down to your desired gear

none, that'd be the wost kind of drama.

just a bit of fun tbf. if it all goes wrong then just move on

Average. Brown hair, 5'11, blue eyes.
Take me away from this rainy island

and all you could think about was avoiding it? arsehole.

Imagine being black.

fucking mental

why do brits sound like choking on a turd when they speak?
>why uk english sounds so annoying

Do you text and talk in Thai?

Well that wasn't all I could think about, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't up there.

Are you a caring sensitive numale?

Why do poles exist

did we offend god

Why cant you leave m8

4 inches off, damn

I try to avoid texting in it when possible because it pisses me off.

I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body

>did we offend god

see protestantism

If we all convert to Catholicism will he rid us of the Polish menace

really wish I had a picture of an overweight man wearing a hat in church to quote this post

calm down lad
bit early for this

one of them tried to fight me at a bus stop the other night in London. he was very drunk though so i just pushed him back everytime and he said "KURWA" and babbled until i pushed him over and some black lad got out of his car and started shouting at the pole

then the confused pole sat down and looked sad

>call NHS
>can I take your name and NHS number please?
>oh sorry, you want THIS number
>call THAT number
>can I take your name and NHS number please?
>oh sorry, you want THIS number
>call THAT number
>can I take your name and NHS number please?
>oh sorry, you want THIS number

fucks sake

whats wrong with you mate

>I work for the NHS

what are we going to do about the Irish problem lads?

and now they've just given me some old man's number

i have some questions regarding british culture: yesterday i saw a documentary movie directed by ron howard about the beatles. i was wondering are the beatles still revered as rock and roll royalty in britain or does nobody give a shit anymore and are any of the beatles kids successful at anything?

I want to see a sleeping NEET irl

Yeah they are particularly in Liverpool.

Ringo's son is.

The funny thing is the Poles are Catholic but they don't go to British Catholic churches and parishes.

Their own national Catholic church operates in the UK as a mission (you now, like missionaries sent to savage Africa) and is subject to their own (arch)bishops back in Poland rather than local (arch)bishops.

Apparently this triggers British Catholics to no end. I know a few.

beatles are unironically overrated as fuck

maybe they dont understand the english sermons?

name an objectively better band without meming then

The tables have turned.

I prefer the Kinks

Passed my learner licence test lads.

f-five years overdue haha

what did I do to you

how many /brit/ posters are """""british""""" asians
(and I mean asians not pakis)

>objectively better
actual mong

Yeah but the British Catholics were excited at the influx of Poles because their attendance rate has been falling for years and they hoped the Poles would pad that.

Instead the Poles are forming their own parishes and taking over historic churches which are getting shut down because no natives attend them anymore.

>black hair
>brown/hazel eyes
Ah yes

i for one am not

Theres atleast three, all of them ugly

>>black hair
>>brown/hazel eyes
are you a gook

Vaticanum II was a mistake.

Liturgy should ONLY be in Latin.

blue eyes are objectively better than brown eyes desu

a pole just spammed like 20 cp photos in the cucumber thread

thats pretty shitty

yep didn't think so

turns out beatles actually deserve their place as the best

you looked at them? pedo

Did you miss the part where I said 6'4

*thainonce exceeds the speed of light into the thread*

bit bored, might do a 100% solitaire speed run


ah yes the poles


Alri Sir Paul

Beatles are okay

but Ringo's a twat and Paul's a wanker

I miss George Harrison

>missing out the biggest twat John

he's not even worth mentioning


>love meat
>eat it everyday
>makes me feel good
>stop eating meat
>energy levels drop
>confidence drops
>strength drops
>pretty much everything about being a man drops

I can see now why so many middle aged men get depressed and go through mid-life crisis' when their T levels naturally drop so they can on a diet of rabbit food, stop eating meat and their T levels drop some more.

Meant to add that they start getting fat.

bangin tune lads



>The next Einstein
No he wouldn't
Kids raised by teen single moms will be almost always drugged out retards
Maybe there's a small chance he'll turn his story into music and become a rapper

that's your body detoxing all the growth hormones out

why is it so hard to get out of bed

You don't even have to stop eating meat, I recall hearing getting fat has to do with carbohydrates for dinner. Cut the bread and noodles for dinner, eat salad and meat.

3 wisdom teeth coming out in 4 weeks lads.

shitting it haha

you dont swallow them

Fucking Germans even worse than Poles.

What snacks should I buy for the debate tonight? inb4 accusations of yankery

Because of morning wood, haha

My gaypop posters have arrived :3

30 paracetamol

What's that lettuce that's like lettuce but is like east asian or some shit?


snyder's pretzel pieces
doritos cool ranch + dip
6 cans of dr pepper
and get a large dominos (pepperoni)

its sugar that makes you fat, carbohydrates turn into sugar.

You store fat when you have too much insulin in your system, carbohydrates cause insulin. Meat doesnt

The anti-fat thing was funded by the sugar industry

Dont stop eating carbs either though no carb diets will kill you. Eat no more than 45 carbs at once in a meal and you should be good to go.

Also pizza is healthy for you, all the cheese has fat and fat slows down the absorption of carbs.

Many americans are fat because the government pushed their anti-fat agenda for so long people stopped eating fat almost entirely but made up for it with an increase in sugar and carbohydrate consumption.

>The aunt of Alan Kurdi, the two-year-old Syrian boy whose body was found washed up on a beach last year, has told Sky News the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge should use "their power to deliver messages" to encourage the UK to take in more refugees.

havin a wank


bok choi

still not fucking through to the correct number

and I bet once I finally do get through they'll say I need to see my GP

what foods contain lots of carbohydrates? Why do carbohydrates make you fat, as opposed to fat itself? and what are carbs for if no one likes them

>can't watch the meme debates live


yeah that's it


Le outlier man

shy shyyyy
hush hush

eye to eye

Doesn't matter what she said they won't

Well yeah, as I recall it has to do with the body not having enough time to break down carbohydrates before bed if you eat them for dinner. They're fine for lunch though.

prediction: Trump will btfo Hillary, the moderators, and the audience multiple times in the debate, but Hillary will btfo Trump once and social media will obsess about it and not mention all the times she was BTFO, instead you'll see hundreds of tweets all praising Hillary, facebook clips and articles titled "Watch Hillary Clinton DESTROY Donald Trump with one sentence" and "Is this the beginning of the end for Trump?"

Blatant momscience


At least mom isn't complaining about meat anymore.

I'm a little scared as Trump isn't well prepared for the debate, apparently he hasn't been practicing with a stand-in which is common practice. Clinton will just pre-rehearse about 10 attack lines, things he's said etc and he won't have anything to come back on.

He needs to make the case that's she the establishment candidate, bought by special interests and her record in office speaks for itself - wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen etc.

He can attack her on her record, she can't do shit back to him

Probably and when people try to put up videos of Trump BTFO Hillary they'll get flagged and called racist

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee boi

>First day of uni
>Get yourselves into teams
Ah yes

there was investigations into all those scandals and she was found not guilty

try harder

what's it like in your bubble?

He needs to throw her entire past and contradictions at her and not hold anything back. If he can overwhelm her with questions she might have a seizure on stage. Hoping for this tbqh

Carbs are used for energy in your body. They raise your blood sugar which your cells use as fuel.

When you eat carbs your body produces insulin, this insulin does two things. Firstly it helps the sugar get into your cells to fuel your body, secondly it takes the extra sugar and helps your body store it. Your body stores that sugar partially as glycogen in your liver and releases it slowly over time between meals, and partially as fat as a sort of secondary reserve.

When you eat a lot of carbs, your body produces a lot of insulin, and a lot of the carbs you eat get stored as fat right away because you didnt actually need all that much to keep thigns running smoothly.

Storing fat and then turning it back into energy is more difficult for your body, and so fat tends to stay there untill its really needed.

One of the reasons building muscle helps you burn fat is your muscles require more energy due to their larger size and so your body starts converting that fat back into sugar for them.

Im sure ive simplified it and its more complicated than that but thats the general gist of it.

Carbs are heavy in bread and starch (potatoes for example) and anything sugary. Vegitables have almost no carbs, fruit has some but are good for you in other ways. Meat has no carbs. Dairy has some.

Just look at the food packages of what you eat. Try to eat no more than 45 carbs in a meal (going over isnt a big deal, but this is a target). Try to eat around 150 carbs a day, you can go up to 200 and its no problem, im giving conservative targets. If you do a lot of physical activity than you can increase it some.

>"How about we go around the room and introduce ourselves?"

She lied under oath to congress. This is a crime.

She wasn't found innocent, she was just found too powerful and important for conviction.

Theyre cute, especially this one

no thanks


>she was found not guilty
This is false. It was 'not recommended to prosecute her'. There was never a trial.

They basically told her if it were anyone else she would be in deep trouble and then didn't say why. Nobody even questioned it.

Kys my silly little nigga.

Monster Munch

any tim news lads? he should be out of the palace at flat spracklen house dukes place marlow any time now

>can hear every little noise my neighbour makes when they're doing something in their garage


>tfw you can't eat Monster Munch anymore ever since you dropped some on the rug when you were a child and you picked them back up and put them in your mouth without realizing they caught hairs on them
It's okay though, Pom-Bär are better anyway.


>Hillary defenders ITT

fucking hell

i can understand hating or disliking trump but there must honestly be something wrong with you if you stick up for that corrupt heartless diseased hag

Look like paki crisps to me

so when I'm feeling tired at some point during the day, what should I be eating more of? I was under the impression when people cut back on carbs they get really tired, is this because there's no energy stored up to slow release as you've described?

I know what's wrong with it. It's a Holden. Holden haven't felt any real pride since they got blown out by the XY Falcon GT.

>japanese cars

Someone needs to break the circlejerk of myths, lies and tinfoil theories

Handful of nuts

The attorney general is her friend and is under no obligation to prosecute even if the FBI recommended it.

Obama would have pardoned her anyway since a president can pardon (even before a conviction or trial) anyone for anything as long as it does not directly violate the constitution.

Basically a trial would have been pointless at this point. With out trying her for it now though, it can always be brought up later since there were no formal judicial actions even started about this issue.

The FBI doesnt like clinton. So i dont know. In an interview there were hints that there were other investigations on her still ongoing for other things. So maybe they are keeping things quiet for now because it would interfere with those. Or maybe they will try to use this against her as leverage if she does become president.

Have you got an example or nah?

Turning psychotic

>tfw you will never import a rebadged Australian car from the US and suffer from the worst parts supply of all time


Saw an utter mentalist in a left-hand drive car the other day. Didn't know that was legal here.

It usualy takes a while for your body to run out of sugar, and when you do you switch over to burning ketones (which is harmful in the long run but not that big a deal short term, its designed to pick up the slack when needed)

However your body is not perfect at balancing all these things. If you start to feel tired and weak your blood sugar might be low, in which case eating some carbs (preferably straight sugar, in a suggary drink or a piece of candy or something, white bread also works since white bread converts into sugar very fast) should make you feel better. If doing this makes you feel better after a half hour or so, then thats probably whats happened, your blood sugar got low.

If it doesnt then maybe you some something else going on.

If that does fix it then eating more fat and protine with your meals will help because that makes the carbs stretch out more. Also whole grains are good since they convert to sugar slower and so keep you topped up.

Ideally people would eat a bunch of small meals through the day, every 2 hours or so. Thats not really practical for most. But carry around a dried fruit strip or something and eat it as a snack between meals

The key is to try and be as stable as possible.

just FC'd back to the shack

>mfw i see a holden with a chevy badge

Can we just choose one? My post for example.
Here she is lying under oath:

Now what?


Going to me mam's house for a cup of tea.

In a bit, lads.

>Holden Suburban


hey fellas

I ended up with 3 Ruskies

I should have actually tried getting up and joining a group

I should mention there is another alternative. If you ate a bunch of fast acting carbs at once and your blood sugar spiked up, then it returning to normal might make you feel fatigued.



>tell us something interesting about yourself


The FBI found no reason to indict

So nothing

>A yank presenting Top Gear
truly, we are the end of times

Nothing immediately comes to mind that wouldn't just make people depressed haha.

>The FBI found no reason to indict
The FBI did not recommend it, that doesn't mean they found no reason. See
My assumption has been while examining those emails they found some dirt on the Clinton foundation and are following that.

Not really Top Gear anymore though is it?

They're guys
It's computing
It's all guys

I hate it here

Stopped being Top Gear once May, Clarkson and that short one who I can't remember left 2bh

>tfw to smart for brit

You're purposefully missing the point. She lied several times, as you can see in this video. The act of lying under oath is a crime. She is a criminal by definition.

The cognitive dissonance is amazing.

>tfw too smart for Cred Forums

>while examining those emails they found some dirt on the Clinton foundation and are following that

This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. There's no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation yet you're willing to imagine it anyway.

Meanwhile Trump milks his own charity to settle legal fees and gets a pass.

Hillary and Bill earned 250 times the average US wage last year
The clinton foundation pays them both an absurd amount

but why am I bothering to argue? You're just a contrarian

This is the first /brit/ post I've read today and I swear to God I've read it 10 times before. Some German defending Hillary Clinton while some yank attacks her, nobody else replying because nobody else gives a shit about yank politics

>Hillary and Bill earned 250 times the average US wage last year

Ah yes two successful people earned more than the average US wage last year, why that is completely unheard of

>There's no evidence of any wrongdoing by the Clinton Foundation yet you're willing to imagine it anyway.
why are you so retarded? you come here almost every day and say shit like this.

low effort b8
get a new hobby lad

>ameriboos infect /brit/ to argue about yank politics
hmm interesting
couldn't think of anywhere more fitting for this


>labour actually voted this man to be their leader

he's the denmark poster. he's been doing this for months. for some reason he thinks the Clintons are perfect angels while literally everyone disagrees and there is substantial evidence against them.

Found a gf

Few questions for you lads

1. Who was the French king killed during the French Revolution?

2. Which German made the formal surrender to the allies in May 1945?

3. What year was Anne Boleyn executed?

4. Who commissioned the Bayeux tapestry?

5. Who succeeded Stalin as General Secretary of the Communist Party?

6. Which American Civil War general became President in 1869?

7. Name the 3 battles that took place in England in 1066

8. Which English king imprisoned his nephews in the Tower of London?

9. Which Roman Emperor is known as "The Philosopher"?

10. Which Pharaoh built the Great Pyramid?

>no evidence
Giving a shitload of money to an Indian pharmaceutical company to develop aids drugs that said company is incapable of testing, which may not work, and which one of their board members is recorded as having said "its just black people dying".

How about the fact that one year their total operational expenditures were, down to the dollar, their total dontations?

Or how about the fact that the clinton foundation is not even registered as a charity, but is operating as a charity and passing itself off as a charity when in reality its just a presidential archive organization? The government is VERY strict about charities in the US. If you operate as a charity you must state exactly what you are a charity about, register yourself for that, and stick to that. If you want to branch out you need to reclassify yourself. This is a huge issue that plenty of organizations have gotten into serious trouble over but not the clinton foundation.

No, theres nothing wrong with this 'pay to play' crap the media has been talking about, which is probably why they are talking about it "see guys, nothing wrong here!". Its the things they arent even talking about which are damning.

Also the clintons stole a bunch of haitian relief money to build a hotel.

getting my daily dose of john oliver

fuck off

Fucking NERD
Get out before I deck you right here

1. Napoleon
2. Kruschev
3. 1742
4. The Commissioner
5. Benito Musselini
6. Truman?
7. Hasting + 2 more
8. Edward the Nth
9. Plato
10. Tutenkahmoon

how did I do?

all me

would never date anyone past 5'4" Tbh

getting the daily dose of varg vikernas in

>Charitable grants are not a major focus of the Clinton Foundation, which instead keeps most of its money in house and hires staff to carry out its own humanitarian programs.[7] The charity watchdog group Charity Navigator gave the Foundation its highest possible rating, four out of four stars, after its customary review of the Foundation's financial records and tax statements.[8] A different charity monitor, CharityWatch, says that 88% of the foundation's money goes toward its charitable mission and gave the foundation an A rating for 2016. In 2015, based on revenue of $223 million and an expense ratio of 12% the foundation spent in excess of $26 million to complete its mission


If Hillary stabbed a guy in the face live on television, would you still support her?

Serious question, (sadly)

ahh yes, more arguments about american politics :^)

I don't date anyone taller than me haha

dunno, with a cleaver or an epipen?
context is everything

*googles all the answers and posts them as my own*

fucking idiots

1. Louis XIV
2.That one lad
4. Some Frog priest
5. Kruschev
7. Stamford Bridge, Battle of Hastings, fulford
8. Not Richard III fuck off Shakespeare

charitywatch is literally owned by the clinton foundation.

charity navigator gave it an abysmal rating until people started noticing and then they changed it probably to keep the clintons from killing them.


If Donald Trump """jokingly""" told his supporters to stomp the life out of a protestor at one of his rallies, and they did, would you still support him?

Literally who gives a shit. Also no Pharaoh built a pyramid, they had them built.

wheres the scottish history la ??

all me

I love little girls as well haha only joking


are you citing wikipedia?

me too.

tfw no qt daughterfu

>Literally who gives a shit

Alri Mohammed let's just forget all about our history

Jokingly? Sure.. people are way too sensitive about shit these days.

Ok, if Hillary got a padeophile off even though she knew he raped a young girl and then laughed about it in an interview, would you still support her?

me on the left

me on the left

Nonces OUT before me and the lads come around with our boots on

1. Benzema
2. Hitler
3. 2014
4. Ghandi
5. Hitler
6. Abraham Lincoln
7. can't be fucked with the rest

1. Who was the French king killed during the French Revolution?

Louis XVI

2. Which German made the formal surrender to the allies in May 1945?

3. What year was Anne Boleyn executed?

4. Who commissioned the Bayeux tapestry?

5. Who succeeded Stalin as General Secretary of the Communist Party?

Kruschev? Long time since I took GCSE history

6. Which American Civil War general became President in 1869?

Ulysses S Grant

7. Name the 3 battles that took place in England in 1066

Battle of Stamford Bridge

8. Which English king imprisoned his nephews in the Tower of London?

Richard II?

9. Which Roman Emperor is known as "The Philosopher"?

10. Which Pharaoh built the Great Pyramid?

all in all I have scored about 2/10

>body language suggests extreme discomfort

do only literal autists find this cute?

bent cunt

History is about conclusions, not useless who did what when where knowledge.

you have black hair and brown eyes you boring cunt

You know Stamford Bridge but you don't know Hastings lad?

Yes, because you're misrepresenting what actually happened.


So, he gives his approval to murder someone, his runts do, and you don't find that objectionable in any way? Just a little bit unpresidential?

tfw no trap gf lads

What do you think he meant by this?


*rolls back my foreskin*

yes, I forgot to mention it. Didn't know the third desu. Also missed an I in Richard III

*staples it*

wahey haha

Nonce and a foot fetish, reaching degeneracy levels usually reserved for pakis lad

>misrepresenting what actually happened.

She admitted she knew he did it, she got him off with no repercussions for his crime, she went on to laugh about the subject later. You feel like defending that?
>So, he gives his approval to murder someone.
Now who's misrepresenting?

jesus christ.

I'm genuinely a bit into little girls
would never do anything but still feels bad

WOOW !!!!!!!!



Trump is a shit candidate but he's honestly the lesser of two evils

Hillary is of the same globalist devilspawn that Tony Blair came from

There's nothing objectionable in the interview you're referring to.

>Now who's misrepresenting?


ff is literally a patrician fetish though


>tony blair is ebil

fuck off hysterical spastic

He's here lads

So did historical armies arrange a time and place to meet eachother? How did it work?

Why wouldn't one just wait until night to attack the other?

v. v. strange

>killing leftists
of course I'd support it

Blairite scum

>tony blair is ebil
>fuck off hysterical spastic

>Trump TOLD people to murder!!
nah, m8 it's you.

I question the morality of a person that doesn't find this utterly reprehensible.

convinced this german is a retard

He's getting paid 50c every time he makes a pro-Clinton post 2bh

he just seens like the average /r/europe user
dunno why he comes on here and conplains about racisn and stuff

sounds like she wasn't responsible for the missing evidence. crime lab did it

>get paid
>7.6% goes towards national insurance contributions
>10% goes towards income tax
>lose almost 18% of my wages every month because the government says so

Ah yes very fair

he's literally a vitriolically left-wing Remainer who got triggered by Brexit, fucked off to Denmark, found out that Denmark doesn't like immigrants much either, then went to Germany since it's the Refugee Loving capital of the world

>I question the morality of a person that doesn't find this utterly reprehensible.

nope . try again. I'm a tim farron supporter

Way to miss the point.

must be rough to suddenly realize you aren't sided with the good guys


at least im not Australian

hes with the good goys tbf

Has anyone tried them in a self checkout?


what do boobs feel like

Reminder to use a VPN, lads.


I've never had one yet, but it could happen.

ah yes I know exactly who you are talking about

there's nothing incriminating there

>tfw on the right side of history

love how the myth that there's some kind of progressive centrist majority in this country got absolutely destroyed

>Misses the point twice
You want to try again Reddit flag user "Barcelona"?

>if the copyright owner believes someone has used your internet connection to share (or “upload”)

I don't share or upload though

England is a shy tory country

The tories majorly fucked up in Scotland and Wales though

sounds as scary as tv licence enforcement

They have to prove it was you that infringed the copyright. Unless you live in Germany where the network is your responsibility you can just say a bigger boy wardrived and ran away

we dindu nuffing

pls no discrimanate

day's listening sorted lads

she got a guy off because some lab tech fucked up

same over here desu
the progressives make a lot of noise but dont get much done

*Thatcher fucked up in Scotland and Wales

just a reminder that the Tories are the second largest party in Scotland now and the Welsh voted Leave.

Times are changing. Thatcherism is dead. Blairism is dead. Liberalism- social and economic- is dead.

Welcome to the new age.

I like poles but I'd rather you spoke english and didn't open polish shops whilst in the UK

Yeah, but if you live with your parents and they get a letter off BLACKED, it could be pretty embarrassing for you.

criminal defense lawyers are scumbags. it's no coincidence that the majority of Dem politicians currently at the highest levels of my government are criminal defense lawyers.

why are polish so rude btw? I have no problem other than when I worked in retail they were always so rude

and at least he isn't a paki nonce
fuck off

That's true. You'd have three choices in that scenario:

1: Deny all knowledge. Bigger boy did it and ran away.
2: Move out
3: Admit your love for black poles in gaping holes

they're Polish.

Give it up mate.

How could you listen to a tape of a woman laughing about such a thing and think.. "Hmm yes, presidential material here!"

Lefties are fucked up.

Their children will speak perfect English and will integrate seamlessly 2bh

is bung eye's bf here?

4) end it

>Tim Farron

Just speak English, lad, and you'll have no problems.

I have no problem with polish shops, makes a change to paki corner shops

Just realized I completely forgot to make my NFL picks yesterday, and now my season record is basically ruined.

Last time I visited the UK I spoke English to Brits and Polish with my Polish friends. People still gave us suspicious looks on the tube; apparently not being able to eavesdrop on all conversations can be very distressing to the average Brit

Also people assuming I was an immigrant was a bit annoying but I can't really blame you for that

i think thats in your head la
london is so full of foreigners that nobody cares

no one likes when you speak any language other than english


is it me you're looking for?

Silence these posters immediately, janny

we waiting for the new thread?

When in public just speak fucking English, lad.

Whether you're talking to Brits or your Polish friends.

me rn

never gonna happen lad

never heard a paki speaking english to another paki they always speak their devil tongue probably talking about curry or bombing things

i thought of a new leftist slogan

"Progressing in the wrong direction™"

looking forward to the debates tonight lads

got a 6 pack of bud and a couple o corndogs

reminder big cocks are a meme and girls like cute little willies

the only point of a penis is to pleasure her so why would she want it small it would just feel like a feather tickling the inside of her vagina

Thanks for the reminder


she wasn't endorsing it. you uptight moralist

i'll probably be asleep t-b-h

but i might set my alarm to wake up and watch it